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Part Seven (Keiran)

OK… I did not expect her to take it that badly... I mean it’s not like she was actively using those abilities. Oh jeez she looks really upset…

“Ummm… look you know… it isn’t that bad…” I began.

“Oh really? Basically all you’ve said is I’m absorbing the souls of the dead! How would you react!?” She retorted. “That makes me like a Hollow for Gods sake!”

Damn she is smarter than I give her credit for… Oh well she had to learn this at one point.

“You are overreacting. It’s not exactly the souls you are absorbing, just some of their power. To be honest you absorb from the living too. Just not to the same degree. You’re absorbing some of my power right now!”

She shrieked. Not the reaction I had hoped for…

“You mean I’m doing this to everyone I meet? Oh great! That’s just perfect! Now I have to live away from other people!” She spoke angrily.

“Damnit listen! It’s not harmful! The amount you’re absorbing from me? I can regenerate it at a much faster rate than you can absorb! Hell the average human can!” I shouted “Gah! This is why I didn’t want to explain this till we got to Japan! The problem is that I can’t use Kage to conceal your presence anymore! If you were a danger to anyone else I wouldn’t have let you live!”

“You would have… killed me?”

Oh crap. I walked into that one… Well at least she isn’t shouting anymore.

“If you were a genuine threat to others? Yes.”

“…Oh. I suppose that means it is OK. I’m not hurting anyone? Thank God!”

Oh come on! She was overreacting after hearing about her powers and now suddenly it’s all better? I don’t understand this girl at all. I suppose I should give her some slack though. I mean even after a month with me this must all seem like a crazy nightmare.

“Kage… That’s your sword isn’t it?” She remarked.

The Hell? How could she know that! I swear this girl gets more confusing by the minute!

“Wha… When…? How could you know that?”

“You shouted out ‘Engulf them in darkness, Kage.’ Then your sword changed into that shadow. So your sword has a name? What exactly did you do?” She enquired.

And now I’m gonna have to explain all about Shikai… Man this is gonna be a long night. Oh well might as well get on with it.

“I suppose I should explain about the powers Shinigami use.” I began, “Guess I’ll start with our swords, the Zanpakuto. Each Zanpakuto has three stages…”




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