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Fatima Lengsburg
Race Obscure
Birthday Unknown
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5"5'
Weight 100 Pounds
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Sanity
Previous Affiliation Hospital
Occupation Lieutenant of Sanity
Previous Occupation Nurse
Team Evil
Previous Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Revolution Realm
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Husband(Deceased)
Education College courses for biology and chemistry.
Primary Skill
Signature Skill ???
First Appearance
Debut Invasion Arc
Japanese Voice Masako Katsuki(Voice of Tsunade from Naruto)

Fatima Lengsburg is one of the ten Lieutenants of Sanity.

Character Outline

Fatima is a quiet, gentle, animal-loving woman with light blond hair, pointed ears, and a halo. She wears a black torn and ragged revealing dress that barely covers her and leaves a part of her bra exposed. She wears black boots that reaches a inch below her knees, and covers her eyes with a black cloth.


Invasion Arc

I broke my damn neck writing this.


Staff: Fatima uses a staff with a stone base and a wooden head. The wooden head is in a spiral and glows green while emitting a sticky, symbiotic-like substance.

Powers & Abilities

Spell Casting: Fatima initially used a spell to bring a pair of rose bushes to life, she then used another one to burn it all up at once.


  • Her ears are pointed out and her affinity with nature is a reference to elves.


None yet.



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