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The Cleft of the Sea (われめくにつうなばら, Wareme kunitsu Unabara) is an organization formed shortly after the destruction of the Espada and capture of Aizen by the Shinigami. It forms the remnants of the Arrancar still remaining in Hueco Mundo. Though originally created as a tool for the Arrancar to gain retribution on the Shinigami for the capture of their Lord, it has since undergone a take over and a subsequent change in its main goals. It now serves as an organization of peace, spreading a message of prosperity over Hueco Mundo.

Its current membership consists mainly of Arrancar though there are several Shinigami who have joined the organization consisting roughly 45% or so of the main group. It is headquartered in the outskirts of the Soul Society away from most people.

The Seireitei has officially recognized; after a much drawn out debate; the usefullness of such an organization and has allied itself with the Cleft.

Somehow, the leaders of the organization have managed to find a way to create artifical Arrancar much like Aizen did, probably by theft of the former's research.

Recruitment and Organizational Structure[]

The recruitment process for the organization is yet unknown though it has been found out that they only permit Arrancar who have managed to overcome their hunger for souls to a certain degree to join. Hollows in general are recruited but only as a workforce or as basic grunts and are under the general command of the Arrancars though there are exceptions. It is known that the same requirement of control over oneself's hunger applies to Hollows who wish to join as well.

Each member of the organization is known as a unit (ぶたい) or butai.

Pods (から, kara)[]

Pods are groups of butai usually numbering in groups of twenty and generally consist of weaker Hollows ranked Adhujas and under as well as weaker Shinigami. Each pod is under the command of one Captain who is usually, an Arrancar or Shinigami. There are currently nearly thirty pods in the Cleft and more are created by the week.

The thirty captains of the pods are split into groups of ten with each group of ten captains under the leader ship of one General. The three General's in turn report to the Dalai who is the leader of the entire organization.



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