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Devuelto (合計; Spanish for "The Returned") are a race of beings that as of now have only ever been created through artificial means, though what they were before varies. They in fact have ancient origins, but until recently they had been thought extinct. Only the greatest of historians are likely to know the name of this race, and currently there is only one known Devuelto. The creation of a Devuelto is a lengthy process, which is perhaps why they died out so long ago; it typically takes 2 years with much attendance to create one. It also requires a vast amount of reishi, but because of this a Devuelto can easily be classified as a highly dangerous being, especially because typically they retain sentience.


The creation method for Devuelto has only been recently recovered, a fact that has lead to only one Devuelto currently existing. It has been discovered that Devuelto, within the World of the Living, were the cause of the fear and belief in Necromancy centuries before. This is in many ways factual, in that a person's lifeless spiritual body is flooded with a typically constant stream of reishi, along with focused emotions. Doing this restores the body, and also creates a beacon of sorts to draw the memories of the deceased back to its body. The being that the body meets after spiritual death must allow the deceased to return, which is possibly the origin of the name, Devuelto. The process of restoring physical life to the body however is a lengthy process that typically takes 2 years; even more if the body is severely damaged.

It has been theorized that a natural Devuelto is possible, but it would requires the body be in a place constantly filled with atmospheric reishi in incredibly high concentrations. Because of the unlikeliness of a body surviving a realm with such conditions for two years, it is clear why natural Devuelto are basically non-existent.

Devuelto are noted to retain the appearance of their previous form, however it is likely that strange scarring will appear on the body immediately after the creation process is completed. These scars are fine, but they radiate energy that makes them noticeable. These scars can be healed fully through medical help, but the positivity and negativity of the Devuelto will normally determine how unnoticeable or noticeable they are respectively.

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