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This article, Chapter 1-The Arrival Of Blaze, was added by Hinote Uchina who determines its usage on this wiki.

Rukia-Okay we have our priorities. Haku, left, Hinote right. I have center. BREAK!!

This is what the realm of the living is like. M name is Hinote. I was assigned with Haku and Rukia Kuchiki. Haku an I live in this town once. We were both abandoned. We joined together so that we could make it. We didn't last long. We shortly joined the Soul Society. This mission sounds easy. (A.N.-I want to cut the intro short. Sorry.)

Me-Were am I?


Me-What the crap?

I turn around, slowly. A large bear like hollow is behind me. He is about to strike. I back flip, dodging the attack. His claws keep striking. I keep back flipping until I hit a wall. My only option is to engage battle. He strikes again. I launch off the ground, pull out my zanpaktou, and slash. Just as expected. He moves with the same speed he uses with his attacks. He begins to laugh.

Me-Okami, this bastard laughs at our speed. Lets show him who he is dealing with.

Okami, my zanpaktou, turns into its Shikia form. My speed is increased. I dash at him, he strikes again, I lift-off from the ground. I front flip.

Me-Fang Crush!!!!! I use my fang crush attack. It strides backward.

"Me"-Damn he is to fast. I can barely keep up with him. Could be this realm is slowing me down? I could finish him off with dark howl or shadow blast, but many people would die. I have to get him away from this area. (A.N.-Anytime you see this "Me"-, It is Hinote's thought. It is part of my writting way.)

I made an attempt to leap away. He struck me. I fell and hit the ground, my back bleeding. I lost a lot of blood. My vision is getting darker. It gets closer. I know this must be the end.... but out of nowhere a blonde pigtailed girl drops down. She is in a red jogging outfit. She turns her face to look at me.

"Me"-That face, it seems so familiar. Who is she?

The moonlight shines on her.

"Me"-Her cute face. Her soft looking blonde hair. Her scowl. So familiar. Just who the hell is she? Wait. Her scowl. The face. The hair. Is it. Could it be. My dear sweet...