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561px-Neah Walker clean
Race Devil
Birthday December 12th
Gender Male
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Blood Type None
Professional Status
Partner N/A
Previous Partner
Base of Operations The Underworld, Soul Society, Earth
Underworld Powers
Unique Sentaku

Work In Progress

Clue is a rebellious Devil, who recently betrayed The Underworld and left for reasons unknown.


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Coming soon...


Not much is known about Clue's background, although he seemed to be of high ranking within the troops of the Underworld.


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Abilities and Powers:[]


Clue using a high-level Energy Blast.

Energy Blasts: Clue has shown strong energy blasts similar to Cero. He can fire these in various forms, such as thin, cutting beams, high-level Cero-like blasts, several smaller bullets of energy or short-range blasts to knock out his opponents.

Underworld Powers:[]

Clue's primary power is called Sentaku (or Choose/Choice). With it, he is capable of deciding entirely upon his own desire what to be tangible towards and what not too. Using this ability, Clue can entirely phase through whatever he desires and also treat liquids or even the air itself like it was solid to literally walk on water/air. Using this ability, Clue can create many illusions, such as killing his opponents when in reality he is phasing through most of their body except the skin, for a morer realistic look. It is revealed that strong surges of Reiatsu could disturb this ability, or simply distract Clue and use sneak- or surprise-attacks.


  • Due to the japanese way of pronouncing Clue's name, he and Kuru was mistaken for being the same person by Jake.