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Similar to the Fanon Captains and Lieutenants page, this is the page for all Espada made by fans, in order to keep track of the current situation and, as with the other article, to avoid too many conflicts. This will include both Aizen's Espada and the Original Espada (see: Eriyu Pubores for details).

The same rules apply, an article must already be created and properly categorised for a character to be accepted (I will be checking this!).

Original Espada[]

This is a list of the original Espada founded by Eriyu Pubores which existed before Aizen's. There is a slight exception to the rules in this as positions one and two have always been held by Eriyu and Loraya Pubores from its founding to dissolution. Also the last characters to hold the positions five and eight have already been determined and will be added later. All other positions are availiable for anyone to use.

Note: All characters that held an Espada position at the end of the Original Espada were killed by Eriyu with the exceptions being those mentioned above. Also the Original Espada is my property, I am just letting anyone who wants to use the vacant spaces! Don't worry, your characters will still be yours if you do make them Original Espada! Overlord59 19:46, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

List of Original Espada[]

Espada Number Last Former
Uno (1) Eriyu Pubores N/A
Dos (2) Loraya Pubores N/A
Tres (3) Bruha Jaquinn Driès Dé Astro
Cuatro (4) Mamoru Tadashi N\A
Cinco (5) Drea De Win Leatitea Le Blanc/Ariël Le Blanc
Seis (6) Andreas Dé Astro Demyx shime
Siete (7) Seird Ritus Vacant
Ocho (8) TBA Vacant
Nueve (9) Vacant
Diez (10) Krai V Grande Kisho Yasuo

Aizen's Espada[]

This is for any Espada that were created by or serve Aizen Sosuke. This follows all the rules stated above and will be on a first come, first serve basis (I suppose this can be debated between holders if required).

List of Aizen's Espada[]

Espada Number Current Former
Uno (1) Nombre Koru Hiteiteki
Dos (2) Vacant Vacant
Tres (3) Vacant Vacant
Cuatro (4) Vacant Vacant
Cinco (5) Tres Marques Vacant
Seis (6) Vacant Vacant
Siete (7) Vacant Vacant
Ocho (8) Vacant Vacant
Nueve (9) Vacant Vacant
Diez (10) Vacant Vacant

Arranhaku's Espada[]

This is for any Espada that were created by or serve Arranhaku Hihomaru. This follows all the rules stated above and will be on a first come, first serve basis.

List of Arranhaku's Espada[]

Espada Number Current Former
Uno (1) Arturo Plateado Vacant
Dos (2) Ulquiorra Schiffer Vacant
Tres (3) Stark Vacant
Cuatro (4) Barragan Vacant
Cinco (5) Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Vacant
Seis (6) Nel Tu Vacant
Siete (7) Halibel Vacant
Ocho (8) Nnoitra Jiruga Vacant
Nueve (9) Szayel Aporro Granz Vacant
Diez (10) Zommari LeRoux Vacant

????? Espada[]

List of espada in my series.Added as numbers are revealed.

Espada Number Current Former
Uno (1) Nombre Vacant
Dos (2)  ????? Vacant
Tres (3)  ????? Vacant
Cuatro (4) Caius Vacant
Cinco (5) Aaroniero Arruruerie Vacant
Seis (6)  ????? Vacant
Siete (7) Demitri Vacant
Ocho (8)  ????? Vacant
Nueve (9)  ????? Vacant
Diez (10)  ?????? Vacant

Susano Ayaguu's Espada[]

These are arrancar secretly in league with the shinigami Susano Ayaguu. They are divided between the lower 'Siete', adjuncas who together represent the seven deadly sins, and the higher 'Tres', Vasto Lordes whose emotions they represent are the source of their power. The location of their number reflects their emotion or sin.

Espada Number Current Former Emotion/Sin
Uno (1) Lucifer Elemigo TBA Joy
Dos (2) Beliel Namtaru TBA Malice
Tres (3) Frost Guinter TBA Coldness
Cuatro (4) Nacas Apofist TBA Pride
Cinco (5) Morgana Lilit TBA Lust
Seis (6) Regos Derdunkelherr TBA Vengeance
Siete (7) Istar Inanna TBA Envy
Ocho (8)
Nueve (9) Orutikurrokin Malegenio TBA Sloth
Diez (10) Apollion Eldestructor TBA Gluttony

Baraggan's Espada[]

Espada Number Current Former
Uno (1) Baraggan Luisenbarn
Dos (2) Arturo Plateado
Tres (3) Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Cuatro (4) Areos Kokurok
Cinco (5) Cirucci Sanderwicci
Seis (6) ???
Siete (7) Gantenbainne Mosqueda
Ocho (8) Nnoitra Jiruga
Nueve (9) ???
Diez (10) ???

This is a list of Baraggan's Espada before Aizen took over and Nel Tu turned into a child.