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Part Eleven (Keiran)[]

This is great. What the hell can I do? I can't attack or it'll kill her. Why didn't she just keep running away? Why did she have to follow me?

“Don't worry. She'll be fine. Then you'll have an opening.” said the old man, invisible to everyone else.

How? I don't suppose you'll tell me your name and your released form will give me some way to save her.

“Heh. Not yet. When you really need it I will tell you. For now all you need is the extra power I give you while you are wielding me.” he smiled.

“Hey! Stop being stingy and tell us already!” exclaimed Kage.

“No time now. Watch.” the old man said.

The hell!? A cero? But the Adjuchas isn't doing anything! He looks as surprised as me! And the light... no way... Tara? She's charging a cero in her hand! Before the Hollow could stop what was happening she fired it off at point blank range. Ouch. The blast engulfed the Adjuchas and flung Tara forward. I can't believe it! That was incredible! But nowhere near powerful enough to... oh crap!

The Adjuchas, barely affected by Tara's cero, fires off it's own cero in response. Damn! No time to intercept it! It's far too quick and she's too far!

“Sing, Benihime!”

The energy attack flew forward and collided with the cero, deflecting it harmlessly away. Then Urahara quickly grabbed Tara and pulled her out of the way.

“All yours Keiran!” he shouted.

“Now!” commanded the old man.

“Hell yes!” agreed Kage.

Leaping forward, I swung my sword and released Kage from it's tip as an energy attack. The blast collided with the Adjuchas, creating a plume of smoke and dust. The Adjuchas leapt out of the dust and I rapidly followed, catching it by surprise as I flew out of the dust cloud. Unable to defend itself, the Adjuchas looked on dumbfounded as I sliced through it's head. I landed on the ground (in an awesome pose) and the Adjuchas slowly fell and dissipated just before it hit the ground.

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