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Part One (Keiran)[]

I've been in Karakura Town for a week now. I must have killed more Hollows here in that week than I have any other time. According to Urahara it's because of a combination of things. Firstly, the is the spiritually densest land in the world. That affects the people living here by increasing their Reiatsu. Not enough to grant them awareness, but enough that more Hollows will arrive to devour the affected people.

The second reason is a specific individual, Urahara won't tell me his name only that he is part of some big plan. I have a role to play in this plan as well, although as far as I can tell I've been a part of this plan since the day Urahara made me a Shinigami. Apparantly I was a guinea pig for a device he invented which when causes a rapid power growth in it's host. When combined with the transformation into a substitute Shinigami this effect makes the user very powerful in a short amount of time.

The experiment was a success and the device has since been improved to a much larger degree. Whoever is going to receive this new device will reach my level of power in a few months, maybe less. To be honest that thought scares me.

“Anyway. I've wasted enough of your time. I've got to say thanks for being so patient listening to me ramble.” I said. “Suppose I better get back to killing you.”

The Hollow let out one last howl before I sliced it's head off. It might seem strange that I was talking to a Hollow but it made me feel better. Maybe I was losing my mind. Oh well. It's not like there was anyone else to talk to. Tara was always busy learning to control her powers, Urahara with his plans and the other people in his shop were just plain weird. And that's coming from me.

Oh well suppose I better get back. Tara asked me to take her out as I'm the only one who can hide her Reiatsu outside of Urahara's shop.

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