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Then all of them looked at the same direction, feeling the same thing. “These reiatsu that are approaching, I know they are not one of us…” Toshiro whispered, laid Hayley down and held his sword. The other members prepared as well.

All the members look towards the woods, prepared for the enemies that will spring out.

But all of a sudden, much to their surprise, somebody appeared in mid air behind them, and landed one foot and one knee beside Hayley, - it was Mizuki, with eyes stern and serious stance. As the members of the Gotei 13 nearby were stunned and unable to react, she whispered.

“Way of destruction number 63, Thunder Roar Canon.”

Screams of injured shinigamis echoed through the air as the yellow explosion engulfed them. Komamura immediately faced them with face painted with distress, but then someone was in front of him already, it was Vash, with a shotgun pointed dead on at him. Vash then spoke coldly.


Another huge explosion as Vash’ shotgun fired, sending Komamura crashing to the nearby trees.

Renji rushed to aid his captain as Lougee appeared to face Byakuya, and as Rukia followed, she was suddenly attacked by Lian, pushing her as she effectively blocked the assault. Toshiro ran to take Hayley, but as the smoke dispersed, Hayley was gone, along with Mizuki, he looked at the cage, but it was broken already, and all their captives were freed. Toshiro was very much agitated, and then he saw Mizuki along with Proserfina high in the air, carrying all their other colleagues with a kidou net and escaping.

“The senkai gate has opened sir!” A shinigami shouted to Toshiro, then, the captain leaped along with Soifon and Hisagi towards Mizuki and Proserfina. Proserfina was easily caught by Hisagi, since the lady is still very much weakened, while Soifon apprehended Mizuki, Toshiro caught the Kidou net which held all the unconscious captives. But then Mizuki extended her finger, and pointed at Toshiro.

“Way of destruction number four, Pale lightning!”

Just then, the burst of lightning extended towards Toshiro, but aptly hit the Kidou net Toshiro was carrying, ripping it, and freeing the ones inside it. But the lighting made its way to the senkai gate, destroying part of it, making it unstable.

The unconscious persons started to fall to the ground, Vash and Lougee and Lian caught them all to safety, but Toshiro managed to hold on to Hayley.

“Captain Toshiro! The senkai gate is collapsing! Hurry up and get in!” Komamura shouted as the rest entered in haste. Some members were carrying their injured colleagues.

Hisagi and Soifon entered, carrying Mizuki and Proserfina, Toshiro entered as well, slightly looking back as Vash, Lian and Lougee chases after them, but the senkai gate closes just before the other three reaches them.

Vash, Lian and Lougee’s face were painted with disappointment and fear as the senkai gate faded away from them.