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Part 3 (Tara)[]

Damn him! What is he thinking just running off like that? Now here I am running through the woods all alone knowing that there is something in the woods that even he seems worried about! What am I supposed to do about any Hollow or whatever that might show up! I swear if I’m alive by the time I get back I’m going to kill him!

I stop, out of breath between my running and internal rage, and rest against a tree. Damn I wish I knew where I was going. If there is one good thing about Keiran it’s that he never gets lost. Suppose that’s due to his Shinigami powers. Hah! Some of those would be useful around now! I really should think about moving again soon, I mean Keiran did say…

Suddenly I felt something. It was strange, as if it had always been there but I was used to it and so I didn’t notice. Then I knew something was very close but I couldn’t explain how.

“So you can sense my presence? My my. You are an interesting human aren’t you? Glad my brother told me about you. Shame what happened to him. Although after I’ve eaten you I suppose it doesn’t matter anymore.” A huge voice boomed.

I turned and saw at first what appeared to be flowing darkness. Then I looked up and saw it was in fact a giant Hollow wearing some black robe. To be honest it looked a little goofy. However I was not really in a position to debate the aesthetics of a Hollow about to eat me.

The Hollow opened its’ mouth and some sort of red energy began forming and charging from the creature. I could actually feel the power it was drawing upon and while I can’t predict the future, it did appear that mine would be rather short.

Then the Hollow fired out a beam of energy.

I closed my eyes bracing for the inevitable impact.

The next thing I heard was a strange swish and Keiran’s voice.

“Engulf them in darkness. KAGE!”

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