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The Escudo (エスクード), ( えすくーど ,esuku^do; Spanish for "Shield", Japanese for "Ten Shields") are certain individuals, Shinigami and Hollows alike, that in the past, Aizen used for his experiments about Hollowification and Shinigamification, these individuals are the person who could not control their inner hollow or inner shinigami, as a result they became incomplete Vizards and Arrancars, they discovered a way who they thought will revert themselves back to their old forms, but it resulted their transformation into a new race known as the Fukkatsu (lit. The Resurrected Ones). They follow the orders of an unknown person, to which holds the reason/s for which the Escudo continues to live and fight for him.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.."


The Escudo are 10 different individuals who are not allied to anyone, they are not considered as allies or foes, and so they are considered to be a neutral group, they don't care about shinigamis, hollows, humans, and others. The group is lead by an unknown person, he holds the reason why the members of the Escudo continues to live and fight, and so each of the Escudo symbolizes an aspect of living: Friendship/Bonds, Revenge/Vengeance, Love, Destiny/Fate, Desires, Narcissism, Principles/Beliefs, Fear, Materialism, and Power.

Also, most of the Fukkatsu has a Spanish-based name.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Escudo is a group made up of Fukkatsu, a race between a Vizard and an Arrancar, meaning they are 1/2 Vizard or 1/4 shinigami and 1/2 Arrancar or 1/4 hollow, so it is normal for them to use abilities from each race, such as:

  • Cero
  • Shunpo
  • Sonido
  • Kido
  • Garganta
  • Hierro

But unlike Vizards and Arrancars, they possess a power unique to both race, it is known as the desenmascarar, or the Fukkatsu's release.


Current Escudo[]

Rank Name Zanpakutō Tattoo Location Aspect of Life Status
1st: Friendship/Memories
2nd: Maev Celádora Revenge/Vengeance Active
3rd: Giotto Gesso Love Active
4th: Juan Vásquez Destiny Active
5th: Antoni Rivera Desires Active
6th: Asesina Orgullo Ayashi Narcissism Active
7th: Abraxas von Kriegspear Principles Active
8th: Xylo Iz'kafael Fear Active
9th: Rafael Montez Materialism Active
10th: Power

Disbanded Members[]

These are the Fukkatsu who had disbanded from the group, either by means of dying or by willingly resigning from the group, although this seldom happens, for the Fukkatsu race has only a limited amount of members; some Fukkatsu don't really join the Escudo, while some did and went away willingly, there are a few who died in combat. Here is a list of the known former Escudo:

Former Rank Name Zanpakutō Tattoo Location Aspect of Life Status
6th: Cecillia Martinez Narcissism Unknown, possibly traveling or in hiding


As powerful as the organization is, they do have several other Fukkatsu as allies, often to aid them in battle or during other missions.

Species Name Zanpakutō Notes
Fukkatsu Shunketsu Onryou Works alongside the Escudo, though he himself is shown to be stronger than many of them.