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Team Vampire was getting ready for their turn. Kite was picking clothes to wear. Seishi was looking at his "master" and asked, "Must you always be like that? Just choose some clothes and lets go already. I'm itching to fight dude." Myst just looked at Kite and said, "Wear the best you can, Kite." she smiled.

Team Dark stood downstairs, waiting for their opponents. Hayashi was restless, Shuuji was watching the child thinking about what power he has. Loran simply waited, not in a hurry to fight.

Kite finally chose an entire suit, a formal shirt with a tie with black pants and shoes. He proceeded to the arena, where they would fight. Myst and Seishi was there. Upon entering the premises, Seishi suddenly stopped, feeling his brother's reiatsu. He looked up at the stands, but Shuuji wasn't there. Where could he be....

Shuuji enterd the arena with the others, and looked at his brother, knowing fully well they would end up fighting this match. Hayashi didn't have a clue how strong either one was, but knew either one could defeat him in seconds. Loran was too busy thinking about the past to care who she would fight.

Seishi feared fighting Shuuji again. Though he was also afraid of Shuuji letting him win the match. He walked up to Shuuji, "Don't go easy on me just because I'm your brother." he said with a flat face. He then proceeded to the ring, where the first fight would begin.

"Don't think I will, brother." Shuuji said as he walked over to the arena, his two teamates following close behind.

Seishi stepped onto the ring and made it official. "I'm going first... brother." he said as Kite and Myst walked to the bench where they could sit.

Hayashi and Loran walked over to the bench as well. "This is gonna be fun. After You-Know-Who went mad, I just had so much work. It's nice to get a break." Loran said, glad to be with her friends and family.