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Daichi Karahime
Daichi Karahime
Race Shinigami (part Quincy)
Birthday April 20
Gender Male
Height 193 cm (6'4")
Weight 101 kg (223 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13

Soul Society, Karahime Clan

Partner Kenpachi Azashiro
Base of Operations 11th Division HQ & Karahime Villa

Seireitei, Soul Society

Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Shiba Wife
Dagan Karahime (Son)
Koray Karahime (Grandson)
Shikai Chōintenshi
Bankai Not Yet Revealed
First Appearance
 Daichi Karahime was the Lieutenant of the 11th Division under the tutelage of the frighening Kenpachi Azashiro, until his imprisonment, he was also the 21st Head of the Karahime Clan. He is the grandfather of Koray Karahime.





Powers and Abilities

Shinigami Powers and Abilities

Quincy Powers and Abilities

Waimenku Powers and Abilities


Chōintenshi (調印天使 Singed Angel): In its sealed state, Chōintenshi takes the form of a long katana with a circular guard, with slightly elongated edges, and a true blue hilt

Daichi Karahime- Incinerate

Daichi's shikai Chōintenshi

  • Shikai: Chōintenshi's release command is "Incinerate", The only change is that the blade is then sheathed and imbued completley with smoke.
  • Bankai:
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