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Claro Sombra
Age Unknown
Height 5'0"
Weight 103 pounds
Gender Female
Species Arrancar
Affiliation Numeros
Team Mejor Entonces lo Más (Better then Most)
Occupation None
Previous Occupation(s) None


Claro Sombra is a member of the Mejor Entonces lo Más.


Claro wears a white shirt with no back to it. It is similar to Yoruichi's outfit. She has a white hakama pants that is held up by a black belt. She has green eyes and long blonde hair. Her mask fragment is that of a crown, of what appears to be a sharks lower jaw.


Claro is quite independent, original and determined. She has great knowledge and has a good character. She is driven by her goal to oneday join the Espada to one day pass her former friend, Tia Harribel. She has the ability to be a great leader, but trusts her leaders enough to follow them.


Zanjutsu Expert- She is skilled with fighting with a Zanpakuto and uses it many times. Any time she iis threathend she will unsheath her Zanpakuto and do battle.

Cero- Like all Arrancar, she can use Cero. Her Cero is Sage Green and she usually fires it from her pointer finger.

Sonido- The arrancar variation of Shunpo (Hoho), she can use this to a great extent

Hierro- While her skin isn't as tough as most of her Arrancar breathern, she still has fairly hard skin as Hado #4: Byakurai has trouble piercing.

Restricción- A special ability that Claro created in order to hold down targets. It is exactly as its name suggests.


Claro's Zanpakuto's name is Noche ante Fuego (lit. Night of Fire). It is sealed as a standard katana with a red handle. The hand guard is shaped like two overlapping stars and is decorated with circular holes. The release command is Abolir el Tierra (lit. Abolish the Land).

Ressurection- In Ressurection, her fair turns red and she gains a white armor over her chest. Her stomach is bare and she has a white skirt that reaches her lower calf. She has white boots that go up to her knees. She carries a staff with a flat blade coming of the top.

Ressurection Abilities

Abismarse ( lit. Engulf) - Claro will spin rapidly causing a storm of fire to surrond her. She will halt to a stop causing the fire to take the shape of a ball. She will then release her Reishi outward tainting the surronding area in fire.

Rojocalurso (lit. Red Hot) - She will aim her palm out and chant the words My beauty burns like fire, The ground permanently burned by my touch. This will cause her skin to be surronded in a red aura that is hot when touched by a target. She can also cahrge forward doing tremendous damage to any surface.


  • She had a previous friendship with the Trecera Espada, Tia Harribel.