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Crunchbite (Boribori Baito) is a Menos Prematuro, along with being the first created.

Age Unknown, around 50
Height Unknown
Weight 149 pounds
Gender Male
Species Hollow, Menos Prematuro
Affiliation Hollows
Occupation Hollow



As a Human, Crunchbite (formerly Richard The Komodo McGregor) was a world heavyweight boxer. He has tan skin and short black hair. He was known for his gold shorts and red/white/blue gloves.

Crunchbite is a muscular lizard like creature with a oval shaped head and four black eyes with yellow pupils. He has a large chest and muscly arms with four fingers. His legs are long and his calves bend inward giving him great jumping capabilities. He has a large mouth with two rows of teeth. He also has a long grey tail.


As a Human, Richard was a tough likable man with a good heart. He enjoyed reading and had a knack for boxing that made him big.

As Crunchbite, he grew cold and began killing off famous boxers that stood in the way during his championship. He hates sweet smells and isn't above destroying Cinnabon Stands.


Born on March 19th 1958 as Richard Keith McGregor, he traveled with his father during his wrestling tours. He didn't want to be a Wrestler but enjoyed fighting so at the age of 15 he started boxing. He one many championships and eventually became a World Heavy Weight boxer. He married a young woman named Reina and had 2 kids. During a fight, he was seriously injured and was put on life support. After being told he would need a resipirator all his life, his family took of his life supporty killing him. He stayed close to his home and watched as his wife slept with his former rivals in the ring. He grew angry and evolved into a Hollow. He spent years killing humans and evading Soul Society but eventually wanted to kill the people his wife cheated on him for. He was know a Gillian and was on the verge of evolving. During his evolution, a Shinigami who was staioned in the Real World, Zennosuke Kurumadani tried purging him and in the end turned him into a Menos Prematuro.


Cero- He has shown to be able to use extremly weak Cero as well as Cero Morder, a Cero charged in the teeth increasing a crunch.

Enhanced Jumping and Endurance- Due to his odd muscle features, he has the ability to clear buildings with small jumps and leaps along with having tremendous kicking force.

Enhanced Strength- He has shown to have tremendous strength due to his enhanced muscle mass.


  • His name is taken from the character Crunchbite, from the popular Machinima series Red vs Blue: The Blood Gultch Chronicles.
  • He doesn't speak but uses growls and blargs to communicate.


Grrrrrr, Blarg!- When attacking