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Cast in the Name of God; Ye Not Guilty

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Birthplace Shade's soul
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Gender M
Height 6'1
Weight 170LBS
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
Shikai Shinjitsu Zai-no
First Appearance

Edas is the polar opposite of Shade, slumbering within the tower that stands in Shade's inner world.


Being Shade's true emotions, Edas' appearance changes with his host's feelings. (see list below.)

Stoic: As this is Shade's main emotion, Edas often take this form.

Anger: Edas' outfit changes to become a dark red armor, and his face is covered by a red visor.

Sadness: Edas gains a blue cloak over his stoic outfit.

Hope: The weakest of the many faces of Edas. In this state, his hair becomes blonde, and his outfit becomes orange.

Fear: The final form of Edas. He looks a demon with purple hair and a French royalty style jacket.


Whereas Shade is calm and stoic, Edas, is energetic and emotional. All of Shade's truest emotions form Edas' existance, thus Edas is also Shade's animalistic, primal instincts. He is perverted, letcherous, and generally uncaring about women. While Shade is against the concept of a God, Edas beileves one exsits.


Edas was born when Shade killed Inori, the kind hermit. As Shade bemoaned the "murder", he repressed all of his emotion. It wasn't till Shade's death that Edas could have a physical form. After being born, Edas swore he would take over, as he was confined, and desired to be free.


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Shade entered his inner world, in the middle of a downpour, something never seen before. As he walks around, Shade found the tower and entered therein. Sitting there, was Edas (other Shade). The two have it out to determin who should be the host and who is the servent. After the match, Edas takes over, dispite defeat. Shade fights off his emotion, and yet feeds him. As Shade's thoughts becomes anger, sadness, even fear, Edas undergoes a drastic change each time.

After his failed coup de grace, Edas falls into the tower from a hole in the tower. He warns Shade that death is comeing for the demon. The emo Reaper stands over his past and seemingly executes him.


Being Shade's "dark side", Edas can use all of Shade's powers, sans demon form.

Great Spirtual Pressure: As Shade's power grew, Edas also grew, alowing him to still exist in Shade's inner world without trouble, as at any point Shade's full power could crush Edas, if he hadn't grown along.

Kogeru: Edas can use Kogeru, but not to the extent as Shade, even though Edas learned it at the same point.


Shinjitsu Zai-no: Shade's Hell Blade, corrupted by Edas' influence. The blade is black with a blue hand guard.

Shikai: Released by the command "Reveal to us your light." It gives Edas the same powers as Shade, ice manipulation.


His final form is based on Dark Adonis from Disgaia 2: Cursed Memories.

His Anger outfit is a evil general in the Fire Emblem series.