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Part Two (Keiran)[]

A second spiritual presence. Heh. I knew what this one was. I have to be quick though. No time to waste. Then a tentacle… appendage… thing slammed me into a tree. I grunted in pain, goddamn it… the splinters hurt more than that tentacle’s attack. The tentacle takes another swipe at me, which I duck under. Damn that thing took out the tree. Got to be careful here. At least I can follow that tentacle to the source. I start running. The sooner I deal with that Hollow the better.

As I run a second tentacle decided to make an appearance. I easily leap over its’ attack and carry on moving… Oh of course. There’s another one. Screw it. I’m not dodging this one. In one movement I draw my sword and slice it open. It flails around and retreats. Unfortunately I then get smashed in the back by one of the other tentacles. This one hurt much worse than the first time.

I roll out of the way of another tentacle attempting to finish me off. Crap… another tentacle appeared. I dive to avoid another attack and…. oh come on how many of these things can there be? Damn it. I need to get to this Hollow before I get beaten to death. I leap towards the nearest tree and kick off it, narrowly avoiding a tentacle, heading in the direction the tentacles are coming from. Bingo.

It’s some sort of octopus like Hollow with… Oh Jesus that’s a lot of tentacles.

“Gotcha Shinigami”

All of its tentacles are launched at me in one attack. What an idiot. Using the spirit particles in the air as a surface, I dodge each tentacle in turn and charge at the Hollow.

“You think you have a clear shot? Think again Shinigami.” gloated the Hollow.

Two more tentacles began moving to intercept me. Then they both collapsed leaving behind two stumps where they had been cut off. The Hollow was speechless, a mixture of fear and amazement in his eyes. Then I drove my blade into his chest... head… thing.

“You honestly thought I didn’t notice? Seems you didn’t notice that I have two swords, kinda ironic. Oh well. It doesn’t matter.” I stated “You’re dead anyway.”

“True, I didn’t notice that second sword. But even if you noticed my bluff, you haven’t noticed my big brother yet have you?”

A chill went through my whole body as he said those words. There was a second Hollow… but why couldn’t I sense it? The Hollow began to laugh.

“Yes. By now he’s… probably… killing… your… friend…” It said as it died.

There was something about the way he had said big brother…. Oh shit. One of them…

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