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"Me"-Were am I? It is bright, what is that noise? A voice? Hiyori? Haku? Rukia? Who is that? Wait, that voice, aggressive. Rukia or Hiyori?

???-HINOTE!!!!!!!!!! Get your ass up, I can't lift you, and this guy is coming back for more!!!


Me-Uhh, Hiyori, my dear sweet, your bleeding, why?

Hiyori-This guy is powerful.



Me-Did that guy do this to you?

"Hyori"-Yeah he did. Wait if I tell him yes he will use bankai like last time. (A.N.-Only main characters thoughts are heard.)

Hiyori, in the cutest saddest way possible replies,

Hiyori-Oh Hinote, he was being mean and evil and rough and not being gentle to me.


Hiyori-Uhh, Hino-

Me-THAT BASTARD DID WHAT???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I get up. My blade's energy rushes up. Okami's energy, never was good. It was dark, evil, angry. We both knew what was going to happen now.

Me-Okami, Bankai, now. Lets go Kurei Okami!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My blade, turned red and it formed into jagged up blade. The hollow laughed.

Okami-Shall we?

Me-Lets. Hinote Okami, Blaze Wolf!!!!!

The blade pulsated. I through it into the ground. Made a hand sign. Kicked the ground. My blade flew up. He laughed again. Suddenly a crater with a red flaming trail slammed at him. It stopped. He laughed again. A black flame wall spewed up from the ground. It split him into two pieces. As each piece slided, my blade returned to my hand. Lastly, a bunch of red flame slashes come across the hollow. I vanished and reappeared right in front of him. I preformed one final slash. A black wolf appeared and howled. A explosion went up.

Me-Now, let me see you laugh.

My blade returned to normal. I turned and Hiyori was gone. A blood trail was left behind.

Me-Hiyori, no you will die with that much of blood loss.

I took off after. Hiyori was a the one I cared about most back at the soul society. I would sit on her roof while she slept, and watch her on her missions. The day she left, she came by told me good bye. I gave her a bracelet. I didn't see it on her. Finally I catch up to her. She is running, she trips and soars. I appear right in front of her and caught her. We stare at each, eye to eye, forever. No words, silence. I can feel something. Something she hasn't felt before. I can feel her love.

"Me"-Say something. Come on say something be for the mood brakes. Okay here we go.

Me-Hiyori. I have missed you. When you left my heart shattered.

Hiyori-I am sorry Hinote. Iii-

Me-It's okay, your with me now. Maybe forever.

Hiyori-No, I can't. I must go with the others.

Me-You, the others who came here with you.

Hiyori-Yes. I have to go now. Maybe we could meet tommor-

Before she could finish, my lips and her touched. We kissed. Our first one. I didn't want to pull away, but I had to.

Me-Hiyori, yeah, we could meet tomorrow.

I gave her one last hug and whispered,

Me-I love you.

She closed her eyes. I suddenly vanished to a roof top. She is sad and then runs off.