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Birthplace Tokyo
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Gender Male
Height 6"2
Weight 178
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
Shikai Jakquell
Bankai Hallepenyo
First Appearance

Personality: He is a cool and relaxed adult. He is the laid back type. Fenir is hard to impress, he has seen and done important things. Appearance: He is a tall, thin young adult. He usually wears a black suit; it looks like a school uniform. He has black hair and red eyes. Powers and Abilities:

Sonido: Fenir is very proficient in the use of both Shunpo and Sonído, taking vast strides with one "step" that would take other users multiple "steps" to reach.

Enhanced Strength: He is proficient in Karate and other martial arts form. Cero: Fenir has the power to perform Cero. His Cero is Dark Purple.


Jakquell in seale

d form.

Zanpakuto: Jakquell in its Shikai form.

Bankai: Fenir has reached Bankai and it looks like this.


Hollow Mask: He has acquired hollow mask by being bitten by one.