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Esqueleto Corcel (lit. Skeleton Steed or Steed of Bone). He is the leader and creator of the Muerto Soldado.

Esqueleto Corcel
Age Unknown
Height 6'4"
Weight 160 pounds
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Partners The Muerto Soldado
Affiliation Arrancar
Team Muerto Soldado
Occupation Captain
Previous Occupation(s) Numeros



Esqueleto wears the same outfit as the Muerto Soldado, with a few customizations. On his right shoulder his a iron guard that connects to his upper arm. He has a horse like skull head piece, similar to Rudobon. His however, reveals his eyes and mouth and shows that he has a goatee. He has black hair and blue eyes. He also carries his Zanpakuto on his waist and is usually seen with his hands behind his back or saluting.


One of the most Loyal Soldier the Arrancar has. He is a true leader and thinks highly of most of his superiors. He also has a cold outlook to the Numeros, even though he was once one.


Cero- Esqueleto has shown to be quite efficient in the art of Cero, being able to fire a Black colored Cero.

Sonido Master- He is skilled in the art of Cero and is able to move at speeds that rival a top Espada.

Enhanced Endurance- He is immune to all human disease, sickness and aging.

Enhanced Strength- He has shown to be quite strong as he can easily knock away large rocks with little effort.


Esqueleto's Zanpakuto is called Oseosistema (lit. Bone System, System of Bones, or Skeletal System). It has a square shaped guard and a white handle. The release phrase is Crujir (lit. Crack).

Ressurection- In ressurection, the Helmet moves down and becomes his head. He gets a little bulker and gains a mane. He has mutlipe bone spikes shooting from his body and can shoot them from his body.

Ressurection Abilities

  • Cidadela Hueso- (lit. Bone Citadel) Esqueleto will slam his hands on the ground and a large bone construct that surronds both Esqueleto and the target. It works like a trap and a defense.
  • Ejército Creacion- (lit. Army Creation) The ability Esqueleto uses to create the Muerto Soldado. He does this even outside Ressurection but is isn't classified as an ability but a Zanpakuto ability.


  • It migh be possible that he is a former Exequias or even a relative to Rudobon due to their major similarities.