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The Shinigami Women's Association ultimate goal is the improvement of all shinigami (especially in the interest of women).

This Association is set within the Main Fanon Continuity of this site (Zero Division Recruitment Arc, Second Coming of Aizen Arc, Return to Hucdo Mundo Arc, The Arccana Five Arc and hopefully Babysitting Karakura Town)

Election Process[]

Since the President of the Shinigami Women's Association is such an important position, she shall be elected by its members.

Each User who has a female character who is a shinigami and currently within the 13 Court Guard Squads in the Main Fanon Continuity may nominate ONE such female shinigami (please try and not nominate one of your own characters but you can if you wish).

Every female shinigami of the previous conditions may vote ONCE. So if a user has more than one such character (eg. 3), then they can vote for that many times (eg. 3 times). Preferably, you should try and vote from the character's perspective but ultimately it is your call.

There is a section set up in the talk page for voting so if you wish to vote or nominate then just follow the same format shown (I'm going to nominate at least two in order to get the ball rolling).

If you have such a female character but do not wish to vote please place the name of your characters in the Not Voting section. This is important for I wish to keep voting open until every character has voted (I know real life comes first) but if its been a really long time (possibly 2 or 3 months)then we will just use the results we have.

The rest of the positions will be decided after the President position has been filled (either by choosing one from all of those interested in the position or just in the same manner as it is on the Fanon Captains and Lieutenants page.




Please add your own character's names if you wish to have them be a member and if not please indicate that when placing the character's name in the Not Voting section.

  • Amaririsu Itami
  • Youichi Sakura