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Deep in another dimension of Hueco Mundo the top 4 Espada meet with their leader. They stand before him in a completely white throne room while their master sits at the throne (his face cannot be seen)


The Top 4 Espada meet with their leader. It is unknown what they are up to.

"I'm glad to see all of you finished your missions quickly" said the leader. The man on the thrown turned towards the female Espada. "Isabella what is the status of the revival?" he asked. "65% of the revival is complete Aizen's soul will soon reach perfection" said Isabella calmly. The leader then turned towards the dark haired male Espada. "What about the intruders Manuel?" asked the man.

Manuel began to explain the situation to the leader. "The 5 intruders range in power. The one called Umi seems to be quite strong with Kido but her body is weak. The one called Ren Kuchiki does seem to be stringer than the girl but not by much. As far as the captain of the 6th Division he is all talk, judging from his current power I say he could have taken down our 7th Espada using Bankai. However that Kido captain named Michio is another story and he probably could match if not beat Asesino but both would probably kill each other in the process. But our biggest concern is that one named Zukia Tojiro. His power isn't to be taken lightly, when he defeated Éclat de Gars he held back much of his power. If we let him advance more even we the Ángeles will be in danger." explained Manuel in a long winded speech.

The blonde haired Arrancar steped forward and turned to face his comrades. "Manuel has a valid point about this Zukia character but he is still only one shinigami" he said softly. "He may be one shinigami, but one shinigami was able to bring down Aizen. We have learned from our forefathers not to take an enemy lightly. Who is to say that Ichigo Kurosaki character won't return?" said the dark male arrancar. The leader interrupted them both stepped away. "We have already lost several Espada and we can't afford to lose more especially you four. You four are vital to Aizen's Second Coming and he will need a perfect body to reside in, thats why I need you to absorb every single Shinigami you encounter" bellowed the master. All the Espada lined back up and bowed to their leader, they then left into seperate portals leaving their leader alone. "Those two captains back at the Maggot's Nest almost found out vital information on Aizen-sama." he said to himself.

Meanwhile in the Menos Forest Asesino is seen meditating. He opens his eyes from his trance.

"Payback time" he said softly.

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