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Denkou Arashi
Denkou Arashi
Name Denkou Arashi
Kanji でんこうあらし
Romanji Lightning Storm
Race Zanpaktou Spirit
Height 129.54 cm (4'3)
Weight 22/67 kg (50 Ibs)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Partner Itsuki Jurou
Base of Operations Itsuki's Inner World
Shikai Denkou Arashi
Bankai Not Yet Revealed

Denkou Arashi (でんこうあらし, Lightning Storm) in the spirit of Itsuki Jurou's Zanpaktou and ultimately a character foil of it's owner. While Itsuki is normally calm and collected, Denkou Arashi is normally wild, loud, and likes to fight and cause trouble. Despite the fact that Denkou Arashi can be so troublesome, his physical appearance is that of a young child.

Character Outline[]

Denkou Arashi is of course the Zanpaktou spirit of Itsuki Jurou, first appearing to the former Shinigami during his days in the academy. Since then, Denkou Arashi has been giving Itsuki hell and has been much more of an annoyance rather than a help. Denkou Arashi, despite being a young child in appearance is a known master of swordsmanship as well as manipulating electricty.


Powers & Abilites[]

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Despite being a young boy in appearance, Denkou Arashi is said to be a very expert swordsman. Itsuki claims that while in battle with Denkou Arashi, the boy was able to best him at different points during their battle and left him at awe.

Enhanced Speed: Itsuki also claims that for a young boy, Denkou Arashi is very quick and was able to surpass him in speed during their battle.

Lightning Manipulation: Denkou Arashi is also shown to be an adept master of his own element, a common hobby of Denkou Arashi while relaxing within Itsuki's inner world is to randomly shoot lightning around.


  • Denkou Arashi is based off of the character Zeno in Konjiki no Gash Bell.


  • (To Itsuki Jurou) "Come, bet you won't hit me!"
  • (To Itsuki Jurou) "Bwah! You think you know the power of my lightning? You ain't seen it yet!"