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This article, Far falling past the bright Mark, Per Sami’s intent, was added by Watchamacalit who determines its usage on this wiki.

This article, Far falling past the bright Mark, Per Sami’s intent, was added by Nanohano who determines its usage on this wiki.

Per Sami was bored. He had been walking across the desert for three days now. He slowly looked around then opened his eyes wide. "Found them." he muttered before disapearing.

“Rijo, Rijo where are we going?” Only very few escaped Dahie’s attack on the station and those who were left were now scattered around the planet. Luckily two of the masters managed to find each other. The brothers Rijo Navim and Sogeio Kina.

“Calm down Sogeio, I can sense someone’s darkness up ahead maybe is a council member.” Rijo said assuredly

He reappeared. "Close enough." he thought to himself. He slowly climbed a dune and when he reached the top, two people were now in sight.

Suddenly Sogeio felt a strong sense of doom. Like a horrible pressure slowly pulverizing him. “…..” He tried to speak but words would not come out. As if they were also afraid. Rijo noticed Sogeio. “Hey are you ok?” He noticed Sogeio looking up at a tall sand dune. He could just barely make out a figure.

Per Sami sighed. If they were being affected by his aura allready then this would be no fun at all. He slowly made his was down the sand dune.

“Rijo cant sense him.” Thought Sogeio. Sogeio tried to move but he couldn’t budge. “Rijo….run….RUN!” Sogeio finally got his body to move and started to run away with Rijo clumsily following behind.

Per Sami lazily looked up and saw that they were running away. "Oh no, whatever shall I do." he stated sarcastically as he disapeared from sight.

“Sogeio!! Sogeio Stop!” Rijo had a hard time keeping up. He had no idea what had his brother so worked up. “Was it that figure?” He thought. “Sogeio calm down I can handle anyone who comes our way.” Rijo started walking back to the dune.

“Rijo no!! HES GOING TO KILL YOU!!” Sogeio screamed.

Per Sami appeared in front of Rijo. "Hello." he said with no signs of freindliness or hostility whatsoever.

"Umm…. Hello.” The man didn’t seem all that dangerous. “Just who are you?” Asked Rijo.