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Ray Martinez, fomerly known as Kaworu Yamamoto-Genryusai is traveiling the world looking for his true place after deserting the Soul-Society on the road he encounters new allies that he learns from and becomes better for it but unknown to him two people are watching him waiting for the oppertunity to make their move against him especially one of the people who is looking for the location to a Portal that may lead him to destroying all life in the universe.

Act I[]

  1. Ray vs Shade: Fate's call
  2. Introduction and Aftermath
  3. Return from the Black
  4. Shade and Ray: Training in the rain
  5. Cold Lord's Fall: Awakening
  6. Final Showdown: Inori and Shade, Who Sits Atop the Throne?

Act II[]

1. The Wolf, The Mongoose, The Thorn, The Musician, The Willow, and The Winds meet The Lion
2. That Hollow Feeling: Return of Ikasoruke
2.5. The god of the Skies Wears a Crying White Mask
3. An Autumnal Chill Blows Toward the West
4. Walking Along Toward the Cliffs of Uncertainty

Act III[]

  1. Yuki and Ray What about Margin?
  2. Just a mission: Nothing more

Act IV[]

  1. Ultimate Showdown: Ray's Final Trial