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Nori Haruo walked idly through the Forest of Menos. "'Go to Hueco Mundo for training!' she says, 'Don't come back until you're stronger!'. Bitch. Why the hell would I have to come to Hueco Mundo to train!? What's wrong with hell!?! Ugh... This is so annoying.." he ranted, unsheathing his sword and driving it through the mask of a Hollow that sought to get the better of him by sneaking up from behind. "I mean really, Greed and his Hell-Hunters get their own freaking personal training in Hell, and I have to come to Hueco Mundo.. It's such a pain in the ass to get here, too..." Nori's ranting had been reduced to whining as he slayed his second hollow, sending his sword into it's Hollow Hole and slicing upwards, effectively cutting the beast in half.

Bailarin Mareado perked her ears up at the noise of something in the Forest. Some foot-steps, Hollows roamed here, but they were bigger and taller, they made more louder and rumbling sounds, these were smaller. She walked around, the full moon of Hueco Mundo shining brightly below, giving great visibilty. Her gaze peered around, Is it Ardiente, could it be here, is she finally back? Letting out light breaths, attempting to not let her hopes get to high. She was in the middle of a small clearing in the forest, the full moon her only company. She grit her teeth, letting out a yell, "Why did you do this to me, why did you have to take her away?!"

Nori grunted uneasily. Someone here was capable of speech? Normally that meant an Arrancar, but it may have been just a high-level hollow. On guard now, Nori hurried his pace, suddenly aware of everything around him. Don't step on branches or twigs, listen for you enemy stepping on branches or twigs, don't get hit, don't get snuck up on, don't lose... Nori facepalmed himself. Panic wasn't necessarily something good to do... Maybe it was the thought of being here all alone to face an enemy that got to him. Taking several deep breaths, Nori slowed his heart rate and calmed himself. Maybe I should just take a break.. he thought, stepping past a gnarled bone-white tree and into a clearing.

Bailarin jerked her head around, she could sense the spiritual power, so different... so alien. A human was here? No. A Shinigami? No, it was slightly off, whoever this young man was, he had something different about him. Bailarin's tilted her head, 'He could be apart of the 11th Division... he could have been apart of the attack that seperated you and Serenata-Koi'. Her hands flexed, balling her hand into a fist, she pointed one hand out to him and calmly stated, "Who are you." More of a demand then question, she was going to strike him if he said the wrong answer.

He scowled at the woman. "It's polite to give your own name before asking someone theirs." he answered. Nori's right hand reached over it's adjacent shoulder and gripped his Zanpakuto's handle. The woman looked... nice. An hourglass figure, curvacious, sizable breasts. Did he really want to fight her? It'd be a waste to disfigure such a beautiful woman... Nori glanced to the ground for a moment to calm his nerves before once again raising his head and staring the woman in the eye.

She eyed him up and down, he hasn't attacked yet, she pondered, Maybe he's not an enemy...' 'Maybe, just maybe, he's friendly... She shook her head mentally, Don't jump to assumptions, talk to him first... She stood still, lowering her arm slowly, trying to show little aggresion, despite her urges tell her he was just like the rest of the Shinigami scum. "I-I am Bailarin Mareado, and you are?" She waited for him to respond, hoping he was different from the rest.

Nori smiled back. "Nori Haruo." he stated simply. She was being civil? Awesome! Dropping his guard completely, Nori lowered his hand from his sword and dropped it at his side. Besides, if she ended up attacking him, he could just kill her! Not that he wouldn't feel bad about it. "I hope I didn't disturb you.. My Master sent me here to train! I really didn't want to come.." he mumbled dejectedly. He did just kill a few Hollows.. That might've been her family... But then again, Hollows eat their kin, so no harm done. Right?

Quirking her brow lightly, she nodded, "Nori Haruo... now that we have exchanged names, I wish to ask you something..." Her teeth were clinched together, but not enough to be shown outwardly, she finished, "I must simply ask, are you from the 11th Division?" She looked behind him, out of the clearing seeing the bodies of the previously slain Hollows lying dead. She didn't bother caring, she hated all those foolish Hollows, she would have probably 'ate' them later anyways...

Nori tilted his head to the side. "What if I am..?" he asked shakily. He could see why she might be concerned. It wasn't as if Shinigami hadn't come to Hueco Mundo to kill Arrancar before. But, do to her specification, asking him if he was from the eleventh division, it was probably just some personal grudge. Which was good! It meant she wasn't prejudice against all shinigami!... Just those from the eleventh division. Wrapped up entirely in his own assumptions and thoughts, Nori had forgotten his vague and slightly suggestive answer..

Her heart clinched tight, "He was 11th Division?!" Bailarin had already assumed...She frowned, walking up to him slowly, making sure to stay out of the 'personal' space most people had, she nodded, "So, you are... 11th Division..." She was grieved inwardly, not wanting to fight mindlessly. She stared straight into his eyes, hoping to get a straight and truthful answer.

Nori cringed. Why was she looking at him like that? It was such a sad look.. Nori felt bad for giving an answer like that.. "No.. I'm not. I'm sorry for giving you such a vague answer. I usually don't trust people very much, so by answering like that, I expected some sort of.. Uhm... reaction? I guess.. But I'm really not! Really." he assured her, taking a few steps away from her. She was approaching him... It made him nervous.

Bailarin shook her head from side to side, taking a step back, noticing she had made the situation tense. "S-sorry, I've just... been looking for someone, I haven't seen them since... since those, revolting 11th Division Shinigami, attacked us..." She smiled, now assured that he wasn't a foe, for once, a friendly Shinigami. "I'm sorry for acting like that, I shouldn't have assumed so easily." Her body movement showing little to no sign of aggresion. "With that said... pleased to meet you Nori."

Nori calmed down. He was acting stupid. She was obviously upset.. "No, I'm sorry! It's my fault. I shouldn't have answered like that... Uhm, if you don't mind, would you tell me what happened..?" Nori asked carefully, making sure to assure her that she didn't have to tell him if she didn't want to. He prayed he wasn't prying. "Gragh, nevermind... I'm sorry for asking.." The situation was becoming akward. Nori was running out of things to talk about. This wasn't good..! At this rate, he'd start panicking again, and freeze up! And then she'd think he was a freak and leave... Or kill him. Hopefully the former.

Bailarin noticed the odd behaviour quickly, shaking her side to side, "N-No, it's fine..." "I've just never met a... decent Shinigami before, one who didn't want to hurt me just because I was a 'disgusting' 'monstrous' 'abomination'..." She affirmed herself, "But, don't think I let them, I gutted everyone of those dogs, I spare NO Shinigami that tries to do me harm, man, woman, or age matter little to me." She noticed her quick shift of behavior, she didn't want to seem to aggresive, to cause someone who was 'ok' to leave because of her anger. She emphasised with a horizantal hand-motion, "B-but, if you want to know, I'd be glad to talk about it, I haven't had anyone to talk to since she's been gone, not even my brother..." Her sorrowful eyes peering into his, wanting to make sure he was fine with her.

Nori caved in under those eyes. Why did she keep looking at him like that? Was she really that lonely? Disgusting, monstrous abomination... Nori repeated the words sorrowfully in his head. How could she think that? She was beautiful! Nori raised a hand to his face to hide his blush. He shouldn't think things like that... Envy had told him not to become attatched to anything. And yet she practically got wet anytime Sloth walked by her.. Bitch, she can rot. Nori removed his hand from his face with a quick motion and smiled back at her. "I'd love to hear." he stated simply, yet reassuringly, as he took a seat on the ground. He hoped she would do the same. Otherwise he'd look like and idiot.

The young Arrancar didn't notice the blush he sported, luckily. She nodded, taking a seat down infront of him, and began to tell her tale of the events she dreaded so much. "Well, it was around 10 years ago... I had a friend, a fellow Arrancar." "She and I were close, friends... lovers..." She looked away from him, hoping he wasn't thinking she was revolting to him.

She..? Nori considered things for a moment. Lovers.. he thought... She was a lesbian! Nori felt like screaming. How come every girl he came across that was beautiful, or pretty, or attracitve, or hot was interested in someone else!? This one wasn't even interested in men! Nori let the disapointment show on his face a little.. "Go on." he encouraged. This was no reason to hate her. If anything, it was yet another reason to hate himself..

Bailarin nodded, noticing out of the corner of her eye the dissappointment he had felt. He seems nice, and he hasn't left you yet, he's not disgusted. She assured herself slowly, continueing on as she crossed her legs, "It's been so long... we were seperated, by 11th Division Shinigami, they felt like 'having some sport'." The words rolling off her tongue with a potent venom. "They attacked us, out-numbered... I took as many as I could, and so did she, but, after the battle was over, she was gone..." "And so were some of the Shinigami, I had killed 6 of the 15, and she had killed 4, so I assume the other 5 took her..." She gulped down fear, "I don't know if they made it back to the Soul Society, but, I've been looking for her ever since..." She looked at him again, towards his own eyes, "D-do you know what it feels like, to be so alone, without somebody, it hurts... hurts so badly..." She felt cold on the inside just thinking about it, she felt weak infront of him, but she wasn't going to act 'strong' this once, just this once.

"I know how it feels.." Nori growled, his own anger boiling up inside of him as he recalled the event which caused his current paranoia. He shut himself up before it became too much to supress. "Uhm, wait, what about you brother? Even if you can't talk to him, he's here, isn't he..?" Nori thought about his own words. Her brother. Was this some sort of trap? Would she stab him in the back when time came for him to return? Was this all some sort of ruse to get him to lower his guard? Then again... Nori dismissed the thought. If that were true, she'd probably be coming on to him by now. Not that he would mind..

Bailarin shook her head, grimacing slightly, "My brother?" She scoffed loudly, "I care for him and all, but, I haven't seen him in too long a time, I last saw him when I was still a simple Hollow." "He left, saying that my 'attitude' was beginning to wane his 'precious' patience, that I was becoming a hinderance to him." She shrugged, "So, I left, I wasn't going to be a problem anymore for him, I eventually hunted other Hollows, taking my anger out on them, and finally, to Ardiente, my lover." She frowned, "Sadly, I don't know where my brother is, or what he would think of me..." She sighed dejectedly, "He probably hates me."

Nori's mood darkened. She mentioned her lover again. "Most likely. Unless he did his feeding here, in Hueco Mundo, it's more than likely he's dead. Shinigami tend to kill any Hollows in the Human World who become too much of a problem. And Hell is... well.. not a very pleasent place to be. But if he came here, there's more enough reasoning to assume that he became an Arrancar, or basically, that he's still alive. Unless he got eaten by another Hollow..." he mumbled to himself, drawing out the possibilities. It wasn't as if him getting eaten would keep him from dying, either. In a Hollow, the being with the strongest concious is in control. If he was as prideful as Bailarin made him sound... Sure he was alive. This didn't brighten his mood up at all, unfortunately, and he had no intention of revealing these thoughts.

Bailarin nodded, "I doubt he would want to see me." "Not like it matters, not like he ever cared for me anyway." She let out a deep-breath, trying to reduce her stress, just now noticing that he had mentioned Hell. "Hell.... how would you know?" "Your a Shinigami..." Her gaze quickly turned inquisitve, her now asking the question.

Nori faltered. Was he supposed to tell? "Uhm, well... Technically, I'm a Hell-Hunter, because I work for the Demons.." Nori sighed. This sounded incredibly stupid and unrealistic. "So I really have no afflitiation with the Soul Society or Gotei 13 whatsoever... Yeah.. Uhm, basically, there's the ruler of Hell, and he has his own Government, and among them are the Cardinals, who represent the seven sins, and I work for one of them, Envy, but most of the time she's a bitch!" Nori gasped for air. He should have paused somewhere during that sentence... Now he just looked stupid.

Confused, she nodded, she had heard of different realms, and she knew that Hell existed, just not to the extent the boy had told her. "I see..." "So, apparently, there is more out there then just the realms we know." Nodding slowly, "I see, she sounds like it." "Sending you out here for 'training', I can sense your power, you seem strong enough, well enough to not waste time on Gillian and Adjuchas Hollows." She shrugs, "I usually just eat them whenever I'm bored." She smiled, hoping to re-assure herself, she liked this boy, he seemed kind, for once a friendly person in this waste-land. "I know this sounds odd, but, would you mind, being friends with me?"

Nori was stunned. "F... friends..?" he repeated, blushing slightly. This time he made no move to cover it. "I mean, I'd like to.. but... why? I don't think I'm a very nice person to be around.." he admitted sadly, head lowering slight, as he suddenly became unable to meet her gaze. It was true; he was a horrible person. He sold his soul. He couldn't give what wasn't his. Besides, if Bael or Envy or anyone found out that he made a new friend, they'd use it against him.. And then he'd be all alone again.

Bailarin frowned, he didn't look to happy with himself, she reassured him comfortingly, inching a bit closer to where he was sitting, allowing him to see her genuine smile. "I just, well, your kind to me, you don't think i'm... anything like others assume I am." She let out a gracious look, "And, your honestly, the first person I've talked to in years, and... If you don't want to, I get it..." She frowned, getting on the defensive, not wanting to seem weak anymore, not wanting to open herself up, just to be let down like so many other times before.

Nori pretened not to notice her inching closer to where he was sitting. "No.. I'd love to!" he blurted akwardly. Maybe he should just kill himself. It seemed sensible enough. Right? Because he was so weird and flustered. "I.. I'm sorry I'm like this.." he mumbled. This wasn't right. She was opening up to him. He should be stronger than this.

A warm smile graced her face, the first one she had held besides the others she recieved from the wonderful memories of her and Ardiente. She nodded, "So, do you, like this Envy?" The question she asked held no ulterior meaning, it was simply what it was asked. "You sound like you do, and despite all this, maybe... she just wants you to become stronger, in case you were ever to be faced with a stronger opponent?" Smiling, she felt more open with him now. The first person in 10 years she could trust sat before her.

"Well, I mean, I do... But she expressed clearly that she has no interest in me besides our 'professional relationship', and that she doesn't want to mix her work with her personal life, which is hypocritical, seeing as she gets all flustered and blushes every single time Sloth even remotely mentions her.." he replied dejectedly, sighing slightly as he finished. He didn't mind telling her. She was so open with him! There was no reason not to.

Bailarin nodded, "I understand, I'm alot like her whenever I was around Ardiente, but she loved me back, so..." She shrugged, "But, I was wondering, could you help me?" "Help me find Ardiente?" She sighed, a depressed frown filling her lips, "If you don't want to, that's fine, I can continue on my own, it's just, you have connections, and me, well, I'm not even close to acting 'human' much less blend in as one."

"You're acting a lot like one right now." Nori stated seriously narrowing his own eyes, "And... that's kind of.. Uhm.. How do I put it? I'm like a... pet. Kind of. Not exactly. A slave or a worker. But! Hell is going to be invading the Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo, and the Human world soon!" Nori clamped his hand over his mouth. How could he be so stupid?! Why was he telling her everything!? But I want to tell her...! After pausing slightly again, Nori continued quietly. "So if I see an woman arrancar during any of the invasions, I'll be sure to check if it's her. Is that okay..?"

Bailarin smiled cheerily, standing up quickly, going over to Nori, giving him a heart felt hug, "Thanks!" She didn't care that it was breaking her personal space, or the fact that he had revealed his plans, all she cared for was knowing that she could fully trust him, and in so short a time. She held onto him a few moments longer, waiting for his response to her abrupt action.

Nori tensed. She hugged him..! Her chest felt good pushing up against his chest. It only took a few seconds for the entirety of his face to turn red. Was this his first real hug? It wasn't like anyone had ever hugged him. He knew what a hug was. He was sure he'd experienced it before. But this was... "Uh.. I.." Nori stuttered, unsure of how to react. He wrapped his arms lightly around Bailarin, tightening the hug just a little. Would that do?

Bailarin was confused at his actions, but she enjoyed it, it was the first contact with another person, that didn't involve bringing pain to another. She smiled letting go of him, "Thanks, I was wondering, are your 'friends', Envy, and whoever else, going to be mad at you for helping me, much less talking to me?"

Nori's face was still red. He didn't care. "They don't have to know!" he shouted enthusiastically. There was no reason they had to! She could be his secret! Like when a little kid sees a cat at the park, and goes 'I want kitty!' and then asks their mom if they could keep it, and she enjoys crushing her child's dreams, of course, and says no, but the little kid somehow sneaks the cat home anyway but forgets to feed it and it ends up dying on a pile of clothes in the kid's closet, the corpse's rotten stench covering the house before the parents finally figure out what happened. Yeah, it could be like that!

Her heart leapt, "Alright, that sounds good to me." She was glad she had a friend. He was going to help her find Ardiente at last! She smiled warmly, this was going to be a good friendship. "Ardiente, I'll see you soon, it won't be long, I'll be united with you Koi, after so long, I'll finally be with you again." Bailarin stood up, "Want to talk a little more, I'm fine at the moment, not hungry, or tired, and well, your intresting." She smiled, not knowing her comment could have been misread. She would spend the night talking to him, a new friend in heart. And a way to find Ardiente was found.

She called him... interesting? Nori swallowed loudly, trying to keep the butterflies in his stomach from preventing him standing up. "Sure... that sounds nice.." he said nervously, taking a few steps foward. It suddenly occurred to him that he had no idea where he was going. "Would you mind leading..?" he asked, shyness overtaking him. He was trembling. Why was he such a coward..? He could handle this! Despite Nori's newly found confidence, his trembling continued, and his face was still red.

Emerging Friends[]

-The two kindred souls would become friends through their walking and talking through the Forest of Menos, but fate is a cruel mistress, anything could happen in the dark full moon's light.-

Bailarin had accepted taking the lead, she had walked into the forest, showing him several places. But, the next place, was her favorite spot. A perfect setting, a small clearing. A glistening pond. Forest all around, some rising stone pillars, perfect for ambushes... or enjoying the beautiful night. She smiled at him, "This is where I left my brother, and where me and Ardiente." She smiled, "I was wondering, could you... show me your 'spiritual power', I was just wanting to see how powerful you were."

"Uh.. If you want, I guess.." Nori mumbled. Staring straight ahead, through Bailarin, it wasn't very hard for Nori to space out. Finding his center, he experienced that ever present nagging feeling, like something was tugging on his insides. He'd figured it out by himself that this was him supressing his power; it was nearly impossible to do so without feeling somewhat uncomfortable. Taking a deep breath, he let it all flow out. All of it. His power. A crater formed at his feet, disintegrating the grass around him, and spreading to the lake, where the water invaded the crater and swirled around Nori in a pseudo-funnel around his person. The spiritual pressure that was pressing down on the area was gradually increasing, cracking the pillars around him. And then, all at once, Nori stopped. The water in the air simply dropped down towards the bottom of the crater. And Nori walked out, exhausted, but relatively okay. "S-sorry... I didn't mean to.. I don't have a lot of control.." he admitted sadly.

Nearby, in the forest, Otoko Senshi sensed the rise in Spiritual Pressure in the area and thinks to himself "I wonder what that could've been. It didn't belong to a Hollow and certainly not a Shinigami but a darker mixture of the two. I haven't felt anything like that before."

Bailarin looked at the performance before her. He was strong, but like before, so alien. It was a unique attribute he had. She nodded, "I'd show you mine, but, I don't want to attract any unwanted attention, Hollows can be a real pain around here." "Their constantly seeking a fight, to become stronger..." She pointed to herself, "I myself, have that same issue..."

"But you can handle yourself, right~?" Nori asked playfully, punching her in the arm. He winced... She had a strong Hierro. Bailarin probably didn't even feel anything. "Anything else you'd like to know? About me, or Hell, or... other things..." he prodded.

Arriving on the scene, Otoko announced "Indeed I do. I'll start with what are you and we'll continue from there."

Bailarin was about to respond to Nori's attempt to 'punch' her arm, it wasn't a very good one. She mentally shrugged, and was about to respond to ask him a question about said things, she glanced towards the direction of the interruption. A lone man. She gave him a look once over, checking him up and down from where she stood. She rose a brow, answering before anything else could be said or done, "I don't think it's very polite to interrupt our conversation." She was making sure not to tense up, Friend or foe, which is he? "Watch what your about to say..."

Nori raised an eyebrow as well, and after carefully considering his words, he chose not to speak. He'd probably end up saying something stupid and then look like an idiot.. Still, he glanced at Bailarin. She didn't seem very welcoming of his intrusion... And the way the man had just suddenly appeared out of nowhere like that alarmed Nori. Why did this always happen? Why couldn't he just be alone with someone for one night?

He took her bluff and replied "Or what?" daring her to make a move.

Bailarin grit her teeth, her thoughts rampaging, 'How dare that little worm!' She clinched her fist tightly, "I'll tell you the best response I can think of..." "He is a Shinigami, and I am a Arrancar." She quirked her head to add sarcastic emphasis, trying to keep her mood light.

He announced loudly "You lie!" He points to Nori and continues "I happen to know thanks to his Reiatsu leak that he is not of Shinigami race. So I am asking what is he?"

Nori shifted slightly. He didn't say anything. This wasn't good.. Why couldn't this man just leave..? Taking a few steps back, Nori moved himself strategically behind Bailarin. She looked stronger than he was.. Could she just fight while he was support? "B-Bailarin, I don't really want to fight.."

She grit her teeth, something felt for him, he was scared, it reminded her of the past, fears and doubts she herself had. She nodded, "It doesn't matter what he is." She smiled, enjoying the feel of the protector role. She smiled, grabbing her Zanpakuto off the side of leg, a small Nodachi, it's sheath was covered in colorful golden threads, her kama being blown lightly by the night's winds. Bailarin kept her hand there, waiting for the man's move. "I don't advise aggresive action, I'm quite the 'beast' in battle..."

His gaze narrowed coldly "I am not trying to start a fight. I am only asking what he is. Comply or I will be forced to beat the answer out of you." He gripped the handle of his Katana tightly.

"It's none of your business, just go away.." Nori implored, his hand gripping the hilt of his own zanpakuto tightly. Butterfly effect... Nori thought to himself. If he fought this man, Bael would notice his release. If Bael noticed his release, he was going to wonder why Nori was releasing against such an inferior being. Eventually, it would get out that he made a friend here, and then Bael would want her. He couldn't have her. Staring at Bailarin semi-possessively, Nori steeled himself for battle.

Bailarin frowned, she noticed the way Nori was acting, it wasn't something she was familiar with. She wanted a grey zone, a middle ground. "Nori..." Her voice calm. "I know, that none of us are looking for a mindless brawl here, who knows what... or who else it will attract." She offered a reassuring glance, making sure only Nori could hear her, "You can tell him, I'll protect you no matter what, ok?" Bailarin kept her eyes on Otoko, her blade still in hand.

Otoko frowned "No? Well alright then." Without warning, his mouth gaped open widely and fired a powerful orange Cero at them.

Nori's eyes widened. Placing his hand on Bailarin's shoulder, he used Kogeru to teleport them to the nearest possible safe-zone; right behind Otoko. "..!" Her shoulder was warm... And.. Was that muscle? Did she really have more muscle than him? Wait, what am I thinking about, she's a lesbian.. Without waiting for Bailarin to respond at all, Nori unsheathed his Zanpakuto and lunged at Otoko.

Bailarin had hardly enough time to process what had just happened, first she was talking, then an orange flash of spiritual energy, now teleportion. Her head was swimming from so much thought and motion in such few seconds... Noting his actions, apparently, it was now a fight, she needed one. Finally, someone to fight besides Hollows! She unsheathed her blade was well, but made sure to stay out of the close-combat, not wanting for their attacks to somehow glance eachothers.

He glanced around and, with a quick unsheathe and slice motion, sent Nori into a tree "Those are some quick moves. What was that move you used to get away?"

Nori hit the tree, then fell to the ground. Everything was fuzzy again! Just like when flew throught the windshielf of Envy's car! Oh, wait, she was lying about that. There was no way he, who was a superior and awesome man, could possibly forget to put on his seatbelt. But that wasn't important now.. Nori wanted to go to sleep..

Bailarin gasped in shock, using Sonido to teleport to his side. "No..." Her rage beginning to meld with her mind, she glared up at him. This was beginning to take a much more...personal turn. No one was going to hurt anyone she cared about, Herself, Nori, Ardiente, or her brother... no one! She brought her Nodachi up in front of her, holding it vertically, her arms extended outward, making sure she had good-balance. She placed her dark yellow Bala unto her sword, creating and sending a six-pointed star shape towards her new found enemy, Otoko.

Opening his mouth wide again, he fired a golden Bala at hers. The two collided in mid-air and exploded. "So your an Arrancar. How original and boring. But he is something different. Wake him up, I wish to fight him. Not you."

Nori groaned. Once he got up, he would be mad... But for now, Nori wanted sleep..

Bailarin frowned, "He's out of it for awhile..." She smirked, "Never leave a man to do a woman's job anyway..." She grinned, her Hollow Mask glinting in the moon, she twirled her Nodachi skillfully, she smiled, "Baile Cero!" The silver and yellow Cero forming infront of her fore-head, she launched it at a tree from an angle, instead of launching it towards her enemy, she knew he wasn't anticipating what it was going to do...

The Cero bounced off of a tree and redirected towards Otoko. His eyes widened and he used the Naki enhanced version of Shunpo to get away just in time. He stood above the two and walked down the tree next to them "What a strange Cero you possess... It is capable of bouncing off objects."

Bailarin frowned, he had been quick, quick enough to evade it. She nodded, "Like?" Her armored hands flexing, smirking, she brought herself infront of Otoko, using her blade in one hand to aim for his face, her free hand opened wide, the tips of them claw-like, perparing to slash him afterwards.

Unexpectedly, Otoko opened his mouth wide and fired another golden Bala at her as she was charging.

The female Arrancar had little time to react, she was hit full on by the Bala, she fell backwards several feet, skidding across the rough ground, falling close to the pond. She hissed in pain, the Bala's spiritual power burning her, smoke coming off her little clothing and metallic gloves and boots. She growled, her anger fueling her strength and speed. "Your going to regret that." Pulling herself up, she stood, waiting for him to attack.

His expression didn't change "Awake him. I do not wish to fight you any longer."

Bailarin hated being in this position, what did this strange man even want?! She slowly walked over to Nori, a slight limp in her step, she placed her cold metallic hands on his face, focusing some of her own spiritual energy into his mind, focused intently on renewing his mind, to awake itself. She sighed, hoping it would work, she wanted to know what this man was after, and why specifically Nori...

Nori stirred slowly. He was trying to sleep.. But something was pulling him back into conciousness. It was so annoying! Why couldn't anyone let him sleep? It wasn't like he got it very often! With Envy being such a bitch all the time, he was lucky to get even six hours... Wait. Why didn't he just think to spend his time training, asleep? It'd be awesome! It wasn't like he was going to get any stronger without another deal with Bael... Nori's eyes snapped open. "Hallo Bailarin.." he mumbled, confused as to why he was on the ground, and she was leaning over him with her hands on his face.

Otoko smirked at his awakening "Finally. Now get up, unkown. I plan to find out what you are one way or another tonight."

Bailarin smiled warmly, despite the situations, her metal covered hands still touching his face, "Nori... Nori... wake up, you need to wake up." She was re-affirmed as his eyes shot open. "He wants to talk to you... and fight you it seems." She didn't even notice her hands remained on his face, despite reliasing he was awoken. She peered quickly over to Otoko, giving him a violent leer.

Nori didn't look her in the face. WIth her staring at him like this, it was very likely for her to notice him blushing, which could lead to other assumptions... But if he didn't look at her in the face, she wouldn't peer into his eyes like she always did, and he wouldn't blush! It was perfect! Awesome, even! But first... "Bailarin.. could you take your hands off my face, please..?" he asked politely.

She immidately caught onto her actions, "Oh... sorry, thought you were preety knocked out of it." She removed herself away from him, standing up tall. She waited for Nori to stand.

It only took a moment for Nori to get back on his feet. Taking his Zanpakuto off his shoulder, he held it out in front of him, the hilt pointing straight up in the air. "Weed out, Nasuka." Nori stated dully. His Zanpakuto lengthened considerably, became straight and round, and then became covered with spikes, several of which piercing his hand and causing blood to drip down to the ground below, staining it. Nori stared straight ahead. What now? It wasn't as if he was going to attack first.

Appearing in front of him, Otoko blasted his foreheaded onto Nori's offensively.

Nori sighed, raising his Zanpakuto in the path of Otoko's forehead and sidestepping, moving himself out of the way. If Otoko cut himself, he'd be infected with the neuro-toxin, and that would make things much easier.. Unless, of course, he could somehow move his head out of the way or stop on a dime. Which would be incredibly annoying.

Bailarin noticed the quick and effective movement, they were on par with her skills, she had several thoughts cross her mind, the highest ones being, 'What type of Zanpakuto were these?' and 'I hope Nori survives...' She wasn't going to interfere unless need be, she wanted to see their capabilites, and this was the first and quickest route to seeing said powers. She smirked mentally, today was to be a night of blood-shed.

Otoko's eyes widened and he quickly used the Shunpo enhancement to get away from the barbed staff. He thought to himself "That was close..."

"Pffft." Nori slammed the end of Nasuka that was closest of the ground downwards, releasing his reiatsu into the soil. "Seiiku!" he shouted, watching gleefully as roots curled and dug themselves into Otoko's legs, rendering him unable to move. Next, he pointed the same end of Nasuka at Otoko's chest, willing it to elongate. If Otoko didn't find a way to move, it would pierce his chest.

The beautiful Arrancar watched in awe as the fight insued, both of them performing abilities she had never heard of, they were so much more different then her own, which were based on feeding her anger, and basically turning her into a berserking monster. She gulped, watching as both of them performed their combat. Bailarin, was beginning to become amazed.

Otoko gritted his teeth frustratingly "There's something about that guy's Zanpakuto..." He quickly slashed the staff away with his own sword and fired another Bala down at the roots to burn them. When given only a few seconds, he breaks free from the charred remains of the roots and flies upward.

Nori sighed. Since they were within the forest, there was a limit to how high Otoko could go. Oh! That was right! Nori channeled his reiatsu into the ground once again, this time without saying the name of the technique. Roots began to thinly spread over the ceiling above them. In the meantime, Nori would stand here and await Otoko's counter-attack.

Bailarin had few words to say, she had even gasped during the fight, the Reiatsu from them both could be felt, but one thing was wrong, if she was going to help, she'd need to build up her anger, but at this rate, she wasn't going to be able to, and if needed to help, there was not way she could keep up to par that quickly, and so early. She frowned, 'I don't want to use any of my abilities, this place already has enough of a Spiritual presence, she would wait, but, it wouldn't be long before she engaged.

He pointed the tip of the Katana at Nori and exclaimed "Rain down, Keibatsu!" His sword transformed into an enlargened sword with a long red handle and black blade with several glowing gold Kanji runes on it.

Nori rolled his eyes. "Tanpopo!" he shouted. The roots that he had previously spread across the ceiling grew hundreds of Dandelions, which then shed their respective seeds. The seeds floating downwards gently, forming what looked like on big, gigantic, fluffy cloud. It engulfed Otoko.

She couldn't wait any longer, the fight was going to go on without her, the thrill of it, she needed to feel it, there was actually a worthy opponent now! She used her Sonido to get in a strategic position, sitting on the opposite side of the small-pond, from where Nori was. She tensed her body, perparing her Spiritual Pressure for her Cero Baile, this time he would be hers...

Diving out of the cloud was not Otoko but a beam of yellow light that shot towards Nori.

Nori blocked the brunt of the beam with Nasuka, but it still blasted him a considerable distance back, into another small tree. Unfortunately for Otoko, his cero disturbed the fragile cloud, which caused a few Dandelion seeds to fire their thorns. These thorns struck other thorns, creating a chain-reaction that caused the entire cloud to erupt in a shower of spikes. "Heh.."

Bailarin was too busy forming the neccesary spiritual pressure to notice the spikes shooting in all directions. She blinked, a spike had crashed near her, and another near her face, it was too close, but she was almost ready, her Baile Cero began forming, this one with more compact and condensed Spiritual Pressure, hoping to make a bigger bang, much quicker. She focused with an intent zeal, she prepared herself as the Cero began forming itself at the front of her shattered Hollow Mask, she launched it towards one of the large stone columns, one of the several near the pond, destroying it, and bringing it crashing down, she was hoping with the angle, it would either hit Otoko, or get him in the wide-open. With that, she let loose her Cero, hopefully it would work.

Otoko managed to get out of the barrage with only a few thorns stuck in him he pulled them out quickly for fear of toxin or infection. While doing so he noticed a Cero flash up at a stone column, smashing it, and bouncing it up toward him. He smirked "That again...?" He then used his enhanced Shunpo to get away from the blast.

"Hm?" It would appear that Bailarin was fighting now. Did she want to fight him, too? Nori began to doubt himself.. then quickly shook it off. Sighing, he stimulated the roots on the ceiling once again, making them dig further into the sandy roof. This would take some time.. but it would be maginificient when his plans came to fruition.

She glanced towards Nori, her attention off, from the recent evasion of their combined attacks, and the facct that Nori was no longer holding back suprised her somewhat, she didn't even know him and she was acting like she did... She frowned, her mind wandering in the moment of the fight.

Taking the distraction that Bailarin was offering, he fired a golden Cero at her, confident her friend would try to save her.

Nori hated to be predictable, but this was a special circumstance. Not that it would be very hard to save her. "Seiiku.." he muttered a second time, causing a tree to spring out of the ground beneath her, launching her up into the air and out of the way. Nori furthered the progress of his roots into the ceiling. It would only be a little longer now...

Bailarin hadn't even noticed what was going on around her, and she suddenly found herself in the air. Her eyes widening, she did her best to land on the ground, coming with a crash, landing on knee, the ground under her crackled and creating a small impact. She grit her teeth, "Tsk tsk..." Using a mixture of Garganta and Sonido, she quickly teleported herself multiple times upward, appearing directly infront of Otoko, the serrated blade of her Nodachi pointed directly downward at his left arm.

He screams in pain and clutches his bleeding wound as his detached limb plummets to the sandy ground below.

Nori giggled. Several branch-like plants shot out of the ground, wrapping around his arm and pulling it into the sand. He would be getting it back. Grunting for a moment, he noticed he wouldn't be able to activate his trap with Bailarin so close...

While Bailarin remained in the air with the now one-armed Otoko, she smirked, "I suggest you surrender... if not, make peace with your gods..." She brought her clawed hand rushing foward, not waiting for a response, her hand in a claw like position, lunging, to choke Otoko. If it would reach, she would make sure to let Nori see and talk to him first, but she would alteast deal this final blow to end the battle.

Suddenly, Otoko's arm regenerated out of thin air. He screamed in pain at this but shook it off and quickly side-stepped Bailarin's approach. When she was in reach he drug his arm back with his hand tightened into a fist and blasted it hard into her face.

Nori grunted. He didn't care if Bailarin was there anymore. She'd make it out alive. Making his roots reach the breaking point, he caused the roof to cave in one the two, sending literal tons of sand crashing down on the two.

Bailarin looked as the rubble and debris, huge chunks of the roof collapsing, sending tons of sand unto them. She was going to feel this one, plus the earlier punch didn't help. She closed her eyes, waiting for the sand to crash them into the floor's clearing below. She offered no screams or expressions, for that would show fear, and she had no fear in the face of danger. She was willing to sacrafice for the advantage in battle...

Otoko went wide eyed by the sight of the sand falling down on them and muttered in his mind "Oh crap, this is gonna hurt..." Everything went black after that for him.

"B-Bailarin!" Nori screamed. Immediately, he threw away his zanpakuto and began digging through the sand. She had to be okay! She was tough! This wouldn't kill her! It wouldn't even hurt! All she'd have to do would be to take a shower, to get some of the sand off of her! And Nori could watch.. Disgusted with himself for thinking such thoughts while Bailarin might be dead, Nori immediately vacated them from his mind and continued to dig.

Bailarin could hear something, the voice was muddled, but it was there, faint. She felt some sand on her face move, and then some more. A hand touched her face, she was shocked, her mind wrestling against herself, 'How could you be so weak?' 'You were defeated, not even by your enemy!' Her mind scorned herself. She was fine with that, a sacrifice for the victory was fine with her, honor was key. Suddenly, she felt the warmth from the sand leave her face, it had been uncovered. She slowly opened her eyes, things still blurry from the rough fall. She had taken too much of a beating in that fight... She could make out Nori's face, it was a good thing she couldn't read his mind, or he would have been hurt there and then on the spot. She gasped for air, pulling herself up into a sitting position, the sand gathered around her eyes, irritating them, plus the sand in her mouth didn't help, giving her a light choking fit. The only thing in her mind right now... was that someone else had tried to save her...

Buried deep within the sand, Otoko thought of himself. How he looked buried in that sand. He was curled up in a ball, defeated, and buried under piles upon piles of sand. It was dark. His mind echoed "I wonder if the Arrancar woman died in the burial. I wonder how this all happened. I wonder..." Slowly he drifted off into deep slumber.

Nori, being as simple-minded as he was at the moment, could only think to ask the stupidest question possible. "Are you okay?" Nori asked the person whom he'd just buried alive under a mountain of sand. He wanted to hug her so badly! But she was covered in sand. And coughing. And it was in her eyes. Somehow, he didn't think a hug was appropriate.

She shook her head side to side, coughing between words, "No... I'm... not." She eventually got as much sand out of her eyes and out of her mouth as she could, it still burned her throat and eyes, even bringing a few small tears, but overall, she was thankful her Hierro had protected her... and him. she frowned, looking around the pile of sand, "Where's the... other guy?" A cough entereing mid-sentence, "Did he escape... is he buried?" She was hoping their attack hadn't been in vain.

"No.. I mean, I didn't see him escape.. So.. I think he's buried.." Nori mumbled. This was horrible. He just tried to kill his new friend... She would hate him now. Nori inched away from Bailarin. Maybe he could get away before she could kill him.

Bailarin frowned, noticing him walking off, was she disgusting to him now? Was it because of her more vicious side...? She attempted to get up to stop him, but a problem arose, that she wasn't going to enjoy. She let out a light yelp, her leg was either sprained or broken, it hurt, feeling as if needles were pressed unto the ankle. She sighed, looking around the sand, 'Your so weak, so pathetic, look at you...' 'Your worth nothing, just like your brother said, nothing...' She frowned, wanting to get angry, but in too much pain at the moment to care about the past. "Please don't go, I can't stand..." She added, trying to sound stronger then she felt she was, "And plus, we need to find out if the man is alive..." Making sure her gaze didn't lock with his.

"Ah.." Nori felt bad. If she was mad at him, he deserved it. Sliding underneath her arm, he grabbed her side, and helped her to her feet. She was.. actually kind of heavy. Or maybe it was that Nori wasn't strong enough. It didn't matter. "I'm sorry, Bailarin.. It's my fault.." he mumbled dejectedly. He didn't need to meet her gaze. "But we're probably not going to be able to find out if he's dead.. It was really a pain to get you out of the pile, and it's huge.. I don't have the energy to dig anymore... I'm sorry.."

Deliverance... And A New Hero[]

Bailarin and Nori had fought, and triumphed over Otoko, his end is unknown and neither are sure if he is dead or alive, but he has been defeated. She was saved by a person she had just met, a new friend in mind, but Nori, now a hero in heart.

Bailarin nodded, "Alright..." she hissed as he helped her up, "It hurts..." She let him guide her, and understood, he couldn't have time to un-bury all the sand, it would have taken too much time. She also noticed the look he 'wore' a sad look, it made herself feel bad. She shook it off, she was glad they had survived, she's slap him for burying her later. Bailarin hardly notice that she held unto him for dear life.

Nori smiled. Bailarin clinging to him was nice..! Though.. if she took off her gloves he might actually be able to feel her hands.. "Where are we going..?" Nori asked uneasily, shifting sightly to take more weight off of Bailarin's good foot. This should feel nice for her now.. Though he was practically carrying her. He didn't mind! But it would be easier of he could release his energy and do it...

Bailarin sighed outwardly, from the mixture of pain and the question, "Las Noches..." "There are ruins there we can recooperate in, and maybe some left over medical supplies..." She frowned, "I'll have to wash off someplace else... there's hardly any water in this hell-hole." She noticed the extra help from Nori's actions, and she appreciated them. "It's east as soon as we get out of the Forest..."

Nori grimaced. This was annoying. There was no way he was carrying her all the way out of the forest. Pausing immediately, he dropped Bailarin to the ground in annoyance, and walked off to find his Zanpakuto. How stupid could he be? He could just heal her! Though it's hurt for a moment..

Bailarin let out a grunt as she fell to the ground. That was odd, he had just left her, great. She sat momentarily. Looking around as she waited for him. She huffed outwardly, crossing her arms. Men! How chivilerous they act one second, now look! Groaning she tried her best to pull herself, but she only made about 3 feet before she was tired. She let out another loud groan, 'He better hurry up, or I'm going not going to slap him... it'll be much worse!'

Where the hell was his zanpakuto!? Why did he throw it away when he started to dig?! Nori sighed... He saw it. It was up in a tree. How ironic. Using Kogeru, he simply appeared up in the tree, grabbed it, then traveled back to Bailarin. "This is going to hurt." he stated dully, before piercing her leg with his zanpakuto. He didn't need to wait for her reaction, but he wanted to see it anyway.

She grit her teeth, he had just stabbed her in the leg, her face contorted from pain to anguish, and then very quickly to anger. Her armored hand reaching upward deftly to his shirt, pulling him down directly infront of her face, her teeth gritted and her eyes able to kill any man. "I'm going to k.i.l.l you." Her other flexed into a fist, "You better have a VERY good excuse for just doing that!"

Nori flinched. If he had been this close to her face at any other time, he would have blushed. But this was scary. He was paralyzed! This wasn't good.. He couldn't respond.. Instead of explaining that part of the Zanpakuto had the be in contact with her in order for his ability to work, Nori whimpered in fear, shutting his eyes tight. After she beat him, he could heal himself and Bailarin..

Bailarin cracked her knuckles, but the look in his eyes shocked her, the look of fear, right before they closed. 'No... your not a monster...' She let go of him, apologizing sincerely, "I'm sorry!" "I didn't mean to.. I shou-" Her eyes clinched as she remembered the blade in her leg. "Could you please, if your going to help me, do it now, it's beginning to wobble around, and it's not healing it any..." She looked around, 'You are the monster...' 'Just leave after he heals you, or he will, he knows your a freak, and in the end, he'll just heal you so you won't beat him to death...' Her eyes saddening, threatening tears perparing to fall.

"Gahou." Nori stated uneasily, removing Nasuka from the wound. It began to heal! Perfect! Hugging Bailarin tightly, Nori laid his head on her shoulder. "You don't have to be sorry. It's not your fault. It's mine. I shouldn't have let it drop on you like that.. Then you wouldn't be hurt in the first place.." he mumbled sadly. If he let her go, she would leave. So he would cling to her and make her stay.

She stayed there, it felt nice. Warm. She caught herself enjoying it... 'Stupid...' She mentally frowned, 'Plus, your not attracted to guys, and Nori is into that Envy anyway, right?' She said nothing, staying silent, letting him hug her. She smiled, hugging back. "Thanks." "I really need to get myself cleaned off and get these clothes washed... it's been awhile since they have been." She scoffed, 'Oh, that was nice, tell him you haven't taken a shower or bath in awhile... idiot.' Slapping herself in her mind

"Maybe that's why you smell!" Nori said cheerfully, in an attempt to cheer Bailarin up. He punched her arm playfully again. As hard as he could.

She made sure that when her eye twitched, that he didn't see her do it. He was just trying to keep his mood light, and that was fine with her. "Yeah... anyway, thanks for healing me." She frowned, looking around, "We need to head to Loc Noches... it's been abandanoned for awhile, and I think there were some working showers there, or maybe a sometype of springs, I don't know..." She shrugged, "I need to head there anyway, who knows, my brother or Ardiente may be there." Las Noches was her destination, even if it was a short trip...

"Well... do you wanna race?" he offered, raising an eyebrow at her. They could race! Or, rather... Nori could race, while Bailarin struggled to keep up! "We can make it interesting!" he prodded, poking her.

She tapped her chin momentarily, "Fine..." "I'm up for a race." She stood up, wobbling lightly. The wound was healed, but it always felt strange after regenerating. She nodded, "Sure, what's the intresting part then?" Her expression and body motion showed she was all up for it.

"A friendly wager?" Nori guessed. He could think of some pretty humiliating things for her to do if he won. But he wanted to hear what she wanted first. "What do you want if you win?" he asked carefully. Why was she so confident? Nori felt the pressure of intimidation, if just for a brief moment.

"Friendly?" In her mind she crossed out 'punching him for pay-back'. "Hmm.." Pondering audibly. She tapped her chin once more, "Ah, I have it!" "If I win, I want you to get me some new clothes, these are getting tattered, oh, and I want some decent food." Adding instinctively, "Eating nothing but Hollows is beginning to get old..." She smiled, "Unless you want the wager to be 'better' then this, these are just small things I want."

"I want it to be better than this." he stated sternly. That wasn't enough to motivate him not to lose. He could just steal those. "But there are some rules. No garganta. You're allowed to hit the other person. And releasing is not allowed." he instructed, awaiting her approval.

He had met the challange she had wanted... "All right, I got the rules." "And if you want it to be better, if I win." She smiles wickedly, "I want to meet this 'Envy' person." She knew that was going to hit the spot. "Plus the other things I already mentioned..." Bailarin smiled, "And, what do you want if you win?"

Nori faltered. Envy? She wanted to meet Envy!? Maybe he could talk her out of it! "There's gotta be something else you'd want, right? You don't want to meet Envy! She's a bitch! Don't worry about it! Change the bet!" he growled, nearly ordering her now. Envy would not be allowed to see Bailarin. She would hold it against him.

She shook her head side-to-side, extremely content to see Nori act the was he was, he had almost stuttered mid sentence. "No, I think I like the bet." She smiled, "Better make sure you don't lose..." She tapped her foot lightly on the ground, "No... what do you WANT if you win?" Tilting her head, "Unless of course, your a coward..." Her eyes meeting his, hoping for a decent reaction.

Nori backed off slight, dejectedly. This wasn't right! He shouldn't have said no to her first thing! He had to think of something that she wouldn't like, so that she would call off the bet! "You have to let me watch you shower!" he shouted boldly, then immediately wished he hadn't. Not only was this perverted, it showed that he had no problem saying perverted things. Not to mention that she was probably about to beat the tar out of him.

She smirked, walking, pointing towards the far distantance, the citadel of the once powerful Espada seen. "It's a good thing your going to lose." "Or I might have actually taken offence to that." She smirked, "Just don't expect me to go easy on you..." She popped her neck twice, standing ready, her body pointed towards the city, "And also, we keep our bets, if you lose, you give me clothes, food, and I get to meet Envy." "If I lose, well, you know what you want to see..." She rolled her eyes, not even a challange, her ego and cocky attitude was kicking in.

"Go.." Nori stated simply, seemingly disintegrating, and then reappearing a good distance away in the form of a red outline. He was already in the lead! Using Kogeru again, he once again did the same, this time allowing himself the luxury of looking behind him. He was sure she was still stunned, standing there with an awed look on her face.

She smirked, 'Taking a head-start?' 'This was going to be fun!' She was ready, using her Sonido to teleport, slowly catching up to Nori, she was now half way to him. 'Fancy tricks don't match pure skill'... She smiled, he was in range, Bala forming on her hands, "No way, I am just going to let you win!" The bala extending outwards, unleashing five in his direction, their speed and distance increased by focusing more spiritual power into them. Hopefully they would make contact, a good vengence for him taking the lead,

Ironically, Nori was hit by one of the bala, but it blasted him further into the lead. "You don't have to! I'll do it without you letting me!" he screamed. The bala had hurt. He was having trouble running now. Continuing to use Kogeru, Nori began weaving back and forth inbetween trees. Hopefully this would keep her from hitting him again.

She smirked, 'Why do all 'prey' make the same decisions?' She smiled, her hand forming Bala on it again, this time, she left it on there, not bothering to go around the trees, chopping several done with her brute force, the Hierro and Bala obliterating some bases of the trees to splinter. "You can swerve all you want, I'll take a more direct approach..."

Nori appeared in front of her. Horizontally positioned in the air, he pushed off of her stomach with his fight, sending them both in opposite directions; Nori foward, and Bailarin backwards. "You're going to have to do better than that.." he chided, giggling to himself. Did he really want to see her naked? Finally breaking out of the forest and into the actual desert, Nori picked up the pace. It would only be a short time before he won.

She growled, her blood was starting to pump, 'Blasted leg!' She couldn't keep up at this rate, she smirked, forming her Cero on her fore-head, 'One last time', she reduced it's power and Spiritual Pressure, but focused intently on fueling it with more of her Spiritual Power, just to cause a big enough explosion to bring the splinters from the trees it would break, the dirt, and sand flying, enough to blind him momentarily. She made sure it's reflection would bounce several times, and saving the most powerful for the 5th reflection. "Baile Cero!" The silver and yellow Cero blasting at an angle, reaching one true, shattering it, then hitting the 2nd tree. It had destroyed them both. By the 3rd reflection, it had bounced ahead of Nori, and was on it's 4th reflection. The splinters from the trees and upheaveled dirt were all over the air, causing enough debris to cause a good enough distraction. The 5th reflection of the Baile Cero was pointed directly towards Nori's stomach. "Mine now."

Nori winced. The cero struck him directly in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him and sending him flying backwards. He was covered with dirt and everything now! At this rate, he'd need to take a shower too... Something swept past him. Was that Bailarin? Was she getting ahead of him!?! Disapearing again, Nori began dashing foward desperately, in a frenzy to regain the lead. He could take it back! She didn't have to meet Envy..

She smiled, she could see it clearly, the desert was wide open, the Forest of Menos left behind. She was having a hard time though, the leg, plus she had used simply too much Spiritual Power in the day, three Baile Cero's in a day exhausted her. She could see him catching up, but she couldn't waste anymore time on abilities. She wanted those new clothes, and the food... but honestly, she didn't believe she could win. Her pace was slowing down considerably...

Nori sped up even more, using Kogeru to quicken his pace, Nori went even faster. Thud! Both him and Bailarin crashed into the ground as Nori crashed into her. "S-sorry..." he mumbled, scrambling to get off of her.. He was so close! He could win! But not if she kept him here.

Bailarin winced as she felt Nori hit her painfully from behind. She gripped him tightly by the ankle, the citadel of Las Noches was only about 30yards ahead. The terrifying place, now ruins, the dome long ago shattered. The shadows of the place fell upon them. Her hand weakly holding on, "You know what, I think I should haven't used that last Cero..."

Nori dug his hands into the sand, pulling them both foward. "It's okay, you can rest all you want after the bath!" he shouted enthusiastically, hesitating to kick her in the face in order to win. It would hurt her. Instead, he twisted his leg; and her hand, by extension; in an attempt to get free.

Bailarin giggled this once, she tried her hardest to stay attached, her hand slippery thanks them being metal, and the sand... and the sweat... didn't help. She yelled out, "Crap!" She hustled to pick herself up knowing that she was going to lose, and that meant not seeing this 'Envy' person, she wasn't worried about the other factors of the losing bet... she should have been.

Nori scrambled to his feet, using Kogeru to allow himself to gain the lead, once again. Bailarin was still very close behind him... He staggered foward, hoping to reach the ruins as soon as possible. Would she really let him see her in the bath..? If she kicked him out after he won, he'd have no complaints..

She smirked, she had one last trick, placing her hands on the ground, she used Sonido for one last burst. Sadly, her aiming was off. She tackled into Nori, both of them hurdling over and over, till they were now in the entrance of Las Noches, finally... She got up as quickly as possible, not enjoying the close contact, "Well, it looks like I won." Bailarin wasn't even sure she had made it through first, but heck, she wasn't going to let Nori see her in the shower or bath...

"It's a tie." Nori moaned, standing up shakily. "... Can I see anyway?" he asked hopefully, looking her directly in the eye. He didn't flinch. If she was going to meet Envy, then he should be able to see her...

Bailarin nodded, "Oh that's fine." She smiled, knowing this would crush his hopes, "But after you do, and I'm done, I'll break your legs, and then, I'll tear off your right hand..." "Got it?" She smirked, looking around for the supply room, and hopefully the showers...

"Okay!" he shouted enthusiastically. Apparently, she forgot that he had just healed her sprained leg. It'd be simple to regenerate those wounds. "I got it! So I can see~?"

"Fine, sure, whatever..." She frowned, "But you better get Envy on her way here. "Becuase, it was a tie, so we both get our winnings..." She scoffed lightly, "Got that?" She walked into Las Noches a bit further inward. She turned around, smiling, "Ahh! Here they are." The wall had the designated sign, stating it was the shower-room for the women. Smirking as she pointed at the sign, "Girls only." She stuck her tongue out at him as she began to walk into the bathing-room. She was going to knock him out the second he walked into that room...

.. Which he did anyway, smiling as he did so. She agreed! He would get to see! Wasn't it great!? He almost didn't mind her getting to see Envy. But what if Envy found out.. That wouldn't be nice.. And then she'd use Bailarin against him, and he'd be all alone... Again. Again. The word was evil. Never was it used for something good. Nori got to see Bailarin in the bath, again. he thought, correcting himself.

She smiled as he took his turn around the corner. She brought her fist up to his face, slamming as hard as she could. She had made sure not to hurt him too much, but that would have knocked anybody out, especially when he had lowered his guard. "Ugh... perverted men..." She then walked into the shower room alone. Perparing to wash off the best she could before Nori awoke.

Nori awoke sometime later. That was mean..! She didn't have to punch him so hard! She could have just put him in a chokehold or something! Maybe she was on her period.. Like Envy always was. "Ow... ow ow ow!" Nori shouted. Was his nose broken...?

Envy stooped over him with a stern look "So I'm a bitch, am I?!" She kicked him in his side.

Nori was easily knocked to the ground. "E-Envy..! I never said that!" he shouted, backing himself up against the wall. He should've went back sooner... He didn't have time to play around with Bailarin. How would she punish him? Nori could only imagine..

Bailarin had finished dressing, having found some different clothes, some left by the previous Arrancar or Espada here, that used to serve under the once mighty Aizen. She smiled, the white hakama fit well, and she loved the look. She attached her Zanpakuto to the side of her leg. As she began to walk out, she could hear yelling, what was going on, who else could have been here? Her back pressed against the wall, she waited for the yelling to continue, to identify the speaker if she somehow knew who it was.

Envy continued angrily "You were calling me a bitch in your sleep!"

"How do you know I wasn't talking about somebody else!?" he screamed back at her. No he didn't! She must have heard him wrong. He probably called her a witch!... That wasn't much better...

Bailarin had recognized who one of them was, it was kind of obvious with the way he yelled. She carefully peaked around the corner, catching a look at the blonde yelling at Nori. She raised a brow, "Who the..." She hadn't mean to say that out-loud.

Hearing Bailarin, Envy took out Gelosia and aimed at her while yelling to Nori "Get down!" She fired three times toward the direction of which she heard the noise.

Nori growled, and kicked Envy in the stomach, disrupting her stance and ruining her aim. Her bullets hit the floor instead. "Do. Not. Shoot." he warned, standing now. His figure towered over Envy. If he killed her, she would return to hell, so it was okay! Right?

Another Soul Enters, The Cardinal, Envy.[]

Nori had just defended Bailarin against his superior, Envy. The surprise could be felt. Soon, Bailarin would understand what was going on. And what was about to unfold, is anyone's guess.

Bailarin had hardly had a chance to know what was going on, her mind shocked at the weapon the blond had used, 'A gun...?!' 'That's a human weapon!' With no time to react. She was shocked to see Nori had defended her. "Huh...?" She eyed the two, her body still froze from the recent ringing in her ears.

Envy gritted her teeth up at him, coughing periodically "What... the hell...?!"

"Envy, what happened?" Nori asked, faking concern. "All of a sudden you just bent over and starting firing your gun randomly! Are you okay?"

Bailarin still had the ringing in her ears, but it was slowly dissipating. Her ears perked at the sound of her name, "Envy..." Her words coming out in a whisper, this was the person who she wanted to meet, it's strange. They were at eachother's throats, but I guess that comes from her sneaking up on them and being so stupid as to talk. What she didn't expect was a gun. She stood behind Nori, a bit confused at the whole ordeal. She put her now non-armored hand on his shoulder, "Nori, hey, it's fine..." "I'm fine." She emphasised, reassuring him with a firm grip.

Envy glanced back and forth at them while holstering Gelosia "Nori... Who is this...?"

Nori refused to let himself show any emotion whatsoever. "It's nobody. Let's go." he ordered his superior, taking no shame in grabbing her arm and pulling her away from the arrancar. Envy should learn how to mind her own buisiness, and Bailarin should learn how to keep her mouth shut.

Bailarin furrowed her brow, what was wrong with him, none of this was making sense, was this why he didn't want her to meet Envy, had she made things worse? 'No, it's not your fault, it's not like he went and got her for me, she came here...' Bailarin followed the two, irritation beginning to enter her facial features, "What the heck is going on?" She was hoping they could talk, if not, she didn't want to know what was going to happen.

Envy looked just as irritated "Nori, let go of me!" She attempted to shake her arm free of his tight grip.

Nori immediately reached down and ripped Gelosia out of it's holster. "Make me!" he taunted, aiming Gelosia at the ceiling and emptying it's rounds. How did she reload this, anyway?

The white-clad Arrancar frowned strongly, had he just lost it?! She winced as he fired each last gun-shot. She was going to take action to stop him if need be, but she didn't believe he had lost it, there was a reason for this anger, even if was the her or Envy. Maybe them both... Yelling out, "Stop!" The loud noises kept ringing, she didn't like them. It reminded her too much of the fight that seperated her and Ardiente. The loud noises of combat still echoed from that day, and the stress and confusion from this seemed all too familiar.

Envy went wide-eyed and didn't take her gaze off Gelosia. She mumbled something inaudibly, an almost whimper, as she was now defenseless without her Hell-Gun.

Nori smiled wickedly. "Now, Envy, who is this?" he asked rehtorically, pointing at Bailarin with Gelosia. He didn't even bother to wonder if Bailarin would be afraid, with a Hell-Gun point at her and all. Envy had better respond 'nobody'. He would deal with the consequences later.

Bailarin's spiritual energy was flaring on the inside, this situation was becoming a wild-card, he had pointed a gun at her, and she had trusted him, she had actually called him friend. It hurt. She just stared, waiting, if she used anything, even Sonido, she would exhaust herself, and probably do more harm then good. Her breathing accelerated, her heart pumping faster. 'Great, you trust him, ends up he's just like the rest.' 'Your expandable, your brother was right, you are... nothing.'

Appearing behind Nori and blasting him hard in the neck was none other than Wrath, who had accompanied Sloth to investigate why Envy left for Hueco Mundo with no explanation. After knocking him to the ground, Wrath picked up Gelosia and handed it over to Envy like it was a toy that was stolen. She hugged it excitedly as Sloth asked Nori "Why did you treat your superior in such a manner, Hell-Hunter?"

Nori, collapsed on the ground in a defeated manner, still showed no signs of emotion or more specifically, regret. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I acted in a respectful manner, as I always do." he lied outright. Maybe if he didn't acknowledge the problem, it would go away. No point in standing up.. I'll just end up on the ground again.. Nori thought solemnly. At least Bailarin would be safe! As long as he didn't acknowledge her... She had better keep her mouth shut.

The whole situation was making her uncomfortable, she had no clue to who this man was, but he had taken down Nori in one hit. And he seemed to know him, another superior? Bailarin frowned, she was too close to fully depleting her Spiritual Power, and she was already exhausted. "Ugh..." She frowned, she wasn't going to be an enemy. Wisely, she placed her Zanpakuto on the ground beside her. Frowning, she knew she was defenseless, but 2 against 1, was never fair. Plus, she doubt anything she said would help lessen the tension...

Sloth grimaced scornfully "You... deliberately insult me with your lies. Perhaps, if your tongue isn't being put to good use, it should be cut out." Envy gave a stern and almost warning glance at Sloth "I didn't give any order to punish my Hell-Hunter, Sloth." He looked up at her and continued "Indeed you didn't. Regardless, if a lifeform insults one of higher class and power than the higher lifeform is obligated to put the lower one in it's place."

Nori continued to lay on the ground. Envy was.. defending him? Or there was the possibility that she just wanted to save the pleasure of punishing him herself... Still, Nori had already insulted Sloth once. Why not do it again? "Maybe you misheard me, and mistook what I said with a lie." he suggested, not daring to look any of them in the eye.

Bailarin grimaced, she was confused and sick of this. She placed her hand on her fore-head, massaging it lightly, trying to relieve her growing head-ache. Her Arrancar new cloths blowing lightly from the wind that was echoing through out the hollow keep. She eyed the two, specifically Envy. She couldn't figure her out. 'That's it, their all freaking psychopaths...'

Sloth frowned and turned toward the exit "Be thankful of your merciful superior, pathetic little roach." At this, he walked off. Wrath turned to Bailarin and extended his large hand "Hello. I am Wrath. The man who has just left us was Sloth."

Nori was glaring daggers at Wrath. He should stay away from Bailarin. Nori would kill him. He would kill them all. Roaring loudly, louder than the eardrums of anyone present could handle, Nori began to release his Demon Form. It'd be nice to see the look on Envy's face when she realized just how much more powerful he was.

Bailarin was about to shake his hand, even though she was having trouble thinking. She noticed the way Nori looked, it was a very 'possesive' look. She frowned, at this point she had no clue to who was enemy or foe, but she couldn't do anything, she had to atleast let her Spiritual Power build back up, and that would be awhile. "What's wrong with him?" She had never seen something like this, he wasn't Shinigami... he wasn't Arrancar... he wasn't Hollow... what was he?!

Envy gave a shocked expression just as Wrath turned and backhanded Nori away from them with his fist enhanced by concentrations of his power.

Nori crashed into the wall, then pried himself off, sporting an extra set of arms directly below his old ones. Pumping his reiatsu into the one on the lower fight, he pulled it back and then swung it at Wrath's balls, intent on crippling to Cardinal. When he was on his knees, Nori would devour his head! They weren't dragging him back to hell so easily this time.

Bailarin could feel the spiritual energy circulating through the air, she was in no form to enter combat, picking up her Zanpakuto, she focused hard, trying to concentrate and regenerate her Spiritual Energy. "Come on..." She looked at Nori, the way his eyes looked, and his body transformed, she didn't want to do anything risky. Thank goodness this place was once destroyed, because with all of them there, she was sure the fight would have destroyed it anyway.

The punch did nothing, and Nori now felt a great pain in his fist as if he had punched a hard brick wall. Wrath, in turn, kicked Nori away from them. "Envy, take the Arrancar girl out of here."

Envy, nodding, guides Bailarin out of the room and into the hall where she entered "Things are getting a little chaotic right now but your alright. I guess I haven't introduced myself yet but I'm Envy." She extends her hand to her.

Bailarin nodded, glad to have been lead out, in the hall, after Envy extended her hand towards her, she nodded and extended her own, shaking Envy's hand kindly. "I-I'm Bailarin Mareado..." This girl had shot at her, and now she was shaking her hand? Odd. But really, making friends these days, seemed to be through odd ways. "May I ask... what's going on, he's not Shinigami or Arrancar, what is he?" She then looks directly into Envy's eyes, hoping to get a straight and truthful answer,

Nori crashed through the wall and into another hallway. Immediately, his eyes dimmed. The earlier fight had taken it's toll. He was running on empty. But he could still fight! Hardening the skin around his arms and legs, making it pile on top of itself and grow, he created an artificial hierro around his limbs. All six of them. "C'mon!" he taunted.

Wrath charged at him with glowing red fists. Envy answered "He's a Hell-Hunter, of course."

"Hell-hunter?" She could understand, she was a race from Hell, or a hybrid, maybe the result of joining forces with Hell, her brother had told her it had existed once, but he wasn't very sure of the details. "So, your Envy, and I'm assuming that you and your friend fighting him are, Cardinals?" She had heard Nori mention that Envy was one, so she assumed that's who was with accompanied her was another Cardinal. She nodded, "Do you think your friend can handle him?"

Nori, who had expected Wrath to charge mindlessly, grabbed one of his arms with all four of Nori's arms, and effortlessly threw him over his shoulder. "That really can't be it, right? You have to have some hidden power, right!? You wouldn't let a lower life form kill you, right?!"

Wrath, gritting his teeth angrily, landed a succesful punch to Nori's gut with his powered fist. Envy nodded "You know us...?"

Bailarin nodded, "Yes... Nori told me about you, about Hell, he didn't go into specifics though." She flinched, hearing a loud crash outside, the fight was getting louder and more intense it seemed.

Nori vomited blood. Falling limply to the ground below, he feigned unconciousness and incapacitation. The second Wrath came close enough, Nori would pierce his sunglasses with his fist. He doubted his eyes were as hard as his dick.

Wrath stepped toward Nori cautiously with a glowing red fist ready. Envy smiles fakely "Oh, he did, did he?" She thought to herself "That prick better be getting the crap kicked out of him by Wrath for all this. He can't so much as train without getting himself into trouble."

Her white falling by her neck, she brushed it off to the side. "Yes." She wondered why she sounded so odd in that last statement. She had grown accustomed to the brawl going on outside, and she knew that most likely he'd live, plus, if she couldn't pay him back for burying her. Then they could. "So... if your from Hell and such, why aren't you dead?" "I mean, once in your in hell, umm, aren't you... stuck there?" She had asked an obvious question, but her mind was rambling, and she wanted to talk, to block out the fighting outside.

Something sprouted of of Nori's lower back. He didn't move at all, so it wasn't noticable at all. A tail. That's how he would do it. He would coil it around his back, and then when Wrath came close enough, he go straight through his eye and into his brain. It would work! And then he'd have to take care of Envy...

Envy smiled "We're bound there but we're not confined there, if you understand my meaning. We can travel but if we die we just return there. Same goes with Hell-Hunters, which is why if Wrath kills Nori don't be upset or anything."

As she says this, Wrath stoops over Nori's seemingly unconcious body and nudges it with his foot.

Bailarin nodded, mentally she was giddy and elated, 'He's going to be ok... I was afraid he'd be hurt really badly...' She smirked inwardly along with that sentence, 'Plus, now I don't have to be afraid to hurt him, if he dies, he'll just pop up in Hell... yeah that sounds like a plan...' She nodded, "I understand." She frowns, "If my brother was around... if he's still alive, you'd best stay away from him." She placed a finger in her hair, twirling a lock of it. "He was obsessed with becoming stronger, and he wanted the most absurd of power sources to fuel his hunger..." "He even thought by devouring me... a close 'sibling', would get him more power." Frowning at the thought, "He'd be delighted to meet your kind..."

Nori's eyes snapped open. Immediately, his new scorpion-like tail lunged for Wrath's head, aiming to kill him. Would he really be able to do it? Would he really be able to kill a Cardinal? As a backup, while Wrath was focused on the tail, Nori had roots grow on the walls, ready to impale Wrath the second he used his arms to block Nori's tail.

Envy frowned "And just what is that supposed to mean?" Meanwhile, Wrath grabbed the tail and ripped it straight off of Nori's back.

Bailarin shook her head side to side, "I meant nothing by it, I'm just giving you a fair warning, he's relentless, I ran away because he threatened to eat me." She bowed her head lightly, "I didn't mean any offense, and I apologize if I did give any..." Her white and black clothing wrinkling lightly as she arranged for herself to sit on her knees, getting more comfortable.

Nori didn't feel it; he had already shut off all of the pain receptors in his body. Immediately after Wrath grabbed the tail, the roots on the walls grew outwards, each one aiming to impale a different angle of his head.

Envy smiled and acknowledged "Oh well alright then and I'm sure your brother would love Lord Bael, then." Wrath went wide-eyed just as the roots impaled his head. His body lit aflame and disintegrated in a matter of seconds.

Bailarin tilted her head slightly, "Lord Bael?" She could feel the spiritual power outside flare, and then dull down, the fight was either ending, or already over. She'd soon find out...

"Heh.." Nori muttered, relinquishing his Demon Form. Did he really just win? There must be some trick waiting for him the second he let his guard down... Which he had just done. Oh, right. Envy. There was still Envy... But she didn't have any special abilities... He doubted that it would be especially hard to kill her. Then again, he'd never been shot with Gelosia before... But it was just a gun! It couldn't hurt that much! Despite his murderous desires, Nori remained on the ground, completely exhausted.

Envy frowned "Wrath lost... But I think I know of a way to subdue Nori without much effort."

Bailarin eyes widened, 'Was he really that strong?' She nodded, "I-I'll try to help." She stood up, wincing lightly, that wound had healed, but it was still too sore. She put on a strong facade, standing up as best as she could, leaning her arm a gainst the wall.

She smiled slightly "I really don't think you'd want to participate in this." As she says this she tears off bits of her suit so her shoulders are revealing.

Nori grunted, standing up finally. When he got back to Hell he'd most likely be punished. So why should he have to go back?

Bailarin's eyes widened slightly, Umm... Her mind trying to figure out what she was doing, "Alright..." She nodded, still leaning on the wall, hoping to watch the display about to play before her eyes, mumbling under her breath, "Note to self, too many Cero's are a bad thing..."

She unbuttons her coat and walks out to where Nori was lying down. Upon seeing him she started walking slower and gave off an entranced gaze.

"Uhm.. Hello.. Envy.." Nori mumbled. Why was she dressed like that? He backed away slightly. She was going to do something. He didn't want to know. And after she did it, he'd be punished, and he'd have to go back to Hell and work for her. It wasn't good. Still.. she looked.. nice..

Bailarin stood there watching, this was intresting... He was backing up. And with the way she was now, 'dressed' probably didn't make Nori's situation any better. Her words mumbling, "Pervert..." Her eyes intently focused on what she was about to do that would subdue him.

She sits next to him and soothingly pets the back of his head "Are you alright? Did that mean ol' Wrath hurt you?"

Nori felt dizzy. This was nice... He wanted to stay with Envy. Closing his eyes, he leaned against her slightly while she continued petting the back of his head.

Bailarin understood what it was, some type of hypnotic ability, that must be why she was 'Envy' it made sense. She was having a hard time no looking either. She shook her head. Slowly walking over, making sure he was subdued, she couldn't see the other one around, he must have been killed, but the extent he was, amazed her. "Hmm..."

Envy leaned her shoulder against him and batted her eyes romantically "Could you do a favour for me, Nori...?"

Bailarin looked at what she was doing, Flirting...? Bailarin caught on to what she was doing, maybe this was the reason he hated her so much, or... maybe it was just irritation. She stayed silent. Wanting to see what Envy was attempting to pull off with this technique, and the question she asked, made even Bailarin blush...

"Anything.." Nori replied. What could it be..? Maybe she wanted him to marry her~. Or maybe it would be something slightly more carnal.. Nevertheless, whatever it was, he was sure he'd be able to do it for her.

She leaned up and whispered in his ear, her hand resting on his chest "Dream well." After, she placed her hand on his neck and allowed to quickly put him to unconciousness.

Nori Subdued, Wrath Defeated, Envy Triumphant.[]

Nori activated his Demon-Form, and killed Wrath, a talented feat. But it didn't matter, Envy silenced him and laid him unconcious. Throughout these events, Bailarin was startled, and shocked, she had learned more of these Hell-Hunters and Cardinals. But she wasn't the only one it shocked, eyes unseen had sensed the event taking place at the ruins of Las Noches...

Bailarin quirked a brow, that's really all Envy had to do, to place him under a sleep? Strange. It was rather, unusual, the way these Cardinals and Hell-Hunters abilities and, they themselves, worked. She smiled, walking over to the two, "He's ok, right?" Her caring nature occasionally showing, these being one of these times.

She nodded "He's gonna be in big trouble when he wakes up though, so he'd better enjoy his nap while he can."

The Arrancar nodded, "Ah.. I see." She could understand why Nori called her a 'bitch' all the time, she seemed kind of ruthless. It was almost contradictory to how 'sweet' she was a moment ago. She pondered a moment, looking outwards down the hall, "This day has been full of surprises... what I don't get is why he went berserk like that..."

She replied "It would seem he didn't want me to meet you."

Bailarin nods, "I see, I was wondering why he was making such a big deal about it..." She snickered, "He tried everything to get me out of meeting the 'Envy-Bitch'." She held out her fingers, trying to count the times, holding up one finger, "Well, the first time I asked was in the Forest of Menos, and he stated that they didn't have to meet me." Then a second finger, "Then it was the bet, either he peeked on me while I took a shower if he won, or I met you if I won." She shrugged, "And the last thing, was after we got here, he was persistant in not letting me meet you." Frowning as she pursed her lips lightly, looking down at Nori, but her gaze crossing back to her's.

She swept her hair back "Dumbass... He should have known that efforts like that would just make things worse."

Bailarin nodding, "I see... He's funny, kinda odd, but funny." Adding neatly, "He seemed to like you, besides the whole him having that other issue with you." She frowned, what would happen to him? How bad would his punishment be? What would happen to her, would they ever meet again? All these thoughts crossed her mind, she couldn't help but worsen the frown, "So... what's going to happen now?" Specifically wondering about herself and him.

She shrugged "I'll have to take him back to Hell to face punishment from Lord Bael."

Her frown worsened to it's highest point, she always hated being punished, even if it was being repremended. She stuttered to ask what she wasn't perpared to, "I must ask, is it alright if I come with you?" "I know he'll get punishment, but, there's a chance that someone I'm looking for might be there, and while I'm there, with your permission, or escort, could I come along?" Bailarin had no clue what she was getting into...

Envy chuckled to herself at this "Are you really sure you wish to go to one of the most awful of realms simply to look for someone who might not even be there...?"

Bailarin bit her lip lightly, there was a chance for her long time friend to be there, she had to take the chance, no matter how little it was. "Y-yes." Stuttering, somewhat nervous at how Envy had chuckled like she did.

Envy's smile faded and she looked into Bailarin's eyes "Here's a piece of advice from someone experienced... Cling to your soul as much as possible. Don't sell it, no matter how high the offer."

Bailarin nodded slowly, not quite understanding her, backing up a foot or so, "O-oh ok, I won't, I swear I won't." Is she insane, one second a chuckle, the other second she's dead serious... She affirmed Envy she wouldn't sell it, "You have my word." One of her hands nervously wrapping itself in her white Hakama, she hadn't ever been ordered to do anything before...

Envy then walks over and grabs Nori's hand "Take my hand."

She walked over the Envy, who was standing by Nori, extending her hand out to her own, she was unsure of this, but one thing was for sure, things were going to be different from now on for the rest of her life. "Now what..." Adding as she waited briefly.

After they had joined hands Envy muttered "Hang tight..." At this, all three burst into flames, teleporting to Hell.

Bailarin watched as they teleported to Hell, she wasn't perpared for the teleportation, What have you gotten yourself into...

Standing before them when they entered Hell was none-other than Bael himself. He smirked upon seeing Bailarin "Welcome to our paradise."

Bailarin's eyes opened wide, this young man with black hair, seemed... so different, she could feel it in the air, this place was like no other, and this man before her, was like no other. The white Arrancar clothing she wore swaying lightly. Gulping, her nervousness overflowing, unable to form more then a few words, "O-oh..." This was going to be a most interesting 'trip.'

Bael frowned at the odd introduction and Envy nudged her arm into Bailarin's side.

She felt the elbow nudge her in the ribs lightly, "Umm, sorry..." She tried her best to pull off a curtsey before him, apparently he was some type of figure head, maybe a leader, or a captain of the guard, she didn't know. She stayed like that for a moment, before pulling herself back into a standing position, "I-I am glad to be here... in paradise."

Bael grinned "Welcome to Hell, my dear." He leaned down and kissed her hand.

Bailarin did nothing to stop his actions, he was very polite with the way he was acting, if she was into that sort of thing, she would have swooned. "T-thank you. I-It's a pleasure to be here." Her words sounded half-true, trying her best to get out of her nervousness.

Bael smirked. He knew she was nervous. He turned to Envy and commanded "Leave us." He ignored the fact that Nori was unconcious because he didn't care. All he was concerned about at the moment was the Arrancar girl standing before him at the moment.

Her white hair laying flat against the back of her neck, some of it on the side of her shoulder, she looked at Envy as she was ordered to leave, despite Nori being there. I've never been this nervous before, what is wrong with me? She waited to see what he was going to do next. She'd get to searching for Ardiente, but right now, the only thoughts in her mind, was what was going to happen in the near-future.

He asked while walking over to a liquor cabinet "Can I get you anything? Scotch? Burben? What?"

She needed to get her nerves off end, she nodded, "Some Port, if you have any..." she wasn't sure this would help, but a little would get her mind off so many topics, it was beginning to give her a headache. When's the last time you had Port? Her mind mentally snickered, trying to keep from getting anymore nervous in her current situation.

He poured her a glass of some golden foaming drink and passed it to her.

Bailarin took the glass from his hands, taking little attempt to check it for any distaste. She pulled it to her lips, letting it drizzle into her mouth, taking some delight in the drink, she hadn't had anything to drink in that desert besides that lake water, and that got very old, very quickly. Removing it from her lips, it tasted like honey compared to it. Smiling, "T-thank you for the drink." Giving him a respectful nod.

Bael drank from his glass and continued "So what brings you to our world?"

Looking at him as he asked her the question, she frowned lightly, "I'm looking for a friend, I was seperated from her 10 years ago, I've been searching for her ever since..." She scoffed lightly, "I've looked everywhere..."

He added slyly "...But now here."

Bailarin nodded, "No... this is one of the few places I haven't..." She looked at him, he made her uneasy, but there was little she could do about that at the moment, for now, she would talk.

He smirked "What is this person's name, may I ask...?"

Bailarin nodded, she was fine with telling Bael about who she was working for, "Ardiente Serenata, an Arrancar like myself, me and her have known each other since we were both Adjuchas Hollows." Ending as she sipped some more Port.

Bael smiled slyly "We may have such a person here. Many beings find themselves here when they have no other place to go. I can help you find her, but first you must be willing to help me out a bit. Oh, what is the term those humans use? You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours?"

Nori's eyes fluttered open. What was this feeling he had? Like something.. was.. wrong? His eyes rolled about in their sockets as he figured out where he was. Hell!? Everything was weird.. how did he get here..? He beat... Wrath, and then Envy.. Envy... That bitch. He would kill her and leave Hell again. At least Bailarin should be safe in Hueco Mundo..

Bailarin looked at him, Your making a deal with the devil... She nodded, ignoring her inner reason, "Y-yes!" Her voice trying not to sound desperate, trying to correct her eagerness, "U-umm... I mean, yes, and what do you want in return..." She was about to add, 'I'll give anything' but she knew those words could be twisted,

Bael smiled cheerfully "Just a bit of help. Hell has been running a bit low on soldiers recently..." he lied "...and we could use your help in bolstering our forces by becoming a Hell-Hunter."

"Envy..." Nori growled, "Why am I in Hell?" He sat up. He could permanently disfigure her! Or kill her. Or something else. That was a nasty trick. She took advantage of him.

She smiled, A chance to find her... "Yes... I'll become a Hell-Hunter..." She looked into his eyes, He's going to help you, another person that wants to help! She bowed, "Thank you!" She was waiting for his reply to go on further.

Envy looked up at him sternly "You attacked Wrath and smarted off to Sloth. Your lucky Lord Bael isn't as concerned for you at the moment or else you'd be in deep shit." Meanwhile, Bael extends a scroll to her with an ink pen and bottle "Just sign on the dotted line and your friend will be with you in no time."

Nori's eyes narrowed. "First of all, I killed Wrath.." Nori pointed out, almost egotistically. He had killed a Cardinal! If anything, he deserved a reward! "But why isn't he concerned with me..?" Was there something else? Probably Sadow.

Bailarin nodded, her mind racing, it was that easy? Just pen and paper? A favor in return for the person she had been looking for 10 years? She grans the ink pen, and dips it into the inkwell, nodding, her hand almost on the paper, Stop... stop... stop... her mind was raging, she had to do this, anything to find Ardiente. Her hand now a hair's width away from the paper, one thought crossed her mind, stopping her in her tracks, Make a better deal... Her hand broke away from the paper, "I need to know something before I sign... don't punish Nori, please..."

Bael gave a slightly confused look as he thought to himself "Nori...? Who is Nori?" He nods while smiling "Of course, this Nori will be as guiltless as an innocent sheep." Envy answered, knowing she'd regret it "He is with your Arrancar friend."

Nori immediately drew his Zanpakuto. Disapearing with Kogeru, he appeared directly behind Bael, and lunged for his neck. He couldn't have her! She shouldn't have to do this! What if he raped her..? It was possible.. that that would happen.

Bailarin gasped, holding out her hand, "Stop!" She didn't want another fight, he was going to start a fight, why was he doing this, he was trying to help her!

Nori's sword went straight through Bael as he evaporated into a cloud of red smoke. The smoke then proceeded to rest oNori's face, burning his eyes and nose intensely, making them water uncontrollably.

Nori shut his eyes immediately. This was.. uncomfortable. He backed himself up into a wall and then collapsed, unable to breath properly. His shirt! Tearing off a piece while still keeping his eyes shut, Nori pressed it over his mouth and nose as a makeshift filter.

Bailarin yelled out again, "Stop!" She couldn't handle this, she looked around, this was a bad idea. "He's trying to help me! He's helping me find Ardiente, and he said he wouldn't punish you!"

The gas moved away from Nori and solidified back into Bael "So this is Nori, eh?" He walked over to him and placed his hand on Nori's head, reading his mind. He smiles "So... this girl is a friend of yours, Hell-Hunter."

Nori bit Bael's hand, taking no shame in acting like an animal. He could kill him! Maybe... Probably not. But that didn't mean he shouldn't try!

Bailarin had enough, she couldn't handle standing aside, using Sonido to teleport inbetween the two, she wasn't going to let this continue, pushing Nori back from Bael. She stood defiant to the fight, staring into Bael's eyes, "Don't hurt him." Her words stood firm, she didn't care who he was, Bailarin had a place in her heart for Nori, she didn't know it yet, but she did care for him.

Bael looked down at his bleeding hand curiously as it regenerated, not a single drop of blood missing. He lat her and replied "As you wish. Now please... sign." He extended the scroll again with the pen and ink bottle. This time not only was Nori restrained against the stone wall, he was gagged so he couldn't warn her not to sign it.

Nori hung there, broken. She was going to sign it, wasn't she? And then she'd be like he was, forever. Bael would stop being nice to her. And she'd hate him for not warning her soon enough.

Bailarin walked over the table, her eyes glancing towards Nori, was she doing the right thing? Was she really? Her mind screamed, no. Envy had warned her. Nori had tried to stop her. This was a bad idea. She couldn't make this decision. She shook her head, "I-I'm sorry, I can't do this..." "I have to find her another way." She looked at Nori, hoping he would remain friends with her. Her gaze crossed to Bael. "I apologize, but... I don't think she would be here."

Bael gritted his teeth "How do you know...?"

Nori perked up. She was saying no!? But then again, there was the possibility Bael would kill her because she declined... Oh, right. If she didn't sign, he'd be punished too. Nori shifted slightly on the wall. The gag was making it hard to breathe..

Bailarin shook her head, she went from nervous to slightly scared, "I know. She's not dead, she can't be... I won't believe that, and I never will." She hoped that his rage wouldn't rise any higher. Her gaze shifting to Nori, she might have to walk over there and remove the gag.

Bael smirked and presented a perfect image of Ardiente "You want her, don't you...?"

Nori's eyes widened. She was... hot. Incredibly so. Nori wanted her!.. Though, perhaps for reasons not as noble as Bailarin may have. But then again, for her to love Bailarin, she must be lesbian too... Nori's mood darkened once again.

Bailarin gazed at it for a moment, placing her hands on the image, but to no effect. She shook her head side to side, "No... She's..." Her mind veered, "You do have her... You do have Ardiente..." She felt a tear drop out of her eye, "I'll sign it..." She walked over to the table, grabbing the ink-pen, and adding the ink from the well beside it. Quickly etching her name on the paper, she had to be here, she couldn't keep up this anymore, she was tired of searching.

Bael laughed to himself as the scroll flew into his grasp. He tucked it away into his coat "How delicious..."

Nori hung on the wall limply. What a retard. It wasn't like she was really in Hell. Even if she was, she was probably under Bael's power, so Bailarin was screwed anyway... He can ungag me now.

Bailarin let out a sigh, her heart was still pumping fast, but it was worth it, Ardiente was here! She stood up from the table, un-gagging Nori. Smiling at him, like she had done the best thing she had ever done in her entire life. "Nori, I'm going to get her back... after so long, I'll see her again." Looking into his eyes, hoping to find solace in them.

Bael smirked "Indeed you will, my dear. Just a few years of service is all it takes to have your loving Ardiente back again." The mirage of Ardiente extended her arms for a hug but dissipated when Bael passed it.

"Great." Nori replied saracastically, though it was impercievable. Why not let her believe? Maybe she would feel better if she actually thought she was going to get Ardiente back. "How many years, Bael?"

Bailarin turned her gaze towards Bael, she was too elated to percieve bad intentions at the moment. Waiting for him to reply the number of years. Years... wasn't what she was going for, but he did have her! And she could wait that long.

He doesn't look at them and grins "Just 2, since I am in a merciful mood." It didn't matter. All of them would be his slaves, in the end. Right now, they must temporarily be his puppets.

"Do you have her, Bael?"

The Arrancar's gaze remained on Bael, wanting to know the answer, did Nori doubt him? He had to have a reason... and Bael's tone changed so quickly, there had to be more to this...

Bael chuckled at this "It's so amusing to find what motivates people. That guides, that drives them. What their fueling desire is. But even more so... is finding out their deepest fear. Is it the loss of that desirable object... or is it the loss of the ability to desire itself? That is the question we must all ask ourselves." His head lifts up, revealing his eyes to be glowing red. The room suddenly turns blood red and blood bubbles boil from the ground.

Nori was... intimidated. Still, he persisted with his questions. He had always been stubborn on his view of life, the world, and everything else before. Why stop now, when the question actually mattered? "I do not know, Bael, but you did not answer my question. Do you have Ardiente?"

Bael using power

Bael using his power

Bailarin didn't like the uncomfortable feeling in the room. It almost made her sick, stepping slightly closer to Nori out of the nervous and edgy feeling in her stomach, she remained silent, letting him ask the questions.

Bael turned toward him "How cute. Your standing up for your friend. Like a tiny dog standing up for it's owner despite the clear fact that the opposing force is far bigger than it. It is not if I have her, it's will I have her? And with the way things are, the invasions will begin soon and if this Ardiente woman is still alive, she will soon be in my grasp much like how you two are. Only within my cage will you be reunited with your friend." He smirked and walked up to her, patting her cheek "So be a good little bird and sing when I tell you to and perhaps you'll get a cracker."

Nori scowled. "What if someone releases Fukienzeru? Then you'd be pissing you pants, correct?" he asked haughtily. Silently praising Envy for telling him about Fukienzeru, Nori watched Bael carefully, inspecting for any kind of weakness or fault. It'd be fun! Even though he was mosty likely about to be tortured, dropped into the boiling ground below and roasted alive until he screamed for mercy.

Bailarin listened intently to what Nori had just said, Fukienzeru? Was it a threat to Bael somehow? But that didn't matter, what mattered was that he lied to her! He had twisted words, and she'd make him regret it. Her hands grabbing her Zanpakuto, her spiritual energy flaring, she wasn't going to waste anytime, if she could... she'd pull out her Resurrecion. Nobody was going to lie to her about Ardiente. And she would never be Bael's.

Bael's eyes flared open wide in horror "DON'T YOU SPEAK HER NAME TO ME YOU LITTLE WRETCH!!!" suddenly chains coiled tightly around Nori's neck, pulling him against the wall and choking him.

Nori struggled to gain a breathe, his eyes bulging out of his head. This wasn't... What he intended to happen. But he had hit a soft spot?... Did he say her? The previous ruler of Hell was a woman? Impossible. Nori almost didn't notice he was being strangled to death by chains protruding out of the wall.

Bailarin looked quickly as he was placed to the wall, he had gone too far this time. Trust had been gained and destroyed in a moment, she was going to crush him. Her anger seething, letting it control her. She was losing control of her mind. "I will crush you!" Her voice teeming with spite. Unsheating her Zanpakuto. Placing it above her naval. Saying the release command. "Armor Nightmare!" The energy around her swirling, the sound of grinding and clanking filled the air. The energy dissipated, her new form looking at him, covered in wiery like appearance, her wings behind her extending out. She raised her claws to her face, "I'm going to rip... you... apart."

Bael glanced at her with an annoyed sneer and halted her movement. "You'll sit still if you wish your Ardiente unharmed. And you..." He turns to Nori "If you so much as go near that Spire I will send you to oblivion, do you understand?!" He loosened the grip the chains had on his neck to give him the freedom to not only breathe but to speak.

"I... I understand..." Nori cowered, taking in each breath as if it were his last. He would go anyway.

Bailarin halted her movement, she couldn't control herself, what was going on!?

Bael smirked "Good. Now run along." He releases them and opens the door with a wave of his hand. Waiting outside the door is a horrified Envy.

Nori walked out quickly, trembling, and eager to get away from Bael. He pulled Bailarin along with him. She shouldn't stay. No one should stay.

Bailarin's Resurrecion evaporated, she had no control, and with his command, she went, they now stood before Envy. Bailarin's eyes teared up, this had went horribly wrong, she had thought... maybe... just maybe she could have found Ardiente, but now, it was over. The door shut. She stood there for a moment, her hand tightening on Nori's wanting some comfort for her foolish mistake.

Envy gave a sympathetic look to the both of them. Meeting with Bael was not something any mortal would want, for he was the ultimate reaper of dreams.

Nori waited blankly for Envy to give him an order. That's what he was here for.

Hell-Hunter Bailarin, A New Life.[]

Bailarin was shattered, she had lost. And now she was a Hell-Hunter, destiny was interfolded with the others she had recently met. She would live this way, as long as she had to, and really... even then she didn't expect it to end.

Bailarin waited, she had no clue where her life was supposed to go, but through the small tears she asked Envy, "What... now?" Raising up her hand, then letting it fall, to add emphasis to her situation.

She turned to Bailarin "Pride shall decide which Cardinal you will serve under. Nori, you... can guide us there..." She honestly felt sympathy for him and was tempted to hold his hand when walking to the Cardinal's Headquarters. Slowly, hiding it from Bailarin and anyone else who might've seen, she joined hands with him.

Nori pulled his hand out of her's, bent on looking as miserable as possible. How long was it until his contract ran out? He wondered... And then grimaced. Not long enough.

Bailarin sighed, she was ready to get this over with. She felt... dead. Atleast she had stopped his punishment by signing that paper... but she lost herself. Not worth it to her. Staying silent as they headed to their destination, she let go of his hand, perferring to suffer alone then with comfort.

Envy, instead of making Nori drive as usual, drove them both to the headquarters silently. They entered the conference room of the Cardinals, whereas only Pride was present. He looked up from his paperwork and asked with a raised brow "Who are these, Envy? Oh wait, I remember him. He is your Hell-Hunter. But who is she?" He gestures to Bailarin. Envy replies "A new... recruit..."

Nori stood there vacantly. He would be like this for a while. Maybe even until his contract ran out!... Which wasn't soon enough. Nori wanted to kill something.

Bailarin looked towards Pride, giving him a nod. "Bailarin Mareado." Deciding to save him the trouble of asking her name. Trying to act the best she could under the circumstances. Her clothes fluttering lightly, the white color of them contrasting her depressive thoughts.

He nods "And I take it your needing a Cardinal superior? Very well, you'll be under Lust." Upon meing her name, Envy gave a cringe of uncomfortability. She hated being in the presence of that woman.

Lust? She sounded nice. Nori had never actually spoken to her. Still, he worked under Envy, so it didn't really matter... Sighing slightly, Nori couldn't wait to be dismissed. Maybe he should kill himself..? It'd be nice... Not feeling anything.

Bailarin tilted her head lightly, Lust... She nodded, she could feel how Envy became tense at the name. She almost snickered. I can tell they aren't friends then... Bailarin gave a light bow. "Alright... what are my duties?" She was ready to get this over with, but she wanted details and orders, she had never tried being leader, and now wasn't a good day to try anything new.

For a moment Pride's eyes widened in surprise and shock. He ne use to Bael's telepathic orders. All he could see was the red eye acronym that he always used. Finally he calmed down after the order was issued and the message ended. He turned to Nori "You are to head to Earth, about 20 miles due east of Karakura Town. In the mountainous regions you will find an Arrancar by the name of Ardiente. Retrieve her for him, for he seeks an audience with her."

"What?" Nori snarled. Maybe he could repeat the orders for him. The Human World was as much of a pain in the ass as Hueco Mundo. Following Envy around like a dog was a much easier alternative. "Could you repeat that, please?" he growled.

Bailarin's ears perked at the sound of Ardiente's name, she would have acted surprised, but she knew that this realm was cruel, and that it should have been expected of Bael to lie and then send someone to retrieve her. But what hurt, was that it was Nori retrieving her. For once, emotions conflicted. She attempted to clear her mind, wanting to get to her duties, the sooner the better, standing there silent.

He repeated sternly and emotionlessly "You are to go to the world of the living and retrieve Ardiente Serenata. Is that clear? Or must Iin a different language for you?" Envy nudged Nori's arm lightly, trying to convince him not to stand up to Pride.

Nori retained a look of stubborness for a moment, before becoming submissive. "Yes sir, I understand." he mumbled, turning. He didn't need either of them. He could get to the portal himself. Disapearing using Kogeru, Nori began heading towards the Human World, leaving Envy, Bailarin, and Pride alone.

Frowning as he left, Bailarin waited for orders, perferring to stay silent under the circumstances. She gulped down, she didn't expect her new life to be easy, and serving a person named Lust wasn't sounding fun...

Pride turned to Bailarin "And as for you, you can get acqd with your superior Lust in-" He was interrupted by the very person he was referring to hugging Bailarin, her head being pressed into her cleavage "Hi there! I'm Lust, what's your name?"

Bailarin blushed outwardly, this wasn't a good position for her. "I-I'm umm... Bailarin Mareado." Gulping down a mixture of guilt and confusion. "N-nice to m-meet you...?" Trying not to move too much, but her body tensed. She had no clue how to figure out these strange beings from Hell. None of these people make any sense...

Lust glanced over at Envy and yelled "Envy! What's up, little sis?!" She pulled her into the hug with a single strong arm. Envy seethed angrily and thought to herself "Baffoon! She's not only pissihe's also making her subordinate feel weird." Lust saw Pride and bowed slightly "Hey, Pride!" Pride frowned a bit at the informal gesture and waved it aside "Hello." She asked Bailarin "So what are you here for, Bail?"

Frowning, she didn't like this topic, but the name kept popping up that day. "I'm here for my lover... she went missing some time ago..." Frowning, letting out an audible scoff. Atleast your talking about it more freely... Waiting for her to make a reply. She didn't expect a normal one.

Lust gave a sympathetic look and hugged her tightly, popping some joints "Oh you poor thing!!" Envy added with an annoyed look "You realize the physical contact isn't making things any better, right?"

Her white clothes wrinkling under the hug. Frowning more, she tried to remain as calm as possible, she hated feeling pity, hated it... Bailarin had grown used to them the last day, but it still wasn't something she was used to. Her joints had popped slightly, it didn't feel too good either... "Umm... thanks." Giving her a hug back, she would accept the sympathy, this once. Bailarin then let go, hoping she would soon too, quoting Envy's last words in her head.

Lust let go and Pride announced "She is a Hell-Hunter. Your new Hell-Hunter." Lust smiled wide "Yay! I've always wanted a Hell-Hunter as cute as this one! Perhaps we can go shopping together! And paint each other's nails! And tell juicy gossip like of Pride's room-" Pride glared at her "You will not be discussing my room ever, Lust."

Bailarin tried not to snicker, it almost made her laugh. Maybe Lust isn't so bad after all....maybe being her Hell-Hunter isn't such a bad thing. Trying to sound as normal as she could. "That umm, sounds fun." Rubbing the back of her head, she was no good at this sort of thing. A smile slowly forming on her lips, the farther away from the subject of Ardiente she got... the better she actually felt.

Lust persed her lips to make face "Awww why not, Lord Pride?" His eye brows narrowed firmly "Because those are my orders. Respect them. No one is to enter my room without my direct verbal permission."

Bailarin chuckled audibly, but caught herself and kept quiet. "Umm, what are my duties, now that I'm your Hell-Hunter, Lust?" At this point, she wanted to end their conversation, it didn't seem like Pride was too happy at the moment.

She turned to Bailarin "Our first duty is to have fun!" Her arms wave in the air dynamically as Envy sighs in annoyance.

Holding up her index finger, trying to interrupt her actions, "Ok... what would that be?" Quirking her brow, she knew that Envy didn't like her by the way she kept sighing around her. It got irritable, but it was better compared to her dead serious life so far.

Lust smirked "You, Envy, and I should go shopping out in the world of the living!" Both Pride and Envy gave alarmed looks. Pride didn't like sending Cardinals out of Hell unless they were supposed to and Envy didn't like the thought of spending an entire day with the most loathsome person she could imagine.

Shrugging, "I don't care what we do." She sat down against the wall, letting out a groan. Placing both hands on the sides of her arms, like one would if they felt alone or cold. Hunkering her head down, mumbling to herself as she rested her fore-head against her knees. "I'm ready to get on whatever, just as soon as your ready."

Lust picked her up by the back of her shirt collar and look her eyes deeply "Now if we go, you can't be all emo and deppressed like this, understand?" Meanwhile, Envy tried to slip past them by tip-toeing out but Lust caught her in the same manner.

Wincing lightly, she nodded. "Alright, I promise." Smiling truthfully, she didn't want to act the way she did. "I mean it." Offering a gentle expression. "I'll be on my best behaviour." She was liking Lust a little bit more. She's not so bad, Envy just probably exagerates. Looking back into Lust's eyes, she hoped for a kind response to her own kind answer.

Carrying them both out by her arms cound their sides, she announces "Then, ladies, we're off!" Pride got up to stop them but decided against it. Lust would just throw a tantrum and get her way by 'convincing' Lord Bael to order him to allow her access to Earth. So he sat down with a sigh of relief at the sudden peace. Envy, meanwhile, was struggling to gain freedom.

Bailarin got pulled along, although, she was more so following, then struggling like Envy was. This should be fun... Bailarin had never been shopping before, and never that much into the Human World. Smiling, she was beginning to like Lust more and more. Smirking at the comment she made. She tried her best to not get dragged, and instead keep walking with her.