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similar to the fanon espada page this will feature my made-up espda ranks for my own story arc I started on here it wll include aizen's original espada as well as me and the users I give permissions fanon espada list.

For me to add your espada to my list I will need the post to be catergarized and shown to me so I can add it or agree to it.

Original Espada[]

these are the original people that were part of aizen's army before they went to fight in the fake karakura town against the soul society.

Espada Number
number 0 Yammy Ylargo n/a
number 1 Coyote Starrk n/a
number 2 Barraggan Louisenbairn n/a
number 3 Tier Harribel Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
number 4 Ulquiorra Cifer n/a
number 5 Nnoitra Gilga n/a
number 6 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Luppi Antenor
number 7 Zommari Rureaux n/a
number 8 Szayel Aporro Granz n/a
number 9 Aaroniero Arruruerie Vacant

Derekku's Espada[]

These are the new group of espada that derekku is gathering to attack the soul society when he has gathered all the arrancers he need's to make sure that his plan succeeds where aizens did not. His arrancer are ranked based on their strength and powers with derekku being the number 1 espada.

Espada Number Current Former
Uno (1) Derekku Yamashita Vacant
Dos (2) Vacant Vacant
Tres (3) Vacant Vacant
Cuatro (4) Vacant Vacant
Cinco (5) Vacant Vacant
Seis (6) Vacant Vacant
Siete (7) Vacant Vacant
Ocho (8) Adalbert Valla Vacant
Nueve (9) Vacant Vacant
Diez (10) Vacant Vacant