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The Espada (十刃, (エスパーダ), Esupāda; Spanish for "Sword", Japanese for "Ten Blades") are the highest ranking Arrancars serving under Pluton Tyrannbalt, God-King of Hueco Mundo. Being somewhat similar to generals, they possess absolute authority over all the Números, the foot-soldiers under the self-proclaimed God-King. Equal to or superior to a Gotei 13 Captain in terms of strength, the Espada is currently the greatest threat to Soul Society's safety.


Regarded as the most powerful Hollow-Shinigami Hybrids in existence, all the current members of the Espada was hand-picked by the Hōgyoku itself when they were Números. At any given time, the group consists of ten members, ranked and branded by their former master Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. As their new master, Pluton Tyrranbalt, took control after the Jaegerjaquez's death the ranks were still kept intact.

Even without Pluton and his advisors, their strength rivals the one of Gotei 13. At the time of it's introduction, the Espada consists of 6,8 males & 3,2 females (counting the Cuatra Espada as one individual split up). Every member is choosen depending on their superior combat ability and level of their Reiatsu. Then they are branded with a number ranging from 1 to 10 (1 being the strongest) somewhere on their body. For example, Laura Liberati's tattoo is on her right hip, while Rob Jirila Allant's tatto covers his entire back.

As they are given absolute control over the Números and are free to take them as their Fracción. The gap between an Espada and a Números in terms of power is comparable to the one of a Gotei 13 captain and lieutenant. Aside from serving as generals of Pluton's army during wartime, they also carry out their leader's most dangerous orders, like covert operations in the Human World, infiltrating Soul Society in order to cause havoc and act as the main force in an all out war against the Gotei 13. And even so, his confidence in the group rarely goes unrewarded.

In terms of authority, the 10 generals are only overruled by the advisors and Pluton himself. Thus, the Números are never to question the decisions made by the Espada. If they do so, the punishment could be severe. Also under their command, is the Exequias. The hierarchy seems to be unclear outside missions, but during a mission, the highest-ranking member apparently can give out orders to the lower-ranking ones. This is done in order to prevent the group from losing one of it's members.

Apparently, if the top 6 Espada would release inside the fortress of Las Noches, the mere force exerted would destroy the Hollow Night Palace. Therefore, Pluton has forbidden them to do so.

Current Espada[]

Rank Name Fracción Zanpakutō Tattoo Location Hollow Mask Aspect of Death Status
Primera (1st) Dominic Soca N/A Cero Excalibur Left shoulder Covering the back of his head Pride Active
Segunda (2nd) Saissada Iscriquot N/A Fatalidad Tongue Various piercings covering his face Fate Active
Tercera (3rd) Laura Liberati Dimitry Madrigal, Alva Nieves, Guerve Carbajal & Arlene Brinne Majadero Right Hip Flower behind right ear Anguish Active
Cuarta (4th)

Granf Ehgryk, Solara Parieri, Aziza Oravalo, Lamiar Vhulohov, Angenzo Ketage & Eberloca Colawara


Ojo de la Providencia

Various locations None Heresy Active
Quinta (5th) Adin Rittben Leila Shari Kaprash Sacerdote Center of chest Googles on his forehead Ignorance Active
Sexta (6th) Sonya Aminata Capao Rejaman Bribón Left Palm

Antlers protruding

from her skull

Treachery Active
Séptima (7th) Ranlette Manalv N/A Plaga Throat



Envy Active
Octava (8th) Ivory Saaladii Franco Curador Right shoulder Hairband right above her forehead Fear Active
Novena (9th) Drada Nord N/A Aliento Left side of the head Around his neck Parasitism Active
Décima (10th) Rob Jirila Allant N/A Susurro Entire back

Horns protruding from the back of his head.

Lust Active