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Hollows are naturally attracted to those with strong spirit pressures. This is a natural instinct in an effort to gain as much power as a possible and help fill that emptiness left behind where their hearts should be. This is of course rather unfortunate for those humans capable of seeing spirits, who will have little to no knowledge of the spiritual world, as Hollows will single them out. This is the case of one girl living in the city of London, England, at the beginning of this story.

Time: Two months before Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper

Here is the girl in question. She is being hunted by a particularly malicious Hollow who likes to toy with his prey. At any time he could catch the girl, but instead he lets her run through the alleys of London, waiting for her to make a mistake, while never letting her get anywhere public or out of his sight. The mistake, as it appears, was to trip on a slightly uneven section of the ground. Now under normal circumstances, this girl would be doomed. However this time she will be lucky. Just as the Hollow moves in for the kill, blood bursts out of its’ body from a diagonal cut that was inflicted by a Soul Reaper, our protagonist.

Those among you who understand how the spiritual world works would notice several things interesting about the whole scene. Firstly Hollows rarely venture far from the most spiritually dense land in the world (currently in Karakura Town), except for individuals with incredible spirit pressures. Next is the Soul Reaper who saved this girl. Oddly he seems to wear a long, brown coat over his Shihakusho, which is definitely not standard uniform for a Soul Reaper. He also appears to have two Zanpakuto. Of course this all means nothing to the girl he has just saved. Although this is more to do with the fact she fainted just before she was saved rather than her lack of knowledge of the spiritual world.

The Soul Reaper is a Substitute named Keiran Tanner. This is his version of the events occurring in the Bleach universe.


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