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Emiko Amarante
Post-Timeskip | Pre-Timeskip
Emiko's Timeskip Zanpakutou and Physical Appearance
Birthday August 23rd
Age 15 (pre-timeskip) in appearance

18 (post-timeskip) in appearance

Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 106 lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Partner Yashin Shiyōnin
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Relatives Raiken Amarante (Father)

Hikari Amarante (Mother, deceased)

Mikado Amarante (Brother)

Education Self Taught
Shikai Unknown
First Appearance

Emiko Amarante (エミコ アマランツ, Emiko Amarantu), formerly known as Videl Kazaki (ビデル カザキ, Bideru Kazaki) is a young Shinigami who was born with immense levels of Shinsei energy, the power used by the Hankami Lords. She is the younger sister of Mikado Amarante, and the daughter of Raiken and Hikari Amarante. She has referred to herself as "Muramasa" on several occasions, adopting it as her moniker.


Darker Than Black - Yin Wallpaper 9jvv

Emiko before the timeskip, then known as "Videl"

Emiko bears the appearance of a young girl in her mid teens, with fairly long silver hair and magenta colored eyes. She has a rather thin build, but is still considered to be in good health, as she is regarded as being rather athletic. Her attire is known to change, but her most common form of clothing was a blue and white dress with white sandals.

After the three year timeskip, she has grown slightly taller than before, and her hair is no longer kept in a bun, but rather, let loose and it extends down to her lower back. Her eyes have changed from magenta to red, and her skin is somewhat more pale.


Emiko appears to be a very calm and polite individual, almost always wearing a smile on her face, even during times of stress, and being kind to those that she encounters. She was especially kind towards her friends and her brief boyfriend, Auron, worrying for their safety and wishing them the best in their endeavors. Despite this, she had no trouble calling out others for dire mistakes and things such as grudges, especially during times when such things were not needed. However, when her past was revealed, and her memories returned to her, a more angry and bloodthirsty side was revealed, and she threatened to kill everyone that she could see for "their wrongdoings towards her". She was taken away by Kafiezial before more of this side could be revealed.

After the timeskip, Emiko's true nature was revealed. Despite carrying her calm persona around with her at a glance, her mind is incredibly unstable, giving hints of her desire to kill in every sentance that she says, and often scraping her nails against sharp objects, regardless of the damage done to herself or the object. She has an intense hatred towards just about everyone she knew in the past, even her deceased mother, and has sworn to make all of them pay with their lives.


Powers and Abilities[]