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As the mask cracked in two, and the Hollow's scream echoed into his ears, Takuma Daichi paid no attention. He closed his eyes, stepping back as the Hollow fell apart, and blood splattered the entire area. "These things are so damn aggravating...." He growled, turning away and walking off.

All around him, there were several Hollow corpses lying on the ground, staining the night grass with a sick black.

Kurisu Taizen was walking through the area and heard the scream. "Hmmm. I wonder where that came from." Kurisu flash stepped to the area.

After sheathing his blade, the dark-skinned man ran his fingers through his wavy hair. "Well, at least I managed to keep them from entering the nearby town...." He contemplated. "Now, I can get back to HQ without any--"

Immediately, his senses picked up a nearby presence who had just entered. Alarmed, he looked over his shoulder to face him. "Who's there?!"

Kurisu stepped out from behind the tree. "I am."

Takuma made no attempt to hide his nervousness. He didn't draw his sword, but his hand rested around its hilt, ready to pull it out at a moment's notice. "And who exactly is 'I am'?" He questioned further, eyes narrowing.