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Eleventh Division
11th Division Insignia
Captain Kenpachi Zaraki
Lieutenant Kain Kuromiya
Allies None
Specialty Melee Combat: Swordsmanship
Insignia Yarrow
Insignia Signifies Fight
"11th division - the faces in Team Zaraki - the love for fighting to them is like the need for three meals a day!"
Tite Kubo

The Eleventh Division (十一番隊, Jūichibantai; "Squad 11" in the English Dub), is part of the Gotei 13 and are the chief combat officers tasked with being on the front lines during combat situations. New additions to the division must complete a grueling physical fitness test and grade in an "expert" level of Zanjutsu prowess. As such, the few Shinigami that pass the exam and join the division are considered to be the best in regards to the utilization of Zanpakutō in practical combat. The Division is headed by Kenpachi Zaraki, the Grandmaster of Zanjutsu within the Seireitei, and Lieutenant Kain Kuromiya.


Special Duties



The Eleventh Division Barracks.

The barracks, like any other division, are used as living quarters for the members of the Eleventh Division.

Notable Members

Rank Name In Office Status
CaptainKenpachi Zaraki? - CurrentActive
LieutenantKain Kuromiya? - Current Active
3rd SeatKazuki Kawahiru? - Current Active
8th SeatAce? - Current Active
UnknownIzaya Nishimura2003 A.D. - CurrentActive
Former Members
CaptainYachiru Unohana1002 A.D. - ?Deceased
Captain2nd-9th Kenpachi? - ?Deceased
CaptainKenpachi Kiganjō? - ?Deceased
CaptainKenpachi Zakari? - ?Deceased
LieutenantYachiru Kusajishi? - 2003 A.D.Deceased
4th SeatTetsuzaemon Iba (promoted)? - ?Deceased
5th SeatYumichika Ayasegawa? - 2003 A.D.Deceased
6th SeatRenji Abarai (promoted)? - 2001 A.D.Deceased
10th SeatMakizō Aramaki1991 A.D. - 2003 A.D.Deceased
UnknownGoteitaishi? - 2003 A.D.Deceased
UnknownMaki Ichinose? - ?Deceased
UnknownSeizo Harugasaki? - 2001 A.D.Retired


Yoshirou Yamakage

1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?

At bare minimum those willing to fight for the sake of their pride. Generally, those willing to fight using their blade.

2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your division?

At times, you will be randomly stopped and asked to train with other members of this division. We are always training to further enhance our skills, especially in swordsmanship.

3. What do you require of new recruits?

A battle against either myself, Takayoshi Oda, or Kazuki Kawahiru.

4. Some words for the Shinigami recruits.

As Ikkaku Madarame stated long ago, "If you're unable to fight with any sword, you are not a fit to be a member of the Eleventh Division."


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