Name Death
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Gender M

Hair black
Unusual Features Body covered in feathers, strange crown-shaped apendage
Professional Status
Affiliation R.A.G.N.A.R.O.K.
Occupation Member of the Four Horsemen
Team The Four Horsemen
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Base of Operations R.A.G.N.A.R.O.K.'s base
Personal Status
Marital Status single
Relatives Strife, Pestilence, War
Status Active
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Death is a Bio-Weapon manufactured by R.A.G.N.A.R.O.K. for the sake of carrying out their wishes as one of the Horsemen.


Death, naturally has a creepy appearance. He is covered in feathers as black as ebony, except his neck area, with white armor over the feathers. He has a pale white mask over his face, possibly a reference to his Horse in Revelations. The eye holes are large, giving a hollow, vacant look, while the mask is set in a consistent smile. Over his ebon black hair is a strange crown-like shape. His wings have a strange blue glow about them.


As the Fourth Horseman, Death is the most enigmatic, without any discerning personality traits, beyond doing as his leader commands. When given an order, Death ensures his master gets exactly what he asks for, even if it required the death of legions of soldiers, or even his own life. Other than that, it seems as though Death is void of original thought or emotion, almost robotic in that respect.


Death has a very sharp scythe that can contend with even the most powerful of Zanpakto, making him a very dangerous man to face in combat. He wields it with astounding skill, given the length of the handle, allowing him to fight in close quarters, and not risk his own safety.

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