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This article, Daydreamer, was added by Wolfsoul1000 who determines its usage on this wiki.

Name Daydreamer
Kanji 空想家
Race Hanshin
Birthday unknown
Age over 10,000 years
Gender male
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation The 3 Masked Gods
Previous Affiliation unknown
Occupation none
Previous Occupation none
Team none
Previous Team none
Partner none
Previous Partner none
Base of Operations shokubai(catalyst)
Personal Status
Marital Status single
Education unknown
Status active
Shikai Zanpakutō fused inside of him
Bankai Zanpakutō fused inside of him

He has no real name so just known as Daydreamer by the few people that are aware of his existence.


He has white eyes, pale skin, and green hair . He basically looks like an albino with green hair. He has a cracked mask. The mask is broken on the top right side of his face. the mask looks like...

it is some what challenging to describe how the mask looks like with out a picture. Wolfsoul1000 02:51, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

Personality and other stuff[]

Morals: Death does not bother him at all but he does not kill since he finds it boring. The only time he kills is when its accidental.

Personality: He is anti social and lazy in the real world. The real reason is like this is because he thinks the real world is a dream and the the dream dimension he creates with is mind is real world. He is best described as an adventurer or wander when in his dream world. He always day dreams and when he is not doing that he is around the The God of the Elements. Around her he is very talkative.


the 4 people he knows are the only "Dream world" people he acknowledges the existence of.

The God of Souls and Dimensions: They talk to each once in a while but considering him a friend would be stretch. He find him to be a too serious and stubborn to have Casual or civilized conversation with him.

The God of Life and Death: They get along but don't really know each other very well. since she never has time to talk.

The God of the Elements: He like her a lot but he always fails at trying to attract her to him. He has got her to smile when she was in a bad mood once. After he got her to smile she kicked him in the face. Soul king: he knows him. Exactly how he knows the soul king is and to what extent is unknown


his birth/creation is unknown and No relivence to the story.

Powers and Abilities[]

coming soon


Concepts and Creation[]