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Prince then entered a wide hall, similar to where he has found Mizuki before, and just like before, he saw the Captain-commander in it, visibly angered and prepared for his arrival.

“What is the meaning of this? You said that all you wanted was to take them and leave in peace?! What are you doing?!” Captain Shigikuni stated with profuse anger.

“That was true. We just got on the wrong foot; therefore we decided to let us start over again.” The Daydreamer mentioned in a calm and civil manner.

The Captain-Commander then lifted his staff and spoke. “I do not understand, and I have no intentions to. You have committed commotion to the Soul Society not just once, but twice! You left me no choice but to apprehend you.”

“Reduce all creations to ashes, Ryujin Jakka!”

The Daydreamer merely smirked and grasped his own sword as the flames ablaze around.

From outside, a massive explosion was seen, it was from the captain-commander’s location.

“Do you think he’s fine?” Zhao asked looking through a pair of binoculars.

“Of course; he’s probably just having fun.” Mizuki answered from behind Zhao.

“Cool invention you’ve got here; did both of you make it?” she asked Zhao, pertaining to the missile launcher.

Zhao then looked at her and answered. “Yup, I couldn’t have done it so quick if not for him.” Zhao stated and looked behind Mizuki, towards a man who was sitting on the big rock. “Kisuke Urahara.” And it was him, the former twelfth division captain, Kisuke Urahara.

“Well don’t worry about it! I did it for the fun. Besides, I know what the Daydreamer’s intentions are. And I know the Gotei 13 so well, that I know that this is necessary.” Kisuke stated and stood up, walked towards the direction of Seiretei, gazing to the smoke filled Soul Society. “Besides, he just needed me to mass produce my memory replacement, and it was up to Zhao to formulate the concentrated version of it. The launcher was perhaps already the hardest part of the Project since the Daydreamer himself did the actual hardest part.” He continued.

“Speaking of...” Zhao uttered and looked behind, and the Daydreamer appeared, smiling and unhurt although his clothes were partly burned.

“How was it?” Mizuki asked as she approached him.

“Fun – as expected.” The Daydreamer replied and held Mizuki’s hand. “I knew it.” Mizuki replied with a blissful smile as they looked eye-to-eye and as she handed over a white outfit.

Prince took the clothing and draped it to his shoulder. The cloth was similar to a haori, and with a elegantly designed zero printed on the back. “Let’s go home now.” Prince whispered and turned around towards an open senkai gate along with the small multitude which is his faction.