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"A glove said to unlock a quincy's true potential."
—A historian of the quincies
Einsicht glove

The einsicht glove.

The einsicht glove (インサイト首藤, "insaito shutō" in Japanese) is the most powerful item a quincy can possess. Passed down solely in the Horagai clan, the einsicht glove is currently in the hands of Kanzen Horagai. Similar to the sanrei glove most quincy are familiar with, the einsicht glove enhances the abilities of a nüchtern quincy to their greatest potential.


Since the beginnings of the Horagai themselves, the einsicht glove has been around. It is unknown when, nor who, the einsicht glove was created. However, it is known that there has only been one einsicht glove throughout history, as the creation of said object is incredibly hard to perfect. To make, three things must be sacrificed: a normal glove, the blood of a nüchtern quincy and, probably the most important item, is the flesh of a yūreiyushi. Because the probability of getting near a yūreiyushi without being subjected to their power is slight to none, the Horagai decided it wasn't necessary to make more than one. The reason that the flesh of a yūreiyushi is needed is that the monstrosities are composed solely of reason, known as jetzig by the quincy, which is what the glove is used to manipulate.

Training usages[]

The einsicht glove is used to significantly increase the abilities possessed by the nüchtern quincies. However, there is a long and intense training session that the user must complete before the einsicht glove's abilities can be used. The steps for this training are:

  1. Much like the sanrei glove, the einsicht glove operates by strengthening the already powerful flow of jetzig. Therefore, the first step is to overcome this flow with the users will alone.
  2. Once the user has completed the first step, they must continue to overcome the flow of jetzig for three whole days. The reason it isn't as long as the training a user of the sanrei glove must endure is because jetzig takes much more effort and concentration to control, as the user must learn to not impose their own will on the flow. While slowing the river of jetzig down, the trainee will experience severe exhaustion after only a few minutes, meaning if they can handle the whole three days, they will be substantially more powerful.
  3. Once the three days are up, if the user has completed the training successfully, they will feel a sharp increase in their ability to manipulate jetzig, making the unique abilities of the nüchtern quincies much easier.

Bestowed ability[]

The user (who must be a nüchtern quincy) can now manipulate jetzig without imposing their will on it to a greater extent, therefore expanding their abilities to their greatest heights.

Removing the glove[]

If the einsicht glove is removed for any reason, unlike the sanrei glove, it's ability is shut off until the glove is replaced. However, it does not vanish like the sanrei glove, which makes it possible to replace on the users hand.