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Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5ft 4in
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Affiliation Hueco Muendo
Team Arrancar
Occupation Arrancar


He wears an odd white uniform, he has green hair. His hollow mask is on the top of his head and it looks like a dinosaur skull.


From what has been seen he is highly childish and thinks battles are a game. Also he might hasve short term memory problems as he cannot remember the name of his master.


Second Coming of Aizen Arc[]

So far he has been seen fighting Zukia. He has managed to take only one blow from Zukia which was a Hado #10 Piercing Flesh. When Zukia tried to finish him off Duardo almost released his sword but stoped and instead fired a Cero which Zukia managed to block with his sword. Due to the arrival of Asesino the battle ceased. Asesino cut off Duardo's head with his bare hands because he was playing around instead of gather data.

Powers and Abilities[]

Cero: Like all Arrancar he can perform Cero

Bala: Like all Arrancar he can perform Bala

Barrier Creation: He has shown the ability to create barriers at will and it was able to defend against a strike from Zukia Tojiro suggesting it must be quite strong as Zukia is highly proficeint with a sword. However it seems to be limited as Zukia was able to implale him with Hado #10 Piercing Flesh. Perhaps it only works on physical attacks.

Sonído: It is presumed that he has skills in Sonido as he was able to get behind Zukia and land a kick to the side of his head.

Hand to Hand Combat Skills: Though only briefly shown he was able to land a strong kick which hurled Zukia into a wall.


Gárgola de Guarda ( lit. Guardian Gargoyle). the handle is a dark purple color it's tsuba has two horns on it making it look like a devil.

Resurrección: It's release command is Crush them

Resurrección Special Ability: Has not been seen yet (it will not be seen as he is dead now).


  • He was the first arrancar to appear in this original arc.