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Name Fei Santiez
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Race Soberano
Birthday December 11
Age 10 000+
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 178 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Blood Type 0
Unusual Features
Professional Status
Affiliation Nueva Sangre
Previous Affiliation Soberano
Occupation Member of Nueva Sangre
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Nueva Sangre
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Members of Nueva Sangre
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Ruins of Asgard
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Unknown
Status Unknown
Shikai N/A
Bankai N/A
Resurrección N/A

"Firing goes a lot faster when you skip all that pesky readying and aiming."
— Fei

"If I were to send him to the field, he would overwhelm the enemy in an instant. Where is the fun in that?."
— Zelman on Fei

Fei Santiez, also known as the Crimson Massacre is an old Soberano who is a known member of the Nueva Sangre.



Fei's sharp gaze

Fei looks like a 15-25 year old man on the outside, although in truth, his age is more than 10,000 in the present. (250 during the events in Bleach:BloodLust) He has red hair that goes with his red eyes, it is rumored that anyone who he stares at, will burn, although this is just a rumor and just might be an exaggeration.


Fei overall is a carefree warrior, he hates preparing, examining, studying and working. Although he is known to be a keen observer, he states that he hates doing that during fights. On his more serious side, he is a cold person, he wont even give his enemies a chance to stand up, or get a break. He is known as the Crimson Massacre, based on his looks and his personality of being ruthless.


None of Fei's past is much known, only the fact the he is a Soberano that lived during the Second War of the Soberano and the Dimago. He is known as an assassin for hire by many. He also works with Zelman.

Powers & Abilities[]

Aside from having the basic abilities of a Soberano, Fei has shown the ability to use rare powers.

Dedo de la muerte (Finger of Death is Spanish): Fei's signature move is the Finger of Death, it is a deadly crimson bolt of energy that Fei shoots from his finger. Once hit, the bolt will attempt to turn the target inside out. When this fails, it will just cause major blood lost for the target.


Fei's Zanpakuto is a red katana that has red color schemes. It's release command is, Set the blood of the gods ablaze. The symbols etched from his zanpakuto are αίμα φλόγα. (lit. Blood Flame)