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This article, Fenikkusu no Hane (Zanpakutō), was added by Alsafi who determines its usage on this wiki.

"So d'you wanna lose your limbs or be healed? Fenikkusu here won't let me choose who's friend or foe, so ya' might wanna act a lil' nicer." -Fenghuang

Fenikkusu no Hane (フェニックスの羽, Wings of the Phoenix) is the Zanpakutō that is paired with Fenghuang.


The sealed form of Fenikkusu no Hane is a Chinese Jian.

Release Forms and Abilities[]


  • Appearance: The release command for Fenikkusu no Hane is "Kasō or "Cremate".
  • Abilities: Filler

Shikai Special Ability: Filler

  • Filler

Bankai- Not Yet Revealed

  • Appearance: N/A
  • Abilities: N/A

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