Claud is a Soberano, one of the seven Los Caballero de Sangre and Vampiro's adoptive father.

Claud Vieyera
Claud Vieyera
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Soberano
Affiliation Soberano,Los Caballero de Sangre
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team Soberano
Occupation Knight of the Empreror
Previous Occupation(s) none


His appearance looks like a more mature version of Vampiro's face. He is taller than Vampiro and has less but spiky hair. He has a emerald-green eyes, much like Vampiro's eyes when he was younger. He is also known to have attract plenty of girls back then.

Character Outline

He is known to be a strict leader, and a bad father to Vampiro, but it was his responsibility to teach everything he knows to his son, Vampiro, even though he is not his real father. He is strict, is a perfectionist and will not tolerate mistakes, to which why his son is scared to make even the smallest errors, he is also flirt, to which Vampiro hates about him.

He secretly cares for Vampiro even though he is not his real father, even though he doesn't show it, he oftenly compares Vampiro to people Vampiro does not even know, he seem to know Adelio Valdez and the Angel King, but did not inform Vampiro about his relationship to them. He adopted Vampiro for an unknown reason, but when Vampiro regained his memories, he still stayed with Claud and the others rather that go and find his brothers.

He sometimes joins into parties, for Rayla always drags him along with the other Knights, constantly drinks, for Rayla forces everyone to drink, but cannot control his alcohol, this is the reason why he doesn't like joining to parties, especially Rayla's. He has a close relationship with almost all the Seven Knights. Aside his strict attitude, his mood can change when necessary as when he wants to protect, he can kill without hesitation and can kill anyone who gets between him and his goals.

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