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Part Four (Keiran)

I acted on instinct. I used flash steps to get between the cero and Tara and called out Kage, using it as a shield to block the blast. Had I thought about it for a moment I would have been too late and either Tara or both of us would have been killed in the blast. This does not mean, however, that I have saved her yet. Even as I stand there, holding back the deadly energies, I can sense my shield weakening. I am pushing my powers to their limits but I won’t be able to hold the cero for long.

“Damn it!” I cry just as the cero breaks through Kage.

“Admirable.” admitted the Menos “Truly admirable. By blocking most of my cero with that shield you were able to take the rest of its damage all without dying, or even letting any harm come to that human. You have some skills Shinigami.”

Damn that hurt. My body feels like it was just set on fire. I thought the Menos was stronger than it should be. A Gillian that has retained its consciousness. Just my luck…

“I guess I should feel privileged. This is only the second time I’ve run in with a Menos and I get one which isn’t a mindless drone?” I manage to cough out (along with some blood).

“Hahahaha! I like your attitude boy. Shame I have to eat you now”

“Sorry, but I don’t think it’s going to be that easy.” I smirked.

“You think you can stop me? We’ve already seen you can’t completely stop my ceros, I don’t think you will be able to stop a second one” it gloated “and your injuries are too severe for you to put up much of a fight.”

“Yes it’s true that I couldn’t block another cero and that with these injuries I can’t move around much.” I stated “Unfortunately for you, Kage’s true power lies not in that shield ability, but in its offensive capabilities!”

I started focusing Kage into a ball of energy using my right hand, concentrating all of its power into a compressed form.

“What do you…? What!? No!” exclaimed the Menos.

The Gillian began charging another cero, but it was too slow. I flung Kage straight at its head. On impact Kage exploded, which in turn caused the charging cero to explode. The combined blast completely obliterated the Gillian’s top half. I had won. However this was all moot as, due to the energy I had expended and my injuries, I collapsed unconscious.



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