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An Enputeiiseikon (エンプティーせいこん Empty Soul) is a being that is more hollow, or empty than a hollow. These souls have no heart, feeling, or emotions. They have no likes or dislikes, they only protect themselves.


These souls are made from when, immensly strong and overwhemling vast ammounts of spirit energy is released in the Soul Society or in a spirit world. As time goes by the reiatsu released by vice-captains and higher, will form into something. The aspects or characterlistics of the reiatsu is removed and all is left is pure untamed spirit energy. The spirit energy reforms into a being. The creation normally takes on traits of the ones from the reiatsu that created it. However, this is not a clone as the reishi in the air mixed together with the reiatsu left from powerful beings. So, the reishi forms the body, but the remains of the reiatsu bonds it together like a glue or mold.

Shinigami, compare them to living yet not living statues as they will never move until, someone can put emotions into them.


An Enputeiiseikon is rare normally one doesn't appear, but once every thousand years. The last one and the only know one to current exist is from the battle of the that was fought between, two powerful beings in the Soul Society a long time ago.

After, the release of immense spiritual power from them both, parts of their reiatsu remained and after some time formed in an enputeiisekion.

Abilities & Powers[]

Spiritual Power: These being, have spiritual power, normally very low as the bulk of the immense contentration of spirit energy is the body. However, as these soul is completely untamed it can develop the spiritual powers of almost any spirit race.

High Intellect: The souls lacking any kind of emotion can think logically 100% of the time.