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Haruo/Mareado Residience, Morning[]

What was love? Love was the thing that formed inbetween two people... two innocents. A simple thought of being together grows. Is it so wrong to think such? Nay.

"Shut up!" a form of a shadowy woman engraved itself onto the muddled and foggy scene. Not much detail to her grace, only the notice was she was tall, and she had long peach hair. A simple skirt and shirt being worn, possibly a kimino of some sort. Her yell directed towards her husband. A man also covered in shadows, no detail added...

"I won't give up this child!" the woman screamed to her apparent husband. "You don't have a choice. She cries... non-stop. None of the other 4th Division can help. She's stuck like this... even the slightest yell or noise, and she cries." The woman stood silent for a moment, her mouth openeing, but no sound coming forward... for it wasn't remembered.

The child in question was in a cradle beside the yelling couple, wailing as the two continued to fight... it was a baby Adalina.

"But... I don't want to put her up for adoption... I don't want her to leave." the wife continued... but the husband would triumph. "She'll never be able to live a life in the Gotei 13. She'll never be able to live a normal life at all..." "No one will adopt her..." The wife uttered nothing more, but her frame seemed to shake. More words unheard. Soon after, the man grabbed hold of his child, and took her out of the home... The mother stood crying at the door way as the husband took the baby to the Human World...

"I'm so sorry...!" wailing tears fell from the woman's face.

Adalina Mareado sat up in a shock from her bed. Tears already in her eyes, and presperation dripping all over. Bandages over her form, she hissed at the pain. Where was Mitsune? She was scared, and she had the nightmare for the third night in a row... why?

Mitsune Haruo was, expectedly, asleep beside her friend. She made a slight face as Adalina sat up in the bed, but it wouldn't be enough to wake her just yet. One of her arms was still snuggly wrapped around Adalina's waist, even while she slept, though her quick movement had caused it to come loose. Slowly, the girl began to stir, but if Adalina wanted to return to sleep, it wouldn't be very hard to convince Mitsune to do so also.

Adalina gazed around, quickly finding Mitsune. Laying her form back down, she didn't want to leave bed just yet... but she did want to stay awake. Any more nightmares, and she might scream... "Hey Mitsu..." she wanted her best-friend to wake up. "You awake...?"

"Nnnn... I am now." The girl growled. Sleep was good! Adalina should sleep more! And let Mitsune sleep more! Why did she want to be awake, when she could be sleeping?! It made no sense. "But, why don't we change that..?" Slowly, Mitsune began pulling Adalina towards her in a tight hug. She could make Adalina go to sleep, couldn't she..? It had worked last time...

Absorbed in the hug. She let out a content sigh... "I guess..." "I was wanting to play with you some today. Maybe at a carnival or something... but okay, we can sleep first." Soon, she closed her eyes, and relaxed once more.

Tristeza Desgaste soon awoke in the bed. Her arms wrapped arou-... What tha? her eyes opening, she saw the face of the Arrancar dog, spazzing from the closeness to the strange animal, and lack of Bailarin lead her to spiraling off the bed, tangled in the covers, hitting her head soon after, she formed a light-bump under the Hierro. Ugghhh... blasted dog...

Bailarin herself stood in the Kitchen, preparing a breakfast meal for the group. After all, she was the house-wife, and Nori needed to eat... so did Adalina. Gosh... she had alot more to handle.

Guilty for Weakness[]

"Good morning."

The greating was courtesy of one Nori Haruo, who, creepily, had crept up behind her worried figure and stared at her for several minutes before saying anything. He was standing!... Leaning, against the counter, a crutch tucked under the arm opposite the wound. That arm was still rather weak too...

"Let me help you." He ordered quietly. Nobody else, to his knowledge, was awake yet, and it wasn't right for Bailarin to have to cook it all on her own! He could still do things..! Like hold stuff, and stuff!! Nori was sick of laying around! He wanted to be useful again!

Bailarin nearly shook as her body flinched. Almost dropping an egg carton. "Whoa!" "Careful there... scared me." "And I'll cook. It's my place to do so, and you need to go rest, so wait in the living room or dining room, kay?" She doubted this would work, but she had one alternate option.

"... No..?" Nori replied sullenly. She didn't have to say it like he was useless. He wasn't useless. Nori wanted to help. Why wouldn't she let him help?

"Alright then... help me with the items. When I need them handed to me, just do that. Okay?" Bailarin added momentarily, she allowed him to help. He shouldn't push it much further. This was her career! She was a house-wife for pete's sake!

"... I'm annoying you, aren't I..?" He asked silently, barely audible enough for Bailarin to hear. "I'm sorry, Bailarin... I didn't mean to..! I just wanted to help, because I've been so useless lately... And I'm still useless... I'm sorry..." Very slowly, Nori began to turn and walk away. Would this work..? He really wanted to help her, and while he didn't normally like to use things like this, sometimes it seemed to be necessary...

"Ummm..." her will power was breaking. Great... it had broke. She couldn't stand up to the guilt! "No, your not!" "If you want to help... then you can, alright? Help me with what you want, then we can both get started on the meal." Bailarin offered a smile, "Okie?"

"He can help..." Tereya's voice, chiding in nature, spoke to Bailarin. " getting his rest. All you are gonna do, Princess, is just fuck yourself up even more by up and running like there's nothing wrong." Her eyes were squinting, sort of in the way that a mother would look at her child when they were in the process of doing something wrong... which Nori probably was, at the moment.

Nori's eyes widened. Flinching under the look, he lowered his head so he wouldn't have to look his wife in the eye. "B-But... I want to help with the cooking..." He mumbled earnestly. Shifting his weight slightly, he was able to make it look like he could support himself...! Even if he really couldn't. Besides, it wasn't like she could make him rest.

Tereya was not one to buy such a look.

"Oh... so now you want to help with cooking?" She asked, smirking a little. "Weren't so eager when you weren't fucked up..." She folded her arms across her chest. "We'll handle the coooking. You don't need to do anything but re-cuperate. Now go on, shoo!"

"Shut up, don't tell me what to do."

Nori was starting to get irritated as well. "I get it, so since I didn't help with anything before, when I want to help with something, I'm not allowed to, huh!? Why don't you go and rest; I only got injured like this because of you anyway. Fucking shoo... bitch..."

He wanted to help?

Ok, then.

Placing her hands into her pockets, Tereya decided to test him out. Abruptly, she raised her leg and kicked that crutch from underneath him so that he couldn't support himself. If he managed to do so without the extra help... then it was fine with her. But, if he fell, he would just be proving her right all along. Sure, it was a cruel movement, but the guy was being a bit unappreciative of their work!

His body seemed to move with the crutch; as it fell to the floor, so did he, and soon Nori was reduced to nothing more than a helpless heap of flesh and bone on the floor. Tereya didn't have to be such an asshole... He wasn't going to rest, just because she did this. She could pick him up and carry him somewhere to sit, but he was just going to get up again and bug them some more. Maybe he'd ruin whatever they were cooking. They would find that Nori was more than capable of making their lives miserable.

Bailarin almost wanted to help Nori up, but she didn't want to interfere inbetween the couple... what was she to do? Situations like these gave her headaches. "Nori... you should have acted better, then that wouldn't have happened..." noticing the food sizzling on the pan upon the stove, she immediately removed it and began to spice it up with pepper and the like, then stirring once more with a small spoon.

Tristeza had since then placed herself on the couch, resting on her back, with legs propped over the edge. Barefeet, she only wore basic pj's at the moment, not caring to realy dress fully.

"Get up." Tereya said calmly, looking the fallen man over. "If you're really in a condition to help, you'd be in a condition to stand without your crutches." She tilted her head to the side, waiting patiently for him to arise... or maybe it was just to get him to see his own plight. She certainly wasn't one to do the same things again because someone wanted to be stupid. "Well? Todaaaaayyyy...."

Slowly, and with aid from the many knobs on the cubborns and handholds on the drawers, Nori was able to pull himself up into a standing position, and prop himself there by keeping both of his palms on the countertop. Did this count..? "S-see... I can... I can do it!..."

Tereya simply scoffed. "All right, then. Now take yourself off of the counter-top." She challenged further.

Nori frowned. "Why don't you take yourself off the countertop. Yeah, why don't you think about that?" Maybe the sheer stupidity of the statement would deter her. Either way, he wasn't letting go. Part of him wished she would just pick him up and carry him somewhere already, and get it over with. This was gettng boring.

Such a stupid question didn't need an answer.

Without warning, Tereya grabbed him by the arm and yanked him off of the counter to drag him to stand with her. However, she still retained that casual, bored look she always wore. To her, this was practically normal procedure. If the guy had to support himself on something, he was still in no condition to help with anything. As soon as she had him where she wanted him, she let go, though she didn't allow herself to move just yet.

And, as she probably expected, both of his hands immediately whipped out to cling to her as he buried his head on her shoulder. Tereya shouldn't get so excited about it. He was just using his chin to prop himself up. "Don't drop me." He ordered briskly. She could bring him to where she wanted to and drop him off. She didn't need to make him fall again!

Adalina soon awoke again. The sleep had been enjoyed, and now Mitsune had to as well! "Wake up... I want to go play some, pwweeaaaasseee..." she let her eyes drift to the arm around her, blushing with a bad timing, probably when Mitsune would open here eyes. "Let's go umm.... ask if we can go to the carnival."

Tereya grinned. "Glad to see we've got some establishment." She commented, deciding to leave the crutches there for a moment. After all, he was resting! Wasn't like he was going to need them soon. Lowering herself, she picked Nori up gently, bridal style in her arms. "If you're a good boy, then I just might be kind enough to give you company." It wasn't long before she had reached the couch once again in order to set him down.

However, a distance in front of him was a large piano, having been mood during Tereya's own help. It was the standardized piano of many musicians, though it looked rather old. She had been slick enough to slip into the Human World and steal it right from their noses (thanks to her superhuman abilities). The cops had never caught up with her. She felt in a mood to try her hand at what had been part of her old life... or at least, bring a glimpse of it back.

Immediately, they were both transported to the couch, with Mitsune still sleeping. She curled up into a ball on Tristeza's lap and began to nap there, hoping that the woman wouldn't mind. If Adalina wanted to ask, she could do it herself.. Mitsune was tired..!

Nori stared dreamily up at Tereya. For some reason, whenever she carried him like that, he always felt happier. Maybe because it was so comfortable, and her rack was right in front of his face? Regardless, when he was set down, Nori began to snuggle up to Tristeza, whether she liked it or not. She hadn't retaliated from the butt-smacking, and this was his way of showing her he liked her! So, Tristeza should hug him and ask him to go out with her. Simple, wasn't it?

Tristeza watched immediately as he got closer to her. Somewhat of a twitch in her eye, she shook her head. "No. No snuggling..." "And you, off of me." acting as if he were a dog, she spoke with firm disciplene. Bailarin kept on cooking, now that the kitchen was free. "Nori, if you want to help, take the kids out..."

Adalina's ears perked, "How about the carnival?!" Tristeza nodded, "That sounds fine." "Grab some food if your out, or whatever." "So go to the carvinal and play." Tristeza finished her wording.

"You can't just let them go off on their own like that..." Nori sighed. He wanted to keep snuggling into her, and he hoped the pleading look he was giving her would make her cave. Why would she act like she wanted him one day, but now, hate him completely? It didn't make any sense...

"Yeah..." Tereya remarked, grinning a little as she flexed out her fingers. Moving herself over, she decided to sit down and open up the protector to reveal the keys. "Who knows what kind of people'd want to get their hands on kids so young!" She played a few keys, just to make sure she was on tune with the song she was about to play.

Nori's head perked up the moment she struck those keys. "Since when do you know how to play the fucking piano?" He asked inquisitively, and though he had used a curse, it was meant to emphasize surprise, not hostility. Was she going to sing a song..? Maybe he should convince her to stop smoking, then... Tereya didn't need to ruin her lungs.

"Tch.... since I was little?" The woman retorted, placing her hands in the correct spots. "You gotta pay more attention, Princess." Immediately after that, she set herself to playing. Her fingers immediately danced along the keys in the opening, a bit modified from the actual song she was playing. Most of the parts in it also had a guitar, so she had to improvise.

"He left a card and a bar of soap, and a scrubbing brush next to a note, that said use these..." Her voice was rather melodic, and compared to the tone she used conversational-wise, was surprisingly light-hearted. "Down to your bones..." She actually was in good rhythm, keeping the tune as well as the pace to an excellent level. She had only her mother to thank for this... "And before I knew, I had shiny skin, and I felt easy being clean like him, I felt that this one... knew better than I do..."

Tristeza just sat there and read her book, uncaring to what was going on around her. "Ugh..." The fact that the piano started blaring, and the other fact that Nori wouldn't stop pestering her was the other. She was just about ready to go get dressed and go for a walk of her own. Or maybe drag Bailarin back to the bed-room and have some more fun. That was always a great way to forget everyone else for the moment.

Adalina sat listening to the music. Her eyes perking somewhat. She still wanted to go.

Bailarin kept up her cooking, unknowingly swaying somewhat to the tempo of the song.

Steadily, Nori shifted his weight off of Tristeza and onto the back of the couch, utterly absorbed in the song. Tereya had such a wonderful singing voice... Why didn't she use it more often..? And she could play piano, and probably some other instruments as well, considering her obvious talent for it... Nori had such a wonderful wife~. And she was hot, too. That was always good.

Mitsune smiled slightly in her sleep, maybe snuggling into Tristeza's lap a tiny bit more.

A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle..."

Her face was surprisingly at ease as she sang, her eyes occasionally lowering to the keyboard to see if she lost her fingering or not. "He tried to cut me so I'd fit..." She took in a deep breath in order to sing the chorus.

"Now doesn't that sound familiar?" Now doesn't that hit so close to home? Now doesn't that make you shiver? The way things could've gone... Now doesn't that feel peculiar? When everyone wants a little more, So that I do remember, To never go that far, could you leave me with a scar?"

She continued to play the song to the end, retaining its rhythm even through the second verse and pre-third verse. Then, in almost 3 minutes, she had finished it - "Scar" by artist Missy Higgins. Afterwhich, she promptly shut the key protector and dusted off her eyes, once again placing that casually bored look onto her face as if nothing happened.

As cheesey as it was, Nori began to clap. And, just in case she didn't get the picture, he nudge both Adalina and Tristeza in the ribs so they would clap too. Tereya was terrific! She was such a wonderful artist, and Nori wanted to do something for her for playing for him... "Tereya!" He called, motioning towards himself. "Come here, sit with us." There was barely enough room on the couch for another person, but that was fine... He could sit on his wife's lap!

Tereya managed to cock an eyebrow, but since she was going to do so anyway, walked over towards the couch in order to join the rest of the potatoes. However, she couldn't find much room to sit... "Oh, don't I feel honored." She remarked jokingly.

Tristeza nodded, "Yeah yeah... don't let it make your head grow to big." the fact Mitsune was sleeping on her lap didn't phase her anymore. Plus, it was just like a small cover, just alive and self-aware. Adalina sat there quiet, Mitsune was asleep and the parents already said no in their own way to the fair. She really didn't know if they could go. Deciding to slink off, she moved over to the kitchen with her mother, sitting at the table, laying her head on it's hard surface, shin laying there, arms surronding her face.

Bailarin was almost done cooking.

As he watched Adalina walk sulkingly towards the table, Nori was reminded of what she had asked before Tereya stole the spotlight. Pulling his wife down (or, more like begging, since he couldn't actually force her to the couch), he leaned his head on her shoulder, kissed her sweetly on the neck, then whispered in her ear. "Adalina wanted to the carnival with Mitsune... Could I take her..?"

"What do you mean, you...?" That was when Tereya quirked an eyebrow. She used her hands to gently grasp Nori's own around her waist to keep them there for a moment "Can't take me along with you...?" Her tone was rather alluring, even though it was meant to be a bit poutish. Besides, she herself hadn't gone to a carnival of all places... and Nori was actually going to go to such a thing? It was something she had to see!

This made Nori's face slightly red, but he was able to keep from stuttering. "I... I just didn't think you'd want to go... Carnivals don't really seem like your thing..." For some reason, Nori wanted to pull his hands from around her waist. While they were like that, he wouldn't be able to move away if she tried anything!

"Yeah, well, anything's better than staying cooped up in here with nothin' to do..." The female Haruo pressured, resting her head against his a little. "Besides, I've never really been to one of those before, and I'm a little curious..."

The man broke easily. "Y-you could come, if you want to.. I don't mind..." He mumbled quietly, almost burning up from her head resting on his. His face was bright red, now. It excited him that she could still make him that nervous. Slowly, his face tilted slightly towards Tereya's. He was expecting a kiss to end the tease...

Good thing he didn't have a wife who didn't overdo it. Deciding the torture was over, Tereya captured his lips within her own naturally for a rather passionate kiss, but made sure to make it brief. She didn't want to give Nori any ideas; they were just about to eat dinner!

Bailarin looked towards them all. "Time to eat!" Placing the food and platters/silverware on the table for them all to eat on and with.

Tristeza immediately got up, patting Mitsune on the head, whispering, "Time to eat." she stated as she placed Mitsune on the floor for good measure. She would make sure to get in there quickly, she knew that Bailarin didn't like to keep food if no one ate it when she cooked it.

Adalina would be happy as Tereya and Nori's aid.

The dazed look on Nori's face didn't last very long. As soon as he heard the food was ready, he gripped his wife's shoulder, signaling for her to help him to the table. It was her fault, after all. She was the one who had gotten rid of his crutches.

You Have Good Memory[]

Mitsune kogeru'd to her seat at the table, her hair still partially obscuring her face. She was ready to eat now. And, before anyone else could, she piled the majority of the bacon onto her plate. Meat was good! Mitsune was a growing girl!

Tereya'd get his crutches right after she delivered the guy to the table. Carefully, she got of him, bent over, and wrapped an arm around his waist. Allowing his other arm to wrap around her shoulders, she managed to get him off of his feet and walk in the direction of the table. She wouldn't mind carrying him a bit more... who else would get the little Princess out of trouble time and time again? Certainly not any one else! She approached the table...

...and saw the rather large amount of bacon overwhelming anything else on Mitsune's plate. A vein slightly bulged in a comical manner on her left cheek. "You'd better eat all of that..." She murmured, turning on her heel a little and setting Nori down in his own respective seat. As soon as she did so, the little puppy (poor forgotten thing) had made its appearance once again, obviously because of the scent of food. It wanted some, too!

Mitsune glared up at her mother. "No, I just put it on my plate because I'm holding it for someone else. Of course I'm going to eat it all, you fucktard." Glancing down at the dog, Mitsune smiled slightly at it. She'd share some of her food with it! And then it'd be happy, and forgive Mitsune for neglecting it! That was how things worked!

Nori kissed his wife on the cheek as she set him down. This was nice~! She was carrying him around everywhere, and it made him feel so... Loved? Cared for? Submissive? Any of those would do. "I love you, honey..." He hummed, while piling a small amount of food onto his plate. He didn't really feel like eating much...

Adalina immediately took her place closer to Mitsune, eating her food quickly while Bailarin and Tristeza started to as well, food already on theirs and prepared. Tristeza mumbled, "Mmm... good, this is why your the house-wife, and I'm not." "Everything that needs cooked, is either an unholy black... or tastes like I poured a salt-mine on it." Bailarin snickered at her wife's half-compliment half-joke.

"Now what in the hell is a salt-mine?" Tereya asked skeptically, choosing her seat beside Nori and beginning to eat her food. "Does it go--" She raised her hands up to emphasize a small explosion. "--kaboom--, when you take a bite?" It was a lame joke, but meh. She wasn't really aiming to get laughs anyway.

Bailarin tried not to snicker, Tereya's awkard attempt at humor was intresting at the least. "You'd think so. I can't believe I trusted her to make supper once. It will never happen again." "I thought my mouth was either going to explode, or become a desert from how much salt was in that soup." Tristeza frowned, she didn't like being teased for trying to cook, she was supposed to be good at things like that, she was a freaking woman for pete's sake! "Heeey! I tried my best!"

Adalina giggled.

Nori ate his food quietly. As much as he'd like to make a joke about things again, it'd probably end with him getting beaten until he was half-dead and then being forced to clean up the mess they'd made of his body. He was in enough pain already. No reason to make it worse.

Mitsune picked up a large piece of bacon and lobbed it at the dog, smiling. A moment after she did, she stabbed most of the bacon on her plate with her fork, and in a single motion, bit the heaping mount off the utensil and swallowed it in one gulp. Meat tasted good...! She wished she had some more... Now all she had to left to eat were these yucky eggs.

Immediately, the dog reached out and caught the bacon skillfully with its mouth, falling to the ground on all fours gracefully. It chomped down eagerly, happy to get a taste of the meal... As Tereya was eating, she looked over at Mitsune with slight surprise. At least she wouldn't have to worry about that part... she hated food getting wasted, after all.

Adalina smiled as she continued to eat. "Awww..." looking as the puppy nibbled at the food. Hopefully the carnival was soon, she was so ready!
Tristeza smirked, "So who cooks, you or Nori?" motioning to the two.

"Nami does."

Nori responded, using Tereya's real name. He wanted to see how she'd react to it! The man didn't think that anyone but Nami herself would know who he was talking about when he said "Nami", so it was a fairly safe bet that he'd get a reaction.

That immediately caused Tereya to stop, eyes widening for a moment as she registered the name. She raised an eyebrow, faintly scowling at the man (though it was in a thoughtful manner more than anything else). What exactly had possessed Nori to call her that? "Uh...who does?" She asked, almost daring him to repeat what he had said. Though, whether she was actually angry or not was difficult to tell...

Nori looked away. He didn't need to see the look he was sure she was giving him. "Nami, does." He repeated. She could hit him if she wanted to; he wouldn't mind. As long as she didn't put him into a coma, or break anything, he'd be fine... If it bothered her, he'd keep using it, anyway. It'd serve her right for calling him Princess.

"...tch." Oh, great. A pet name. She looked away as well, rolling her eyes and continuing to eat her food. "Thanks for calling me by my actual name, Princess..." She commented dryly.

"Well..." Nori began, his eye twitching slightly as she called him his pet name. "Would you rather me call you Nami, or Tereya..? Tereya seems more like a pet name, to me..." Slowly, he took another bite of his food. He'd call her what she wanted him to call her.

Tereya shrugged. "If you wanna really call me Nami, then go ahead. Not like I'm going to go bitchy on you for calling me by my actual name." She answered non-chalantly.

"Oh, so what you did about five seconds ago can't be considered bitchy. Nyeh thanks for calling me by my real name prriiiiinceeeessss." He mocked, shooting a glare in her direction.

Tereya kept her eyes averted innocently, smiling a little. "Oh, I donno what you're talking about." She replied, though her smile was a bit wider. "That wasn't bitchy, you were just being a pussy!"

"N-no I wasn't...!" Now, Nori felt like he was being picked on. If he could've punched her in the face for her comment, he would have, but she'd wipe the floor with him in his injured state. In fact, even if he was uninjured, he probably wouldn't be able to do much damage. So, he'd have to sit here and take it..?

"Suuuure you weren't." Tereya -- or rather, Nami -- continued to prod at him for amusement. It was also, however, that she set her fork down: she had finished eating. With that, the woman allowed herself to stand back up, push in her chair, and grab her plate. "When you're done with your plates, put 'em in the sink as usual..." She reminded, before walking off to place her own in.

"Tch." Tristeza muttered, carrying her own plates to the sink, soon after, she headed to her room, probably to read a book or to relax, maybe sleep. As for Bailarin, she immediately began to clean the dishes, it was her only place and job, so that's what she usually did.

Adalina soon sat up from the table and wandered into the living room, grabbing her sandals, and getting ready for the Carnival! Hopefully.

"Hey, you." Nori poked his daughter, prodding her. She looked up, slightly startled, but nodded at him to show she was listening. "Go get Adalina, and tell her I'm getting Tereya, and when I get her, we'll leave for the carnival. Alright?" Mitsune nodded a second time, stood from the table, and walked lazily over to her friend. "Daddy says he's getting Crab-Mommy, and once she's done taking a shit, we can go."

Nori stood too, grabbed his plate, and walked over to Bailarin, who was washing dishes. "U-Uhm... Here..." He mumbled, holding them out for her to take. He felt slightly guilty that she had to wash them all... When she had already cooked... Maybe he would help her? But then, there was what happened last time... Just placing them on the counter, he turned, and, balancing on his crutch, began to search for Tereya.

A hand was gently placed on his shoulder. Tereya had appeared a few ways behind him, half-lidded eyes glancing over at him in a casual manner. "Lookin' for me?" She asked calmly, letting go of his shoulder and walking in front of him. Just in case he needed it, she pushed open the door that was the entrance of the kitchen in order for him to go through.

"Gee, thanks... Because I don't know how to open a fucking door..." Nori grumbled. Still, he smiled at Tereya as he passed her, showing his respect. "Now, come on... I don't want to keep the girls waiting..." When Tereya came through the door, she would find he wasn't there. He'd used Kogeru! And now he was in the living room.

Once again, Tereya rolled her eyes. "Like I wasn't expecting that..." She muttered, before she used a Shunpo to join right up with him.

Adalina sat patiently with her body held close, sitting by the door in particular. "Ready to go!?" she yelled to the two, she was impatient, and sooooo ready!

Bailarin had noticed Nori's ponder, and smiled, he was willing to help. That's what always made him attractive to her.

Nori smiled apologetically at her. "Yes, we're ready, but I don't think we're going to be moving very fast..." He admitted. She was a smart girl; she would know what he meant. The small Kogeru he'd use to move him no more than twenty feet had already made him slightly drowsy. He doubted he'd be able to use a large-scale one without lapsing into a coma. Unless Tereya felt like carrying him all the way there, there was no way they'd be getting there very quickly.

Mitsune had her eyes closed, and quickly hugged Adalina, snuggling into her shoulder. It was sleepy time again! She'd eaten, and now she wanted to nap. Maybe Adalina could carry her like Crab-Mommy carried Daddy!... That'd be nice...

Adalina let Mitsune stay there. "Hey!" it seemed Mitsune's thought had worked. "Maybe I can carry Mitsu to the carnival like you did with Mr. Nori!" she added to Tereya, deciding to carry Mitsune. Luckily... she was smaller and lighter then she thought. Or it would have been a problem. Plus, she was her best-friend, she'd be nice and do it. "Let's go, go, go, go!"

This caused Tereya to raise an eyebrow skeptically, looking over towards the two of them. Could she really carry her around like that? "Uh.... sure, go ahead..." She agreed half-heartedly, wanting to see if she could actually do so or not. Plus, it'd be a bit of a humorous sight to see one young girl carrying another around...

Mitsune wouldn't mind. It'd give her more time to sleep while Adalina was carrying her!

Coughing, Nori prodded his wife with his crutch. He wanted to be carried, too! Whenever she carried him bridal-style, his head always ended up right near her boobs, and it was great! Plus, he was lazy. It was a win-win! Nami would be able to carry him, wouldn't she?

Tereya knew, thankfully, what he wanted. "Oh, fine.... I'll carry you too, Princess." She said mockingly. "But only because you can't walk on your own damn self!"

"Why thank you, Nami! I'll make it up to you later. Provided you know how to be gentle." Nori hooked an arm around the back of her neck and waited for her to scoop his legs. He'd get some naptime, too!

Take Me To The Carnival[]

Adalina nodded, "Come on slow-pokes!" she motioned for them. Bailarin yelled from the kitchen, "Be careful you all, and have fun! And Tereya is in charge!"

"Why do I have to-- Oh, forget it...." Sighing in aggravation, Tereya decided to skip the wait. Immediately, she leaned over, promptly picking up Nori bridal-style. "Puttin' me in charge..." She grumbled. "I don't even know where the fuck we're goin'..." She moved to follow behind the little ones.

"We're going to a... carnival..? I think. Adalina knows. Just let her lead." Already, Nori was nuzzling his head into her arm. He'd be sleeping in a few moments; she could wake him up when they got there. "I could be in charge, if you want, but I'm slightly incapacitated at the moment..."

Mitsune followed Nori's example, nuzzling into Adalina's arm. Adalina was strong! Mitsune was surprised she could carry Mitsune so easily! And she still smelled nice... Mitsune was sure that she'd enjoy herself today. "Mitsune wants to know where we're going..." She mumbled quietly.

"Carnival, near the docks!" "Just 20 minutes from here if we walk!" Adalina stated chiperily, both to Mitsune and Tereya.

"Good, someone knows where the hell they're going..." Tereya muttered. "Lead the way, kid."

"Mmmph, Nami, why don't you make me a sandwich while we're walking..." Nori muttered, his eyes stilled closed. Mitsune giggled slightly.

"Gee, I donno, Princess..." Tereya muttered sarcastically. "Could it be because I have my hands full with your cripplied ass? Or could it be because I'm gonna probably have my hands full baby-sitting you all? I just can't decide!"

"Get me a beer, while you're at it..."

"Oh my Go--"

A nod was given, and Adalina walked through the open door, carrying Mitsu as she did so. The docks were actually visible from their home, and it wouldn't be very long. And then they could have fun. Looking in said direction she smiled. "There, now, let's move it!" Adalina acted very bossy for not being the boss.

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am!" Tereya replied in a jokingly mocking manner, grinning immediately at the child's tone. She must've been learning from Tristeza or something! She continued to follow the little girl, hesitant at breaking off just yet...

"So, what exactly do you want to do at the carnival?" Nori asked. She must have some sort of a plan, being so excited. Mitsune sighed softly in Adalina's arms. She was enjoying herself a lot~...

Adalina smiled, "We can ride in the ferris-wheel, spinning rides, and play target games!"

It didn't take long to reach the docks, and they were there. But by now... Adalina's arms were killing her. "Mitsu... can you walk now? My arms are tired..." she offered a face of exaggeration to show the effort. The Carnival was right there, and they could play and stuff!

"Mitsune can walk..." The girl groaned, shifting her own weight in Adalina's hands so that she was right-side-up again. She stretched for a few moments first, then looked up with an extremely toothy grin. "Mitsune says let's play! Mitsune was to try the shooting gallery first! Mitsune wants to shoot things!"

Nori, mimicking his daughter, shifted his own weight (though to a lesser degree), and made his wife drop him slowly on his own two feet. Unfortunately, he still had to cling to her to stand until she decided to hand him his crutches. He probably looked so pathetic... Nori hated it like this...

An arm wrapping around his waist to support him, Tereya leaned her head in towards his in a gentle manner. "Oh, and before I forget..." She whispered, smiling gently. "Thanks for remembering." She feel she didn't need to tell him what it was that he remembered; after all, it had been only a few moments ago that he showed it. Then, she turned towards the children. "Hey! Don't stray too far! Trizzy and Bail's gonna have my head on a fucking pike if somethin' happened to ya!" Careful not to injure the guy too much, she moved to follow behind the children, crutches in her other arm.

Adalina giggled at Tereya, even if they obeyed, how could she support Mr. Nori and catch them both? Evil genius that she was...

"Let's go!" she smiled to Mitsu. "To the shooting gallery!" clapping her hands, the girl had a skip in her step. People from different directions coming with their own families/friends to the carnival.

"Yeah!" Mitsune shot ahead of the girl, looking back at her parents. She smiled. The two would ditch them, and then go back to the house later. Maybe they would get in trouble. But how would they punish someone who could just teleport out of their room?

Nori looked up, somewhat surprised that she was happy. He'd be calling her Nami from then on. "Nami... Why don't you just give me the crutches and chase after them? I'll catch up later, and it's not like I can't handle myself." He smiled warmly at his wife. The man wasn't a baby; she didn't need to watch after him, too. Nori began tugging at the crutches.

"If you say so..." Making sure not to let him fall, Tereya handed him the crutches so she could stand up on her own. Then, when she was done, she took a few steps back. "See ya when I see ya, Princess!" After giving him one wave over the hand, she disappeared into the crowd to take off after the children. Despite what she said, she could easily keep track of them... at least, without having to watch over Nori. She'd hold him to his word...

...unless, of course, he decided to play "damsel in distress" once again...

Without even bothering to walk after them, Nori used his crutches to guide himself to a nearby bench and sit down. Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes once again. Maybe healing naturally took a lot of energy..? If he used Gahou now, he'd probably have trouble breathing for the rest of his life, because of how fast it'd regenerate... This was horrible... He almost wanted to die again...

As they reached the counter, Mitsune was upset to find out she wasn't tall enough to look over it. Frowning, she turned to Adalina. "Let Mitsune climb on your shoulders! Mitsune wants to shoot!" She shouted enthusiastically. She was awake now! She wanted to do things!

Adalina nodded, placing herself to where Mitsu could sit on her shoulders. She then pulled the coins out of her pocket and placed them on the counter to pay for the shooting. "Let's see how good you do!"

Fancy Seeing You Here[]

Ardiente sighed, her child was somewhere in this blasted carnival... she had lost track some while ago ordering some food. And then something caught her eye. Something familiar. Glancing to Nori's direction, she spotted him. Her own having a Gigai, she appeared in basic clothes, a t-shirt and tight jeans. Walking over to his direction... it was intresting. She hadn't seen another Hell-Hunter in ages... not since she and Bailarin broke up. Bad memories.

Mitsune took to it immediately. The moment she was handed the BB Gun, she took aim at the sheet of paper, and.... Turned on the owner of the stand, aiming at him and firing every round the gun had in it at his face. The owner, ever unsuspecting, fell to the ground, wanting to pull the BBs out, but found it too painful to do so. Mitsune tried to look as innocent as possible. "Oops..."

Nori didn't notice the familiar energy signature coming towards him... Sighing slightly, he smiled to himself. It looked like Tereya was right! All he did all day was eat, shit, and sleep. But that was alright. It was what he enjoyed doing.

"No shit..."

No sooner than she had said that had her mother said onto the scene, stopping right behind them. Curiously, she looked in the shopkeeper's direction, though it was more in a casual manner than anything. Calmly, she walked over towards the man and stooped down to his level. "And that's why you don't give guns out to children four and below..." She whispered, grinning as she reached down. "Now, this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker..."


Adalina pouted, "Hey!" she still had Mitsu on her shoulders, and Tereya had just got in front of them, she couldn't see the targets!

Ardiente on the other hand was with Nori. "Hi there... long time no see, Hell-Hunter." She took a place beside Nori, a simple motion, and she decided standing was wasteful at the moment. She needed her energy to go catch that blasted daughter of her's later.

"I don't know what yer talkin' about, lady." Nori responded. He didn't reply to those words anymore, and he didn't recognize the voice of whoever was talking to him. Ever to lazy to open his eyes, Nori just sat there, planning on ignoring her. It'd work if she got the hint.

Mitsune pouted. Crab-mommy was ruining her fun! Even as she listened to the muffled screams of the caretaker of the shooting gallery, she was hatching another plan to tick her off. Slowly, she lowered the gun and climbed off of Adalina's shoulders. "Let's go while Crab-mommy's busy! C'mon!"

Adalina nodded, heading off to another direction, the ferris-wheel! "Let's ride on that!" Mitsu was the best, and they could keep this up all day.

Ardiente frowned, "Hey, that's no way to treat an old friend." "After all... I never got to thank you for healing me, Nori Haruo." she actually wondered if he remembered her.

"Good day, bitch."

With that, Tereya plucked out the last one and stood back up, stepping over the man as she did so. She'd leave the guy to cry about all the little pecks that hit him in the face. Standing up straight, she could see Mitsune and Adalina run off again. They seemed fine... should she really be wasting her time looking over what they would be doing? Eh... she didn't know her way around, so she might as well follow the ones that did. She made her way out, making her way through the crowd after the two girls.

In this manner, she didn't really have to be breathing on their necks, and still keep an eye on them. It'd give her some time to look around herself.

Nori laughed slightly. He was talking to now. "Oh, you mean that time when I removed your left eye..?" He asked slowly. It was getting hard for him to form words without laughing. It was weird seeing someone you used to know, but didn't bother to keep in touch with.

As they reached the Ferris Wheel's line, Mitsune was disappointed to see that there was a line. But that was okay! Looking towards the bottom, she spied a car that didn't have any people visible in it. Concentrating, she teleported them both inside, then let out a large exhale. "Mitsune can't wait until she gets to the top!"

Adalina got in her caughter with her friend, now ready for the ride! Luckily, it was just starting, so they had a 15minute ride!

As the ferris wheel went up, Batalla Serenata, the very daughter Ardiente was searching for was on the other seat of the ferris-wheel car. Her arms crossed, she glanced to the two. "Hn." These two looked so bubbly... and both of them smelled different.

Ardiente grimaced at the annoying memory of her eye being gouged and then slowly healed. "Still smarts terrible when I get sand or anything small in there. Such 'awesome' healing powers you have." It was odd for her as well.

Mitsune looked upward. So there was someone else in the car? "I'm sorry, miss, but I'll have to ask you to leave the car now!" She exclaimed happily, though her toothy grin gave off an air of hostility. She rose, and stood intimidatingly over the girl who was in the car with them, even though she was smaller. "So, get the fuck out before I throw you out the window!"

Nori opened one eye. "So, why are you here, and in a gigai no less? And... how's Bailarin?" For the moment, he would pretend he hadn't met her or Tristeza. It was for Ardiente's sake.

Ardiente scoffed, "I live here, and the Gigai is self-explanatory in a human world." Ardiente frowned, "Bailarin... I don't have a clue... I haven't seen her since..." the thought of the fight with Tristeza over Bailarin popped into her mind momentarily. "... it's been awhile." trully, Ardiente was still bitter about those events.

Adalina watched nervously as Mitsu took charge, ready to kick the goth-girl out of the car.

Batalla rolled her eyes. "Got a problem with me being here? I don't see your girlfriend over there objecting." Sure they were young... but this girl reeked of spiritual energy. She was older then she looked... and the factor that the girl was using a better vocabulary helped deduce she was smarter then her age.

"You've got threeee seconds~! You know how to count to three, right? One..! Two...!" Mitsune was starting to count off. At three, she'd use Kogeru to bring the girl very, very high up, then return to the car, leaving her to fall. It would be her own fault.

He sighed. "I see... Hmmm... So, what have you been up to?" Nori wasn't bothering to hide the fact that he was wounded, and he was quiet surprised that she hadn't asked about it. But that didn't matter.

"Trying to keep up with that blasted daughter of mine. Too rowdy for her own good." Ardiente commented on her daughter's specific behaviour and her way of getting out of hand.

Batalla smirked, "I wouldn't try that bite-size." "Plus... I think your scaring the your poor friend over there." the girl in question being Adalina, she was extremely nervouse, taking a safe spot directly behind Mitsune as if she could protect her. Which she could...

Nori smiled warmly. "I have a daughter too! Maybe we could set up a play-date, or somethin'..." Slowly, Nori was becoming disinterested in the conversation. Ardiente was a lot more boring then he thought she would be. Maybe it was a good thing he didn't act on the slight crush he had for her... Now he had Tereya, after all...

Mitsune grinned. "Three!" Poking the girl in the forehead, she used Kogeru to bring them both miles above the air, and for the moment that they were both still, she waved, then brought only herself back to the car. The girl could fall and die. Mitsune would just tell Adalina that she made a mistake and brought her to the wrong place, then got so frightened, that she used the movement technique again without bringing the girl.

Batalla wasn't going to just die. Mitsune had underestimated her. She'd wait for them after until they exited... it'd be as shocker.

Adalina looked around, "Where's... the girl?" she raised her brow, somewhat worried. "Mitsu?" she was definately nervous, she hated conflict. That much was evident.

Ardiente frowned, "Heh. I doubt it... Batalla is quiet... well, she's not the best child." "And my wife, Calmante, she's trying her best to get along with her." Sighing, she rolled her shoulders, "That's what I get for sleeping with a shinigami." "Also... what happened to you?" she motioned to the injuries.

"Oh, nothing, we just had a run-in with Bailarin's bro--..."

Nori shut himself up before he said anything else. He could already imagine the conclusion she'd reach, Why would Bailarin's brother attack you; how would you know it's Bailarin's brother; do you know where Bailarin is; you're still friends with her, aren't you; I hate you leave me alone. He was almost sure that was how it would turn out.

The girl shushed her friend. "Shhhh, Adalina... It's okay! The car's all ours now, look!... We're all alone... By ourselves, for a good fifteen minutes..." Suddenly, Mitsune hugged her friend, as she always did, and pulled Adalina's body towards her own, letting the girl's head rest right below her neck. Then, she began stroking her hair soothingly.

"Bailarin's brother..." Too bad Nori was right. "I can guess you've both seen eachother alot since..." "She here?" raising her brow. "If not... where is she?" Ardiente was perparing to interrogate him lightly.

Adalina nodded, "Alright... then..." she placed herself on the seat in the car, sitting directly next to Mitsu. "It's got a nice view..." "You... enjoying yourself?" she could trust Mitsune, she didn't think the other girl was hurt.

"Of course Mitsune is, because Mitusne's with Adalina!" The girl cooed, though it was slightly loud. Adalina had left the hug?! Mitsune pulled her into one again. Maybe she would tell her now what she had told her that night... No... She'd tell her when they got to the top...

A strange look was directed at her. "Hey, hey, none of your buisiness... I heard how you... uh... reacted to her finding someone else after you ditched her... It's your own fault, and I don't want you stirring up trouble, especially when she lives next do--.... Oh, fuck me." A hand raised to cover the obvious frustration Nori was experiencing. "Don't follow me home or look for my energy signature."

Ardiente frowned, "I knew it. It's even sadder to see your both next-door. Thanks for the info." "And track... or follow you home? I can just as easily look up your name in the phone books or addresses under the name Haruo or Mareado." "As for that fight... I can't believe she had the gall to tell you my fight with that whore."

Adalina stayed in the hug, and now the ferris-wheel reached the top. She wanted to say something, but she didn't know what!

"Adalina..." Mitsune began. This was going to be harder than she predicted it would be.

Nori facepalmed himself. "Oh, shut up, you. I still remember the first time we met, and you tried to seduce me, then beat me to a bloody pulp. The only reason we're even living together is because Tereya seemed so keen on it, and the kiddies really hit it off. And Tristeza isn't a whore. She's a bitch."

Ardiente admitted, "It's only because I knew you had information." Tereya? "I'm assuming your married... to this Tereya... and both you and Bailarin have a kid? Ain't that just great." "Guess I'll be saying hi sooner then I thought." Ardiente sighed, "But... it's been years... I'm not wanting to cause a whole different war. But... I do plan on talking to them both."

Adalina sat there, hand on her chin as she stared out of the car. Why isn't Mitsu saying anything...?

"... How about I make you a deal, then?" Nori offered. He was grinning wickedly. "I'll let you come back to the house with your daughter, we'll eat dinner, and you'll get a chance to talk to everyone. Your daughter can make some friends. But. You have to give me a kiss. And you have to make it good." Laughing slightly, it would nice it she did it.

Mitsune swallowed her pride. "Adalina, I... L-L..." It wasn't coming out very easily. "Love.... Y... Ponies! Mitsune loves ponies. Don't you love ponies? Mitsune does."

Ardiente, "Best offer I've had in awhile. Pucker up." something Nori may have remembered was Ardiente's combustous attitude and quick mannerisms. This was one of them. Placing herself down on him, she decided to entice the kiss, heating it up with as much effort as she could, passionate and hot. Pulling away, she smiled, "Think that'll do?" Ardiente wouldn't feel one ounce of guilt... why should she?

Adalina looked to Mitsune with a quirked featured face. "Yeah, I like ponies too..." "Umm..." did Mitsune want to say something else?

Nori's face was completely red when she pulled away. He looked dazed for a moment... Then was able to regain his senses enough for him to nod. At least, she should've hesitated, or something! He hadn't expected it so suddenly... Or so hot... She wasn't going to walk all over him, was she?

Mitsune frowned. That didn't come out right. And they were starting to move from the top! That wasn't good! But, maybe she could do something else... Pulling Adalina close, she stared at the girls lips!... Then kissed her cheek, and pulled away, nervous. Adalina wouldn't like her this way... Why would she? Mitsune was a horrible person.

Adalina's face sparked. Mitsu... just... kissed me. Her mouth dropped momentarily. "M-M..." she could pull the words together. Slowly, Adalina let her heart do the talking. Her hand creeped to Mitsune's, and entangled her fingers into her best-friends own. And placed the chaste kiss on her cheek. Adalina's face blasted into a red color, "Mitsune, I... love you."

Ardiente nodded, "Good then. When your wife and kiddies get back. As of my own, we can go head to Bailarin's and your's place."

As a result, Mitsune's face turned just as red, and she lowered her head bashfully. "Mitsune... Mitsune loves you too!... Mitsune just had trouble saying it..." Slowly, she decided to say it all at once, to avoid confusion. "Mits--... I love you, Adalina."

Nori wasn't paying attention. He was spaced out. Ardiente kissed better than his wife did; even though it wasn't a good idea to bring her and her daughter to dinner, she could probably persuade him to do whatever she wanted at the moment. Nori still wanted to sleep... Would Ardiente agree to carrying him?

They were reaching the bottom. The line had dissipated for the moment, and Tereya was left leaning across the fence that (almost) barred outside entry. After watching their cart descend silently, she walked over towards the open entrance and cupped one hand to her mouth. "Oi! Hurry up!" She called out. "It's almost time to leave!" Wonder what Princess was doing at the moment.

Oh, that's right.

Probably nothing. He was such a slump.

Ardiente snickered, "Guess we wait untail then get back." She sat back beside him, taking a position to relax.

Batalla waited at the end of the park for the brats... she'd give them a surprise. Adalina looked to Tereya, "Alriiiight..." she pouted, "Yes Mrs. Tereya..." her body moved slugishly, and her cheeks still held that tint of red from the previous conversation with Mitsu.

Mitsune tugged Adalina towards Tereya. If they got home sooner, they could play more, and hug, and brush eachother's hair, and play with dolls! And poo. The poo would be nice. Mitsune hadn't poo'd all day, so she was looking foward to when she got home! A big one would come out, and afterwards, she'd sit there for a while, remembering how good it felt.

In spite of himself, Nori found his head resting on Ardiente's shoulder. "You shouldn't have kissed me like that... Now I'm going to... I hate you..." His thoughts were jumbled at the moment, but it was obvious he was having conflicted feelings. Maybe he should just stay away from women in general...

Shoving her hands into her pockets, Tereya said nothing much as they made their way back to the park entrance. A ferris wheel? What bullshit. All that people actually did on there was go around in a donut circle while saying, "OH MAH GEE, LOOK HOW HIGH I AM, HURRDURR!" It was so pointless. If people wanted that, they would've at least went to a roller coaster or something... those looked pretty fun!

"Why hi there." Batalla said as she leaned on the park's gate. "Fancy meeting the two girlies again on such a beautiful day." she waved tauntingly to Mitsune and Adalina. Adalina immediately raised her brow, didn't Mitsu get rid of her?

Batalla's gaze crossed to Tereya who was 'escorting' the two. "As for you, fat-ass, take a hike." She motioned her finger tips to where it looked like a walking person.

Ardiente sighed, "That's right... hate me. Heh."


That was funny. That didn't sound like Nori's voice, and it sure as hell didn't sound like Mitsune's. Therefore, who exactly was this little brat to call her a fatass? Regardless, as she stopped in her tracks for a moment, she turned to look down at the girl who dared to speak to her in a tone. "...get lost." She said dryly, walking past the girl calmly. "I don't got time to look after products of big-tit whores."

"Heh." Mitsune chuckled. Tereya would take care of this one; she didn't even need to intervene. "Mommy..." She whimpered quietly, planning to further things. "This girl was bothering us on the Ferris Wheel..! And... she isn't human..." The girl smelled of shinigami. And, well, wouldn't have been able to survive the fall if she wasn't.

Nori snuggled into Ardiente's neck. Why did he always have to act on it when he was attracted to someone? "You don't mind if I close my eyes for a moment like this, do you..?"

"I said..." Batalla's body reappaered in burst of flames and ash. This time now infront of them once more. "I'd suggest you stop protecting your foul-mouthed brat and her girl-friend, and do as I say. Take. A. Hike." her tone venomous, she wanted to pay back the little toothy blonde freak for that attempt to kill her...

Ardiente nodded, "Sure." she didn't mind. Just waiting out time...

Because of Batalla's words, Tereya didn't even have to register Mitsune's anymore. Instead, she bent down to the young girl's level. " know, it's the girls like you that tend to make me wonder..." She murmured lowly, a rather small smile on her face as she reached upwards. With a careless finger, she traced Batalla's neck. "So young, so fresh..." Her tone was oddly alluring and gentle, even as that finger traced to Batalla's cheek. "And such a mouth--"


Abruptly, the gentleness ended. Once her finger reached that point, Tereya had dug it in straight into the cheekbone and tore a gash within Batalla's jaw.

Batalla growled outwardly, Flicking her wrist, a mental incantation of "Sho" was cast. Knocking poor Adalina backwards, it was only a minor one... but it would work to distract. Soon after, Batalla clenched her fists, "Your not worth my time... you can protect your precious 'brat' and her girl-friend." Her hand going to her face, she went to her mother... unknownigly also to Nori. This would be a surprise.

Mitsune's eyes lit up. Immediately, she rushed to her friend's side, and hugged her dearly. Adalina didn't have to walk! Mitsune would carry her back because she fell! Picking up her, she didn't wait for Adalina's approval before she scooped the girl in her arms, carrying her feverishly. "Mama, come. We're going to find Daddy, and then we're going home.

The man in question was snuggled comfortably into the nook between the neck and shoulder of his old friend, sleeping soundly. His face was still flushed a bright red, and his crutches still rested near his side... But he was sleeping, nonetheless.

Adalina was immediately grasped in Mitsu's arms, her voice taken away from the Kido blast, she was thankful Mitsu was here! "Thank you Mitsu." a smile on her lips as her friend carried her.

Batalla was soon by her mother, a look of disdain and blood on her face and trickling down her hand. "Stop snuggling with hobo's and let's go." she was clearly irritated...

Ardiente only responded by sticking out her tongue, "There you are... gosh, now your here."

"My thoughts exactly..." Smirking in satisfaction, Tereya stuck her finger in her mouth to lick off the blood before she stood up. Shoving her hands into her skirt pockets once more, she moved to keep up with the two once more. The girl should've known better than to attempt to bully someone like her... now, to get back to Princess!

Batalla looked back to the three. "Oh great... you want to tear more of my face up? Get lost yo-" Ardiente raised her brow, "Be quiet." "These are my friends, so stop being so rude to everyone. It's no wonder that people avoid you."

"Oh, I'm very sorry..." Tereya stated mockingly, starting to grin again. Only this time, it was a bit more feral, akin to that of a wolf's. "Want me to tear the other to make it e--"

That's when her eyes fell upon the sight of Ardiente.

With Nori resting on her shoulder so easily.

Her husband, cuddling with this bitch?

She was going to murder her. She would gut the woman by hand and choke her with her own intestines. She was going to crush her and drink what was left of her through a straw. She was going to rip out her skull and beat her to death with it. Oh, may God have mercy when she would be done with the woman, because she sure wouldn't have any! But, as they were in public, she chose not to do any of those things... yet. Instead, she tilted her head to the side, fixing Ardiente with half-lidded yet narrowed eyes.

"You wanna be friends?" She asked dryly, almost in a montone. "Then how's about you get off of my husband?"

Mitsune watched the two with vague interest. To her, it was quite obvious that Nori was the one leaning on her, not the other way around. Why Tereya would even get it confused was beyond the girl; but then there was how Nori was so painstakingly lazy, and got hot and bothered so easily. There was little to no chance that he'd actually make an advance on a woman without some form of provocation. But if Tereya did do whatever, it'd at least provide her and Adalina with some entertainment!

The husband in question didn't feel the need to wake up at the moment, responding to the noise he was sub-consciously hearing by snuggling harder into his pillow's shoulder, in an attempt to block out the noise from at least one ear.

Ardiente rolled her eyes. "He's leaning on me. Secondly..." she stood up. placing Nori's head lightly on the bench. Heck... she didn't want him to throw off her winnings just because of a bumped head... she had a feeling he'd do this. "Your hubby owes me. Hell-Hunter buisness." she appointed herself to Tereya. "Not trying to squeeze on your boy-friend or anything, so... yeah that's how it works." she rolled her eyes once more for effect.

Batalla began to grin towards Mitsune with a predator's gaze. Adalina only looked back, sticking out her tongue to the goth-girl. Batalla only chuckled.

"Owes you what?" Tereya walked over to stand in front of Ardiente, thrusting her finger just below her neck. She was beginning to think she would have to use her finger a lot today... "Last time I checked, Nori ain't a Hell-Hunter anymore. What business of that could possibly last so damn long?" Batalla had already proved herself to be a little bitch all on her own, so she just couldn't get all cheery-faced around the mother of the hell-spawn.

Mitsune seemed to squirm slightly under the stare. She was... intimidating... Mitsune couldn't move... Adalina suddenly became heavy... Mitsune wanted to run somewhere and hide. But she couldn't! She was frozen in place... By that stare... "St-stop it..."

Batalla only chuckled... her usual response.

Ardiente pointed out, "He has demon blood in those veins of his, so he's stuck as a Hell-Hunter. So is your child." "Trust me, they both smell of that scent. Cinammon and embers." "Or.. at least that's what it does to me." "He owes me, he told me that he'd let me go see Bailarin, another Hell-Hunter. I'm sure you all are acquainted. As for the peach haired girl... she yours?" That was odd... the second child didn't smell like a demon. She just smelled like a Shinigami.

Since she let him down so gently, Nori smiled! Ardiente was nice. Tereya probably would've just let him fall...

Ok, she could bite just this once.

Tereya retracted her finger, folding her arms across her chest. "'Course not." She replied calmly, looking in the direction of her children. "She's Bail's...." However, upon seeing the rather intimidated body messages that Mitsune was giving off, her gaze drifted towards Batalla.... immediately, she let a rather dangerous amount of killing intent in the child's direction in order to make her re-aware of her place. The woman herself surely wasn't doing anything, and she was going to be damned if she let the whore-product have her way.

Batalla immediately shut down her instincts, backing half a step, this woman was beginning to piss her off. Gah.

Adalina smiled, Mrs. Tereya was helping them! Her gaze shifted to Mitsu's, "You kay?" she offered some solace in the moment. Ardiente only shrugged, "Odd... I never thought Bailarin would marry a man." The scent of Arrancar was all over the child... maybe it was due to her being with her parents so often. Ardiente could wonder what happened to Tristeza... that blasted woman. Had that fight been for none?

"She didn't." Tereya replied simply, remembering how much the two...or at least one of them seemed to dislike Ardiente so much. She didn't blame them... "Trizzy's with her." She turned her head to the side a little, all the meanwhile keeping her gaze on Ardiente.

Oh Crud[]

Ardiente made a mental grimace. It could be caught if one noticed... but outwardly, she offered a fake smile. "Ah... that's intresting." But... that either made Adalina adopted or... ugh.... that thought was scary. Tristeza would be very creepy if this was true.

Batalla looked to the rest, crossing her arms, she scoffed and turned aside, sitting on the back of the bench with a huff. She hated it when that woman was around, she knew she couldn't beat someone. Blast it all...

"Oh, and don't worry." Tereya allowed a grin to cross her face. Such things didn't go past her so easily - she was very good at spotting out emotions. "She's adopted. What were you thinking, she had a dick or somethin'?"

"That crossed my mind." "Pardon... but her scent is so... off. Arrancar... Shinigami. Hard to place." Ardiente shrugged, "Well... that puts my mind at ease."

"I'm sorry, where exactly is this conversation going?" Mitsune drawled. Now that Batalla's stare was off of her, she could be her normal obnoxious self. They seemed to be babbling... not really getting anywhere in the conversation. Nori mumbled something in his sleep; not audible enough to hear but loud enough to let them know he was still there.

"Shut it." Tereya frowned, once again turning to a more serious look. "So, you're going to be visitin' Bailarin? And you're so sure that you're not going to get your ass kicked the moment you step in their faces?" She was hoping that would be what happened, due to their past love-life.

"Yes, and I, positive I won't be hurt." Ardiente scoffed, "I'm ready to go see the ex." Batalla sighed, "Great... I just love meeting loved ones that would rather cry or kill you then have a decent conversation. Not to mention that the brown-haired she-devil your talking with will probably help."

Tereya snickered. "Oh, right. So that little stare-down you was giving my daughter earlier was a decent conversation? Be thankful you've got your mother to watch over you instead of me." Then, she turned back to Ardiente, shrugging. "Suit yourself. What Bail and Trizzy do with you ain't my problem."

"Bite me." Batalla pointed out with bitterness, but the woman had already clawed her... so she had a feeling this woman just might.

Ardiente nodded, "Do with me... tch. Let's just go." she made sure to walk forward, "Wake the hubby up, and lead the way." Adalina watched the whole time, but having falled asleep in Mitsune's arms, she did little besides rest her head in the crook of her best-friends neck.

Tereya allowed herself to address her husband. She walked over to him, bending over a little and placing hands on her knees. "God, you are knocked out..." She muttered, reaching over to shake him a bit. It was just with enough force to wake the guy up. "Hey, Princess, get the hell up, we're gonna leave."

"Ah, right, because I'm going to get up and walk on my own, huh?" Nori replied, eyes still closed. One arm was extended for her to hook around his neck and carry him with. Mitsune giggled slightly, but not loud enough to wake Adalina.

"I'm going to go ahead with Adalina... the rest of you can catch up." She stated mirthfully, using Kogeru to leave in a burst of red. They would see how her parents were doing, and tell them about Ardiente and Bailarin. So, if they wanted to make an ambush, they could!

Adalina simply laid asleep in her friends arms, unmoving and tired from the day at the carnival.

Batalla stood there waiting. It seems the father was a cripple... that or temporarily handicapped. If he was stronger he might have not been in this current situation... Ardiente just waited for them.

"Oh, boy... don't make a leap for your crutches..." Rolling her eyes in irritation, Tereya relented. She leaned in, allowing him to wrap an arm around her neck while she picked him back up. Then, she looked over at the crutches still sitting on the bench. "....I knew there was a reason one of 'em should've came with us..." She muttered, staring in slight annoyance and disbelief. As she had her hands full, she needed someone else to carry the crutches...

Nori, ever oblivious, nuzzled into his wife's bicep, cooing gently. "I love you, Nami..." It was a defensive mechanism, if anything else. This way, she couldn't be completely mad at him, and just drop him for being so reliant on her. It wasn't as if he didn't really love her! Nori loved Tereya to death. He'd die for her. Almost did. But he really didn't want her getting frustrated with him over anything.

"Ardiente... Could you please carry my crutches?"

Mitsune burst into the living room, and after laying Adalina down gently on the couch, she ran for the nearest adult. Seeing that they weren't in the obvious room, she searched frantically; first the kitchen, then the hallway.

Oh, she prayed to God they weren't having sex.

Tristeza was laying on the bed, her wife next to her, Bailarin reading a book with, her words mumbling slightly, and Tristeza lay simply dozed off on a pillow, most likely bored with the story. "Kids back?" she assumed it was Tereya or Nori with them.

Mitsune couldn't find them. It was time to resort to more drastic measures.


The screamed emitting from the child's mouth would be enough to wake Adalina, she knew, but she needed the adults there post-haste. One of the windows cracked. Mitsune frowned. If they were having sex, they'd stopped now!

Adalina shook from her sleep, immediately gazing around. "Hu-wha-Mitsu?" the first words jumbled as a response to the shock of awakening.

Tristeza immediately snapped awake as well, and rushed to the living room alongside with her wife, both of them glancing around. "What's wrong?!" Bailarin's maternal instincts kicking in. "Are you alright? Who's hurt? Where's everyone?" her own words less jumbled... but rushed.

"Oh, New Mommy!" Mitsune chirped. She acted as if she hadn't been screaming at a deafening volume for a few moments now. "U-Uhm... Daddy's bringing some... uhm... guests for dinner... And the daughter is so ugly; I mean, she's just a bitch. She sits there like she's better than me and just stares and smirks and everything. If I hadn't been holding Adalina, I would've sm--..." The girl caught herself before she could rant any further. "... A woman named Ardiente is coming for dinner."

"Careful with your lang-." Immediately, Bailarin halted her words, and Tristeza joined the shock. Now wide awake, but to a lesser extent. "You just said Ardiente..." pointing out the obvious, Bailarin took her seat at the table, clearing this was distressing to hear for her. "Oh no..." sighing, she rubbed her temples in agony. Tristeza stood there, placing her hands her in her pocket. "Won't matter if she does or not, can't really do anything. And if she tries anything, I'll just kill her, this time, with-." Bailarin butted in, "No!" "I mean... we don't need to be violent. She didn't hurt the kids..."

Tristeza raised a brow, now just catching a comment about her daughter. "Daughter...?"

Mitsune nodded. "Yeah, she's such a bitch. And she dresses all goth and emo-like, too; I bet you she cuts herself. "Down the road, not across the street", y'know? She kept giving me these looks, but I was holding Adalina, so I couldn't do anything, otherwise I would've kicked her ass. Fucking bitch..."

"I see. Well, you have my permission slugger, and make sure to keep Adalina away from her if you can." rubbing the kids her momentarily. This was one of the things she liked about Mitsune. She had spunk.

Bailarin sat there waiting, and her ears deaf to the what was going on. Clearly she was deep in thought.

Promptly, Tereya walked towards the door... took one look at Nori... looked at the door...

...and promptly kicked it open.

Sure, it was a rather unorthodox way to open a door. But, by God, she had a crippled husband in her arms! If she wanted to open the door with her hands, she had to drop the guy, and he'd bitch at her for making him worse off than he was... however, she acted like nothing happened, walking through the door with a casual look on her face.

Nori was staring at his wife, concerned. Was she mad at him because of his condition? Maybe he'd find some way to be more useful to her, somehow, when he got his strength back... He'd really have to make it up to her for this. "Thank you Nami! Uhm... could you bring me up to the bedroom, please?" He didn't mean to imply what he was most certainly implying, and if she wanted to act on it she could! But he wasn't really in the condition for that. Really what he wanted to do was shower before dinner.

Bailarin sat still, nodding to them as they entered. And Tristeza leaned on the wall.

Batalla entered... sighing, "Crappy house..." immediately filth poured from her lips. Ardiente entered also, this was going to turn bad quick. Tristeza immediately snipped. "Well... if it isn't the ex." Ardiente growled, but then grinned. "I'm hurt, really..."

"Sure thing, Princess."

This time, Tereya wasn't eager to instigate and jump in. Instead, she vanished with a simple Shunpo to their bedroom, hence Nori's request. Thankfully, she wasn't in the mood to fulfill his innuendo. Gently, she set him down on the bed. "If there's anything else you want to say, better say it now... I'm about to go get your crutches." She said calmly, placing her hands on her hips.

Nori looked up, startled, then stare down at the carpeted floor. ashamed. She was mad at him, wasn't she? "I'm sorry, Nami..." He mumbled pitifully, keeping his head bowed. She could get his crutches. He'd either shower sitting, or standing, propped up on one of them.


A small fist collided with the goth girl's cheek and she was sent flying into a wall. It was a good thing Mitsune had held back, too. Otherwise she would've demolished it. "Watch what you say, asshole. We're not going to take any of your shit." Almost to embellish that fact, a picture frame that had been hanging above Batalla came loose from the wall and fell on her head.

"Oh, that's right... before I forget."

Tereya immediately walked over, her figure looming over his own due to their positions. "You know that feeling you got when Mitsune and Adalina were getting to be better and better buddies?" She asked dryly. "Well, that's the feeling I'm starting to get when I see you with that bi... Ardiente." She closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration for letting an insult almost slip out. "Don't get me wrong, I can handle you being old friends and all, but the moment that goes too far... there's going to be some problems."

Despite the woman being his wife, Nori still felt somewhat intimidated. He knew what she was getting at... and it made him feel even worse that he had kissed the woman... It wouldn't happen again. "I understand, Nami... I'm sorry." He sighed, keeping his head down. "You can call her a bitch if you want... It's not that I'm utterly protective of her, but I do respect what we did together... I hope you understand. She's more like an ally!... I guess... I don't know... I'm sorry..."

Batalla rubbed her cheek, gritting her teeth as she smiled, "Oh... brat's got some fight in her, eh?" She rubbed the back of her head, letting the picture slide off to the side. She stayed there, Oww....

Adalina watched in surprise. And Tristeza smiled at Mitsune's actions. Ardiente glanced to Bailarin. "Hey Bail-cha- Bailarin." the last time they had talked it was out of love and jealousy, now things were different. They weren't lovers. They weren't even friends... but she hoped that the latter atleast remained. "How have you been?"

Bailarin murmured, still shocked by Mitsu's action. "I-I'm good... things have... definately changed..."

"What do you mean, you don't know?" Tereya allowed herself to lean in a bit further, their foreheads almost touching. "Don't tell me that you forgot 'bout the one you're married to already..." However, there wasn't hostility in her tone, but rather a dry teasing. The small smirk that followed it emphasized that fact.

"I didn't, Nami." Nori stated firmly. Despite the frail courage he'd just found, his face was turning a light shade of red because of how close Tereya had gotten to him. And she was smirking... Nori hated that smirk. That "I'm better than you, smarter than you, you can't defeat me" smirk. But there was nothing he could do about it..!

For whatever reason, Nori's bottom lip began to curl into an upside-down "V" shape.

Mitsune scowled, and because her parents weren't here, she ran to Tristeza, hugged her, then buried her head in the woman's side. The next few moments were spent with the girl softly nuzzling the woman's ribs before almost falling asleep. She was upset! Mitsune needed a nap...

Tristeza snickered as Mitsune did so. Batalla only sat there, broken glass on head and floor, but non the less pissed. Ardiente questioned, "So... Adalina's your child?" Bailarin nodded, "Yeah... adopted... found her several years ago... you have a child now I see..." Ardiente muttered, "Yeah... but she's the real deal."

Once again, Tereya closed the distance. She planted one of her own kisses within his mouth (just a teasing one) before she pulled away from him. "Good. You better not have..." She replied simply, turning on her heel and walking off. "Oh... and before today's over with, do find a good time to clean yer teeth or somethin'. I don't want to have to feel like I'm kissing another girl again." With that, she promptly shut the door behind her.

A sigh escaped the man's lips. He really couldn't fool her, at all? She knew that much about him..? That she could tell just by looking, what he'd done, when he'd done it, and how guilty he felt about it? But this meant she forgave him, didn't it..? That she would just plant a kiss on him and walk away like nothing happened?

Nori loved Tereya.

And now it was time for his shower.

Everyone Loves The Ex's.[]

Batalla eventually stood up, and took her place on the couch. Bailarin had flinched mentally at the words. Was that a shot at her being a lesbian? Ardiente was basically one... what right did she have to say such? "What do you mean by that." Ardiente shrugged, "Just saying, your kid's shinigami, not to mention not your own. How'd you find her anyway?" Tristeza muttered, "Not much of your buisness speaking of our daughter like that." "Alongside, we found her when she was young, abandoned."

Ardiente hinted a more aggresive approach, clearly jealousy was still there. "Think there might be a reason she was left there..." Adalina looked somewhat in disbelief... what were they saying this for?

"Where's Princess's crutches?"

However, the debate was interrupted shortly by a yell, followed by Tereya's appearance as she came down the steps. She stepped into the room, searching everywhere for the things. They were sure hard to find!

Nearly the moment she came into view, Mitsune ran from Tristeza to her actual mother, wrapping her arms around the woman's face and burying her head into her mother's side. Mitsune was upset! Batalla shouldn't be allowed in her house anymore... Nobody liked her, and she was ugly and she smelled! And she was ugly!

Ardiente looked to Tereya without a word. And Adalina immediatley did the same, hugging Tereya's leg. Things were getting tense...

"Maybe because she was handicapped? Ever notice anything unusual?" Tristeza butted in, "I suggest you shut up about my child." Bailarin stood up, Ardiente immediately was hostile! Why?! What had she done wrong now?! "Nothing is wrong with her, she's just fine." "And you have no right to speak of her this way!" Tristeza butted in, "What about your whore child? So far, the only thing I notice the difference between our daughters is that yours is a total brat." Ardiente scoffed loudly.

Mitsune bit her bottom lip, but not hard enough to make it bleed. This was scary. She wanted the yelling to stop.

Tereya didn't have to say a word to them to know what was going on. Caringly, she placed an arm around their shoulders in order to comfort them both as they hugged her, all the meanwhile staring with annoyance at the scene in front of her. Great... she knew this was going to happen. "Yep, it's a bit too much to ask for crutches at this moment..." With that, the woman immediately took them to their "safe room" with a single Shunpo.

Bailarin snipped one last time... "Stop being so cruel, you're here out of our kindness." Tristeza mentioned a broken memory. "Or else I'll finish what I didn't last time we happened to meet."

Ardiente scoffed in irrtation, "Fine." Batalla on the other hand... went upstairs following the children.

The water turned on upstairs. It was barely audible over all of the arguing.

"Mommy..." Mitsune cried. There were small tears streaming down her cheeks at the moment, but she hid them by burying her head into her mother's side. Why was everyone fighting..? Was it because she hit Batalla? Mitsune was sorry! The grown-ups didn't have to fight over her! She was sorry...

"Sssh..." Tereya said softly, bending down to their level to embrace them in a hug. "It's got nothing to do with you two... Trizzy and Bail just have some issues with that brat's mother." Unsure if that was all that would be needed in order to ensure them, she kept them in her hug for as long as needed to.

Adalina had joined in with the hug, staying in it she closed her eyes. She was glad that Tereya could be their mommy when Bailarin acted like this... "Hey Terra?" a new nickname spurned for the mother. "Why are they fighting like that then?"

Batalla stood by the door, making sure to not make a noise, leaning on the side of the stair-wall hall as a means to hear them.

Tristeza quipped, "So... if she's your real child, why does she stink of Shinigami too?" Ardiente glowered, "Because, that's what you get when kind of a child you get when you sleep with one."

Mitsune whimpered. Her mother was so nice... Maybe Mitsune should be nice to her more often. "I love you, Mommy... Mitsune loves you..." She murmered softly, hugging her mother even tighter. The girl's eyes slowly began to close... She had tired herself out.

Smiling a little at the nickname, Tereya began to hold Mitsune closer in order to keep her from falling. "Well... I can't really explain..." She admitted, letting go of Adalina. "Generally... Bailarin and Ardiente was like...uh... Bailarin and Trizzy for a moment... until they had some problems and separated." God, she needed someone better to explain something like this, like the fighters themselves! But, they were too busy arguing. Gently, Tereya adjusted her arms and stood up, carrying a sleepy-eyed Mitsune to the bed.

Adalina pondered. "But... mommy said that I was her and Trizzy's daughter, am I really Ardie...'s and hers?" She pondered more so. "Are they fighting because their mad at eachother... like they broke-up, off of those tv show's?"

"Yeah, they're fighting because they're mad at each other, and..." Tereya had to word this carefully. "No, you ain't Ardie's."

Mitsune had already fallen asleep. Her breaths were gentle and simple, noticed only by the periodic rising and falling of her chest. Gently and blindly in her sleep, she groped for something to hug and snuggle into. Did Tereya have a teddy bear on her..? Or anything else?

Adalina questioned momentarily, somewhat relieved even at her age. "Thank you for taking us up here Terra..." she though once more, determined to get the last question out of her head. "Why do people fight if their mad? Why not just talk or something?"

Batalla stifled a 'tch', but wanted to hear the woman's answer...

"Because some people just can't get words into their head fast enough...." Tereya replied calmly, a finger on her bottom lip as she looked around. Thankfully, there was one nearby - presumably having been used before. "...before they start feeling angry enough to think that words just won't get through. Some people can control that feeling... others can't. They just want to shut out whatever the other person's saying and keep their own thoughts over them, even if those thoughts are wrong." She planted the huggable bear right into Mitsune's hands.

Batalla only watched... perparing to speak up.

Adalina nodded, "Alright... I wish people didn't act like that..." "But atleast I have you, Terra, Mr. Nori, Momma, Tristezzy, and my best-friend Mitsu!" she smiled, looking over to Mitsune, a glow forming on her face as she did so. Feelings had risen, that was for sure... and she was happy with these families.

Batalla muttered out, revealing her presence if it already hadn't been noticed... "That's your viewpoint...huh." "Wish my Mom acted the way you freaks happen to..." Ardiente was a good mother, but an overly opinionated and possessive one. Especcially the jealous type...

Mitsune smiled warmly and snuggled into the bear, her small frame using all four limbs to wrap the stuffed animal in an incredibly possessive hug. She wouldn't be letting go of it until she woke up. Or, until something larger tried to force it's way inbetween her arms... Larger, softer, and better! That was the only thing!


As anticipated, Tereya immediately turned towards the sound of the voice. With a simple Shunpo, she re-appeared in front of the door, gripping the knob of the handle. Then, in order to at least surprise the girl, she opened it with a swift and rough motion to reveal the girl standing there. "The hell're you doing here, brat?" She said dryly. "Come to harass my girl a little more, or did ya get panicked by your mom arguin'?"

Making sure not to step back, she was intimidated though, she had already been threatened and hurt by this woman once, that was enough for her. "I'm not here to harass your girl, or the other one for that matter." Looking up, her lips playing with themselves, "I just don't like hearing them nag downstairs..." her tone lacking backsas, it was a ture answer, what she would have meant was that she was sick of the yelling and argueing. Whereas yelling affected Adalina strongly, it affected Batalla as well, she just took if differently. "Sorry if I'm bothering you all..." Batalla could guess this woman was going to send her downstairs.

The lack of hostility caused Tereya to quirk an eyebrow at the young girl. Instinctively, she had been eager to just ignore the girl and shove her side, but... this time, there was no resentment. Could she just let her in freely? "Nah..." She replied calmly. "You're not botherin' anyone... at least not me. Feel free to come in... just... try not to wake Mitsune."

Batalla made sure to be quiet, this woman trusted her enough to let her in... that made her feel more secure. "Alright..." "So... how long have you known them?" Adalina looked up, if Terra-chan could forgive the girl, then she could as well.

Bailarin quiped, still downstairs, "So how have you been, what have you been up to?" their yelling down, but tension still high. Ardiente shrugged, "Not much, got married myself, had a kid, live her, I've taken a few jobs, librarian... I quit that job though, I work as a photographer."

Tristeza nodded, "What kind?" Ardiente answered simply, "Weddings."

This was when Nori began to stumble down the stairs, his hair still wet from the shower. To steady himself, he was holding the railing with both arms, taking the steps one at a time, putting both feet on one before he began on another one. He wouldn't ask for his crutches, but if someone wanted to give them to him, that'd be great...

Tereya shrugged. "It's been quite a while. Not in the year-long thing, but rather several months..." At that moment, the dog, out of trait, peeked its head into the doorway for only a second before scurrying in quickly.

Batalla began to look around. "So your families live together? How does that happen? You all must be really buddy-buddy." She let out a quick breath, she wasn't used to being civil, especcially towards people who tried or did hurt her.

Tristeza nodded, "I'll be getting a job soon. Bailarin is the house-wife." Smiling to her wife with an affection. Ardiente just rolled her eyes.

"Yep, that'd be exactly it..." Tereya answered coyly, turning on her heel and making her way towards the door again to peek out. "The idea just happened to come up, and it was really too good to pass up, so pretty much that was i-- huh?"

It was here that she spotted Nori's figure stumbling down the steps. Whoops! She had forgotten all about the guy, worrying about the kids. "Ok, I'm gonna have to cut this a bit short...." She muttered. "Be right back... and, Batalla?" She looked over her shoulder one last time to give a rather harsh glare. "You touch a single hair on either one of these kids, and I'm gonna do more than make your face look ugly. Got it?"

Batalla looked to the kids... and then back to her, taking her time to answer. "I understand..." she offered solace. Batalla didn't want this woman to do anything. And for the record... it was just respect. Tereya proved she wouldn't back down to her, and that proved superiority, and for the moment... Tereya was just that. The head on the totem pole, and they could always be removed.

Adalina looked to them, Batalla had taken her seat against the wall, leaning with her hands behind her head, hair over the right side of her face.

Mitsune's hands groped the teddy bear, and she mumbled incoherently in her sleep. The bear was almost not cutting it anymore. It wasn't big enough, or warm! She didn't like it. In a few moments, she'd wake up and get all cranky.. And then she'd beat up Batalla again!


Nori slipped. He crumpled to the floor immediately, groaning. Why hadn't anybody helped him..? Wouldn't they expect that to happen when he could barely stand on his own? And he was wet! It was like he lived in a house full of retards...

It was lucky that the puppy was there.

As if sensing Mitsune's distress, the dog promptly leaped onto the bed, knocked the stuffed bastard right from her hands, and rested on its place, settling comfortably. No inanimate object could ever compare with the cuteness of a small and young animal! Not even a stupid teddy bear! She should've killed the thing while she was at it...

Behind Nori, a snicker came, courtesy of his wife. "Having a little trouble there, Hime?" She asked, walking down the steps to stand beside Nori's crumpled form. Slowly, she knelt over the man in order to help him up, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and one of her own arms around his waist. "Sorry for not bringing the crutches... I asked, but there was a lot of drama going on for 'em to notice me. Plus, the girls were getting a bit scared due to the arguin'."

Adalina looked to the dog, smiling at what occured.

Batalla just glanced to the two in the hall, so he was the female in the relationship... intresting.

"... Mm... Puppy..."

Mitsune hugged the puppy gently, her breath suddenly becoming more shallow and her expression more relaxed. Rather than the pillow, Mitsune laid her head lightly on the puppy's. She was smiling now. The girl was happy she had the pet.

Nori looked up gingerly to Tereya, then leaned his head on her shoulder as she lifted him, fully aware of his submissive role in the relationship. "Arguing..?" He asked quietly. If Ardiente was causing trouble, he'd kick her out. Not her daughter. Her daughter was adorable.

"Mhm... but maybe now they can hear my question since it's sounded like it quieted down...." Carefully supporting the man, Tereya walked within the room where the three women were seated, a rather irritating look gracing her features immediately. "All right... now that you've got the drama outta your systems, anyone mind telling me where the fuck the crutches are?"

"Ardiente..." Nori began, glaring at the woman. "Are you starting trouble..? If you are, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave..." His head was still resting lightly on his wife's shoulder. It wasn't as if he was tired... She was just soft...

Ardeinte shrugged, "No, I'm not making trouble... not anymore." "The crutches are by the front door."

Tristeza and Bailarin just kept their mouths shut, signifying how tense they both were... or atleast Bailarin was. Tristeza had her arm wrapped around her, and Bailarin possessed that sad expression.

So far, Tereya didn't seem to notice, even as she walked towards them with Nori in tow. However, that was immediately rendered useless with the next statement: "God, the tension's so thick in here you could cut through it. No wonder the girls got upset..." She commented, though not in an accusing manner. Carefully, she reached out with her free hand and gripped the set of crutches, though she found it a bit hard to do with only one hand. "All right..." She muttered. "Think you can take these from me without fallin' over?"

"No." Nori replied sarcastically, pulling them from her. He wasn't going to wait around anymore. Tucking one under each arm, he limped towards Ardiente, balanced himself on the left one, then pointed the right at Ardiente's face. "Leave."

Ardiente glanced to him, somewhat irritated by the action...but nontheless, this was there house. And she wasn't here to fight, atleast not physically... "Alright then." Sighing, she crossed her arms as she walked towards the door. "If Batalla wants to stay, she can... if your fine with that. If not, I'll call for her."

Adalina was now asleep, and Batalla was the only one awake up stairs... excluding the dog of course.

The man was... surprised. Ardiente was actually leaving. "Yeah, uhm... She can stay if she wants too... Though, because the two aren't audible, I'm guessing they're asleep... So I can't really see what she'd do." Nori mumbled.

Mitsune sighed softly, nuzzling gently into the dog as she slept.

Tereya quirked an eyebrow. All it took was a simple "leave" and Ardiente was willing to oblige? Gladly, Nori could handle himself after all... or was it because she was there? Whatever it was, she didn't care - at least the bitch left her bearable (but only slightly) child behind. "I'll go check up on' em...." She decided, walking past them and up the stairs once again. However, a thought crossed her head.

"Oi... Ardy. You ain't tellin' your kid 'bout this?"

"About what? Me leaving?" "She'll be fine... she knows her way around, and plus she has Shunpo, not like it won't be a quick trip for her." Ardiente murmured, "And as for what's been said... that'll depend." Ardiente notioned... looking to Nori, "Just let her stay here for awhile, let her talk to you all or whatever, she needs some social contact. Tereya seems to be capable of keeping her in check."

With that said, Ardiente opened the door and exited...

And Nori was sad. He'd just thrown out one of the only friends he'd ever had; one of the only people who was still actually willing to be friends with him, out of his house. It made him feel horrible. Disgusted with himself. Depressed.

But, he wouldn't be showing it to anybody. Especially his wife. She'd get on his back again...

And so, Nori stumbled past his wife up the steps as she exchanged words with Ardiente, wanting to go check on the children with her.

Ardiente was now gone. And Batalla was up in the room, checking around her for others, she glanced towards the hall, looked like Tereya and her hubby was headed up here. And by the sound of the door, someone had left... "Need help there?" If she was going to stay, she'd need to get on their good sides.

"Sure!" Nori replied. What a sweet girl! Was she really going to help him? Why couldn't Mitsune be this helpful..? Ardiente probably raised her to be a polite and astute young girl. That was why she's so adorable!

Just as he was saying that, Tereya was coming up from behind him, hearing what Batalla had said.

"Oh...." She muttered, a look of slight surprise coming over her face. The girl was offering to help? For a moment, she almost regretted cutting her face... almost. "Well, that leaves me to-- wait, no..." She made her way to walk beside Nori. "They asleep?" She asked the girl.

Adalina's head was slumped next to her friends, sound asleep. Batalla answered, "Yeah, both of 'em are knocked out." Walking over to them both, she nodded, helping with Nori being brought up... or maybe back down the stairs. Not much was said, after all... she wasn't all cuddles and love.

Nori smiled warmly. "Thank you." He stepped up the steps carefully; he did go up there to check on the children, after all. She looked too old to be like Adalina or Mitsune; not a girly-girl, obviously, much too old for that, or to hug anything. But, still enough to be cute! Not pedofile cute. He didn't bend that way. But still cute. Daughter-cute.

Shoving her hands into her pockets, Tereya allowed herself to move quickly up the stairs. Now that Ardiente had decided to leave... and the children were asleep... what was she to do? Pick on Nori some more? Check up on the children (despite the fact they were asleep)? Chop off a head or two? Ugh... she was going to be one bored woman...

"Hey, Nami?"

Nori looked back with a stupid grin plastered on his face. She would probably smack him for this, or knock over his crutches, but she looked so bored! And, with nothing to do, this would occupy her. And satisfy him. And the girl!

"How about you go and make me a sammich?"

This caused the woman to tilt her head over her shoulder.

She paused for a minute, calculating his words.

And then, she decided to fire back her own witty one as well.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I ran outta ham. Would you like knuckles instead?" For emphasis, she raised her hands up and flexed her fingers - a sign of preparation to wound him even further for that comment. Though, she did stop to consider if she did have the interest to do it anymore... would it be fun, beating the crap out of her husband who couldn't really do anything to fight back? She had done it before...

Too bad she had been too angry to think about whether she was having fun doing it or not.

Batalla glanced to them both... this was going to get awkard, lifting him by herself. That wasn't a problem... but she looked... violent, again...

Tristeza and Bailarin sat there talking, "What do you think... hun?" Tristeza muttered, "I'd rather not see her face again, I don't want her near our family." Bailarin pondered, "But she didn't fight this time... and she has her own kid." Tristeza sighed, her wife's constant optimism and kind-heartedness was touching, and was the very reason she loved her... but forgiving someone who broke their heart like that, wasn't easy to forgive. "She may, but love, you need to think about it."

"Salami works fine, too. Though, don't forget the ketchup. I know how forgetful you can be sometimes, but don't forget the fucking ketchup again." In preparation, Nori closed his eyes and grit his teeth. He didn't want to see it coming... She was going to hit him, and it was going to hurt... But at least she'd be entertained for a little while, wouldn't she..?

She would've continued to exchange retorts with the guy.... but, upon seeing his rather fearful expression, she was almost tempted to laugh. The guy was asking to get hit! This time, she allowed herself to walk towards him, her bored expression continuing to exist. Could she be surprised? Not really. It was the same guy who was so depressed to the point of suicide. So, she really wasn't surprised anymore that masochism could easily describe him now...

Instead of her fist...

...her lips came into contact with her husband's cheek.

Pulling away, she turned off and walked back down the stairs. "Be back in a minute, Hime." She called calmly over her shoulder. He was lucky she was feeling too bored and unmotivated to do anything else! Otherwise, she would've just punched him right then and there.

Batalla helped him down the stairs... still somewhat shocked by the woman. She's totally bi-polar. Making her way down the steps, her arm around his shoulder to support him down to the ground level and to the living room with the others.

"Ah, thank you!" Now that he was on solid ground, and could use his crutches properly, Nori let go of Batalla and balanced on his extra legs, obviously cheerful about how he hadn't just gotten beaten into a bloody pulp. "So, Batalla, why don't you tell me about yourself? Unless you'd like to leave."

Batalla muttered, "Not much to know about me. I live with my Mom. I'm not an Arrancar like her. I love horror movies and loud bass music. I hate yelling, and I want to grow stronger."

"Blunt, are we? There's more to you than you think." He pointed out sternly, staring down the girl with a mixture of curiosity and pitty. One night stand; Ardiente was married to a woman, this much he could tell. So the girl didn't know her own father. "You're welcome over anytime you like, Batalla."

"I tend to be, no need to sugar-coat anything, makes things not what they are." Batalla glanced back up to him... she was being offered a place to stay. "T-thanks..." it was a kind gesture, and indeed... she had no father or father figure, it was a hollow feeling, maybe Nori could help fill it some. Some.

"Do you want to sleep over? You could bunk with the girls. They might not like you, but that's only because they have... crushes... on eachother..." Nori made a face, showing he resentment of that fact, but he kept his opinions to himself. "And they are a little younger than you, actually... Huh... Well, I guess you've got your own friends, right?"

"Bunking actually sounds fine to me." Batalla pointed out, squashing any sign of her showing her excitement, and her voice barely coated it with seriousness. "And I don't have many friends... and, crushes? Really? I guessed it right then."

"Mmmm... Don't you go develouping a crush. I like you so far, and it'd be disappointing if I walked in to a three-some..." The man muttered, his eyes half closed. It was obvious that his facial expression and tone of voice didn't indicate the statement to be perverted. "Now then! Where the hell is my wife with out sandwiches...?"

Batalla smiled, giving a nod to him, her face regaining it's calm poise. "Got it." It was simple answer, and a neutral one that could be translated as; I heard you, but can't promise you. Not that she would... the peach haired one was too timid.

It was so unfortunate that Tereya just happened to appear behind Nori when he had spat out the rather ungrateful comment towards her person.


With her free hand - which was balled into a fist - she delivered a hard blow to the back of Nori's head, not enough to knock the guy out, but at the very least enough to give him a concussion. "Do you want to recover in months, or years? If it's the former, I suggest you shut the fuck up and be glad I'm doing this at all." She warned him, voice showing her irritation. Her other hand was holding the said sandwiches - (now that she thought about it, she couldn't believe she was doing this. She felt like a fucking maid!).

If Tereya were smart, she would have noticed that her husband wasn't supporting himself, and was standing around on crutches. If she were smart, she would've known that a punch to the back of the head would send him tumbling forwards, onto the floor, and that he would be unable to get himself back up.

"I-I'm sorry, Nami..."

If Nori were smart, he would've remembered that his wife didn't care, and that it was a bad idea to say bad things about her when you didn't know exactly where she was.

But they weren't smart.

"Apology accepted...." Was the rather satisfied response, even as Tereya came up to stand in front of him. After handing Batalla her sandwich (it hadn't been mentioned in the request, but she was being nice, she kneeled down to set Nori's plate right in front of his face. Idly, she wondered if he found a way to eat it other than on his stomach.... if he could, congrats for him. "Eat up." She said, grinning as she stood back up.

Batalla simply grasped her sandwhich, nothing said, a nod given. Beginning to take a nibble out of it, unaware of what was actually in the two pieces of bread. Bailarin was now in the kitchen, placing her stress into washing and drying the dishes, however few they are. Tristeza stayed behind, looking the to the display that Nori and Tereya had just given. Free entertainment...

After hesitaing a brief moment, Nori tried to put himself at least into a sitting position on the floor. Using both of his arms, and shifting his legs, his body slowly began to slump into the shape he wanted. But... already... he could feel his arms slipping... and his side wouldn't support the weight.


Almost as if Tereya had hit him again, he collasped back on the ground. But he was hungry..! And so... in a manner not to different from a Dog's... Nori began to eat his sandwich on his stomach. Maybe his wife could get a good laugh from it... He hoped so. He really, really did. That way, when he was all better, he wouldn't feel bad about killing her!

And sure enough...


A snicker came from Tereya's lips, and she held a hand to her mouth in an effort to hide it. Sure, it was cruel doing that to him, but it was punishment for taking advantage of her hospitality! Nori looked so retarded, almost like a fish out of water trying to nom on a bread crumb. Eventually, that snicker turned into a bunch of snickers, and she just had to turn away and lean against the wall, her back facing Nori so that she wouldn't see anymore. She should run, grab a camera, and take a picture before he finished!


Tereya was sent foward slightly by something smacking into the back of her head. Nori's sandwich! She could beat the shit out of him all she wanted; Nori wasn't about to get laughed at and made fun of because of something she created. He'd just stay pissed at her for a while, it was okay. She was used to him begging her for forgiveness everytime she did something wrong, wasn't she? Well, it wasn't going to fly anymore. He'd stay pissed, and if she didn't like it, he'd ignore her completely until she apologized.

Or he caved.

But that wouldn't happen...

It didn't help.

Tereya now had to hide her face in both hands, unable to hold back her laughter anymore. This was almost as entertaining as that Momma's-Boy Arrancar moment! Nori'd be a little ticked off at her... and she could be expecting some sort of retribution if he got better... but it was a moment she just couldn't pass up! Immediately, she allowed herself to turn around, wiping a tear from her eye. "I...." She finally managed to say, though still chuckling a little. "I'm sorry, Hime...but that was just too funny." She walked over to him, kneeling down in order to pick the guy back up. "But I ain't makin' another."


Instead of accepting her help, and getting it over and done with, Nori smacked her in the face the moment she close enough for him to do so. "Fuck you, Tereya..." He grumbled. Fuck Nami; why should he be nice to her? "Leave me the fuck alone."

....that immediately stopped the set of chuckles on her face.

Immediately, her eyes narrowed, and her smile turned into a frown. The sting of pain that was on her cheek now was more aggravating than anyone else. If she was really going to be a bitch, she would've left the guy right then and there... but, of course... "Bet you'd just love to fuck me right now, don't ya? Too bad for you." She taunted right back for a taunting moment more. "But, really... though you'd get it through your head right now that I don't take shit-talking behind my back. 'Course I'm gonna lash back out... now, quit being a bitch and let me help you up...."

"Fuck you. Go away." Nori retorted back. Because calling him a bitch was supposed to make him happy, right?! "I think I'd rather fuck Ardiente." Maybe that would set the balance in his favor, and make her mad, even if he was only dooming himself by lying and saying it.

Oooh, ouch. Think he hurt her girl-feelings with that one....

"....and you wonder why the hell I never say "Thank you" directly..." Tereya muttered, mouth twitching a little. "It's because of this. You like to get a bigger fucking head then you should get. Now, not only did I get off my bored ass to make you somethin' that you actually asked for, but I also said "sorry" for making you my personal laugh source. Now, how about you do the same?" She bent down in a kneeling position to get a little closer to his level.

And, of course, Tereya did the same thing she always did in an argument. She used logic against him. Stupid thing. Always made him feel guilty. "... I'm sorry, Tereya..." He mumbled, careful to produce a tone that was both genuine and meaningful when coupled with his apology.

"Much better."

As she lifted him up in order to support him on his own two feet, she allowed a rather toothy grin to be made out of her mouth. She leaned in towards Nori a little. "And... did you say "you'd rather go fuck Ardiente...?" She whispered, just enough for Nori to hear. "You know, I can always prove that little statement wrong."

Nori looked to her with an embarassed expression. "I doubt it..." He muttered. Maybe it would make her more fired up! They could go do it right now! One small movement of Shunpo, and they'd be back in the bedroom, and she could have all the fun she wanted with him. Granted, she would need to be gentle.

This time, he was right.

Tereya turned her head over her shoulder, allowing her free hand to let go of the one draped around his shoulders in order to place her palm on his side. "I'll take it from here, Batalla." She said calmly, her expression being replaced by her casual one.

"Alright." Batalla moved out of the way, letting Tereya handle the situation. Making her way to the table, she sat, making quick conversation to the two married women. "So your Bailarin and Tristeza, right?"

Bailarin muttered a quick reply, "Yes, that'd be me, I'm your mother's ex." Batalla mouthed a simple 'ah'. "She never meant to hurt ya' you know, just saying, it's none of my buisness, but she's told me she didn't mean to."

Tristeza just listened... what this girl had to say didn't matter much. Bailarin nodded, "Didn't make it hurt any less, but thank you for stating that."

With that move, Tereya's move turned even more....predator-like. Her eyes were almost slitted now, a rather devious and possibly intimidating countenance as a result. She leaned into Nori for a moment, planting a chaste kiss on his cheek before whispering. "I ain't gonna hurt ya.... much." Then, without another word, she used a Shunpo to take them to their destination.

Whatever happened next was behind closed doors only.

The Curtains Close for Now...[]

Tristeza muttered towards Batalla. "So you have a father then? What's he like?" Bailarin just waited for the reply...

"I don't have a father, for what good it was worth, my mother slept with some man, and here I am. No attachements..." her voice clearly sharp and irritated. "He's worth nothing for all the good he's done for me or mom, where's he been? Not in our lives is the best answer, as far I care, my father might as well not exist." Strong words... but of sorrow and bitter resentment to what she wanted most. A true family.

Bailarin smiled, "So i'm guessing, your mother met another woman?" A nod met her answer. Batalla sighed, "I'm going to go to bed... its 'late... I'll be on the couch." Making quick use of the stairs, she headed to the small reading room, a small couch in the center.

Bailarin frowned... this girl had troubles. Tristeza kept silent, this would be an intresting series of years...

And silently... ever so silently... a voice of serene ignorance echoed through the goth's mind. A voice that would be honed in the future years...

"Tch... he...he...hehe...hahahahaaa!" Junto was the voice's name.

The End of Divine Fun of Two Friends