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"We hypothesize that the members who went along with the spiritual detection squad died before they were able to send data..."

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Chido (Way of Healing)[]

Chido is a form of kido which revolves around healing people. It is mostly used by members of squad 4.

Below is a list of all known chido spells with the number, name and effect.

Spell # Spell Name Effect
Chidō (カイ堂, "way of healing")
1. Keikatsu (Opening Revival) This spell pours reiatsu into the patient and it heals them. This is also known as the most basic kido technique.
7. Meiyu (Luminous Healing)

This spell creates a green kido barrier around a field and it can heal up to five individuals. It can be expanded slightly with incantation depending on the user.

Incantation: Know thy face, olive branch, four clovers and a singing dove Chido #7 Meiyu!

9. Shimoku (Purple Tree)

This spell is used when in contact with a living organism and poisons the enemy with reiatsu and bacteria.

Incantation: See the enemy before you, laughter of masks, singing chain, 32 seconds, Chido #9 Shimoku!

14. Soyokaze (Soft Wind)

The user releases a gentle breeze which covers a wound in a yellow energy wrapping.

Incantation: Twist around, like a lotus sitting on the water, 3 minutes, 4 degrees, 21 petals, thorny vines and fallen leaves see the sunrise and cower in fear ! Chido #14 Soyokaze

22. Nuno (Cloth)

The user wraps a wound in green spiritual energy and it solidifies into a cloth bandage which can protect against any almost disease, it can also be used to bind someone.

Incantation: Bind the enemy, see them with your eyes who know the truth, 36 rings, an ear lended by the good samaritan, soft paws, snowfall rises Chido #22 Nuno

25 Suitoru (To Absorb) The user releases a red beam of energy that hits a foe and their energy is sucked through it and into the user's body, essenially becoming a parasite