Evelyn Chong is daughter to Yang Chong and older sister to Andrew Chong.She is unseated in the 6th divison.Eve is also Adam Kuroki 's childhood friend.
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Name Evelyn Chong
Romanji Chong Evelyn
Race Humam,Shinigami
Birthday September 15



Gender Female
Height 158-188 cm
Weight 42-70 kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blue
Blood Type
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Previous Affiliation

Unseated member of the 6th Division Student


Previous Occupation

]6th divison

Previous Team
Previous Partner
Base of Operations
Personal Status
Marital Status Single

Yang Chong (Father,deceassed)

Andrew Chong (Little Brother)

Education Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai Kazehime


Eve has long dark blue hair and her eyes are light blue.Her hair is tied in 2 pony tails.Eve has a surprisingly

Eve with loose hair

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Eve with pig tails

curvaceous figure for a teenager.After Adam's death,she cutted her hair.As commented by Yang,her father,she looks just like her mother.


Eve is a very kind and caring person.She is also very strict,smart and diligent.Eve enjoys the outdoors and books(she is seen keeping a huge collection of books).Although Eve does have a soft side for the young,often looked as an older sister.As a child,Eve was very lonely and sad.As a result she became emo.She tries her best to hide this as a teenager.Eve is generally sensitive to others' emotions and will lie when she has to.She is protective of others,easpacily her younger brother Andy.Eve raised Andylike her own son after they left their Human home.After Adam Kuroki's death,she promised to remain a virgin and not get married even until she dies.


Eve and her family lived peacefuly for 5 years in The World Of The Living.But as a 6 year old,her parents started
638px-Young Wendy

Eve at Andy's birth

412px-Wendy First

Eve at the age of 6

fighting.Due to this,Eve and Andy,her brother,were home schooled for 3 years.She became very lonely,not having any company or friends except for her brother.When she became 9,she decided to run away from home with her 5 year old brother,Andy.They eventualy colapsed of hungry.The next morning they work up in the Kuroki's house,finding out they were rescued.Ryu Kuroki explained they were half Shnigami.A few years later she entered the academy with the Kuroki and Kuroka siblings.
289px-Wendy color

Eve running away as a 9 year old


Powers & Abilities


Kazehime (Wind Princess)


Adam Kuroki

Adam and Eve are really close since childhood.Adam is the only person able to make Eve laugh.Eve has
Lenalee devastated at the sight of Suman Dark

Adam comforting Eve

helped Adam in a lot of situations,espacily studying.She is able to open up to him very easily.Their relationship many ups and downs.Adam has comforted Eve whenever she is upset.She was very sad after his death and promised to remain a virgin and not get married even until she dies.

Andrew Chong

Eve and Andy are brother and sister.They are close and overprotective of each other.Since they abounded their home in The World Of The Living,Eve felt she had to raise him like her own son,which she did.


  • Eve's character was based from Lenalee Lee from D-Gray Man and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.


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