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Part 6 (Tara)[]

And so two hours after he defeated that huge Hollow he finally wakes up. Great, now it’s time to get some answers. Although for good measure, I decide to punch him in the face first.

“Oww!” He exclaimed, “What the hell was that for!”

“That’s for leaving me alone in a forest all vulnerable and almost letting me get eaten in the process!” I shouted.

“Hmmmph… fair enough.”

He sat up and just looked up into the sky, as if contemplating something. For a moment there I couldn’t bring myself to say anything, he looked as though he had enough problems. Then I remembered who had dragged me on this adventure in the first place.

“Right, I need some answers. Firstly, what the hell was that thing!?” I asked.

“A Gillian. The lowest form of Menos Grande. It is born from hundreds of Hollow combined into one huge form. That one was pretty exceptional as it had a governing consciousness. Most of them are mindless.” He explained.

…Okay I was not expecting a straight answer. At least not without a fight or a sarcastic remark.

“…Uhhh right and why was it after me?” I sounded kind of pathetic.

“… I don’t think you want to hear that part.”

“Hey! I looked after you while you were unconscious! You owe me that much!”

He sighed and then replied, “Because you are special. Unique. Amongst all the beings I have met be it Hollow, Shinigami, Human or Vizard none have shown any similar abilities. Well maybe Hollow in a way, but it’s different with you.”

What’s a Vizard? Never heard him talk about that before. And wait… what? Abilities?

“…What abilities, what are you talking about? Like when I could feel that ..uhhh Gillian?”

“You can sense spiritual energy now? Guess your powers are starting to awaken. I suppose the simplest way to say it is this. You are absorbing the power of every killed being you are in the vicinity of.”

I’m doing what? How? Is he crazy? No he wouldn’t lie about this… What am I doing? How is this possible? I slump onto my knees. This is so confusing. From the dead? That seems so, vampiric, macabre… What am I?

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