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Margin was casually walking in the Human world, killing every hollow on sight. Every place his been, there are corpses of hollows everywhere, painting place to place with there blood. "Yuki would be mad again, my clothes are blood-soaked..Oh well.."

From near by a person is watching Margin kill all of the Hollows in the area. "Hmm could it be him no the Spiritual Pressure is far different than his, nevertheless I should see if he has any information on the person I am looking for" The Man using Shunpo appears near Margin and asks him :Who or what areyou ?"

"Shinigami.....Man, your really have the guts to just pop up and ask me Who or what you?" Margin faced the man and stared at him on the eye. "I am a hollow...Nothing more nothing less....So if you don't want your soul eaten....Kindly get the hell out of here?" He said, threatening the man

Purinsu looks at Margin and then sighs. " Hmm I thought you could have some information on someone that I am looking for, but no your nothing but worthless beast I pity your none understanding of real matters." Purinsu starts to walk away.

Did he just have to insult Margin? What's pitiful is that he comments on things that he should simply just ignore but he just have to say some side-comment. Pissed, Margin started charging a black cero on his palm and fired it to Purinsu. But then again, Margin knows his not your average this wouldn't even scratch the guy unless his dumb.

Purinsu using Shunpo disappears and appears behind Margin several yards back and unseaths his Nodachi Zanpakuto from his back." I will tell you one thing before I kill you, Once one's foots steps upon the battlegrounds of war all side become evil." Purinsu starts to run toward Margin with his sword in his right hand.

Margin began to smile, even if this man had annoyed him, well atleast he can give him a good fight. "What a straight forward move...." Commenting on how Purinsu simply went ahead and rushes to him. Margin caught Purinsu's blade and started charging a cero on his other hand.

Purinsu then releases his Zanpakuto."Conquer Hakuoukoku" the blade of Purinsu Zanpakuto turns soild white. "I wanted to see how skilled you are, but a Cero won't reach me Conquer Kokudo no Ouzoku (Realm of Royalty)." 1000 spirit particles leave the sword's blade and starts to enter into Margin Cero and despels it completely. " My Kokudo no Ouzoku (Realm of Royalty) ability while it can be used for cutting its main function is that it can enter Spirit energy based attacks and despels them by overpowering the spirit energy inside and your Cero is no where near the level to where that abilitiy cannot completely despel it." Purinsu the pulls his Zanpakuto from Margins hand and jumps back.

Margin's smile grew wider, the murderous intent in Margin was growing every second. "Then let's try that again shall we? Overwhelm.....Cero!" Once again, Margin fired off another cero-blast."

"Fool Conquer Hei no Howaito (Wall of White)" A soild white wall form and protects against Margin's Cero with no damage done to the wall at all. " This ability defensive power is strong enough to completely protect against Hado and Bakudo Spells 90 and below so how can you fight me?" Purinsu jumps using Shunpo above the tall wall and shouts "Conquer Awaisuto (Pale Strike). A large blast of greatly powerful white spirit energy is shot at Margin from the blade of Purinsu Zanpakuto.

Margin started to laugh, the thought of someone thinking that he can easily deflect his cero. Yes, if it ain't him firing the cero, Purinsu could have just warded it off but Margin's cero is made from his reiatsu, reiatsu that would easily dominate anything, literally, its pure existance is made to overwhelm and destroy. Purinsu may have deflected it the first time but the second time? That is out of question. Margin's reiatsu took Purinsu as a challenge it must defeat, Purinsu's reiatsu is nothing compared Margin's negative and corruptive reiatsu. The wall shattered and went straight ahead to Purinsu, as for his blast, Margin raised his hand which wield the gauntlet too powerful for even Margin to handle once and released a handful of his reiatsu, again easily dominating the reiatsu-based blast from Purinsu. An easy explaination is that Margin's reiatsu is like no other, that it had adapted to Purinsu's own no matter dense it might be.

"How annoying" The Cero looked if it appeared if it hit Purinsu but then he appears infront of Margin unscathed." Utsusemi (空蝉; Cicada, referencing their molting): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihou said Purinsu." He then jumps back. "Hmm your Spiritual Pressure is full, yet empty at the same time I sensed that your Spiritual Pressure was different to where was there every a time when another Soul was in you?" Purinsu is points is Zanpakuto at the sky." So I ask again you or who are you and then says Conquer Zougenotou: (Ivory Tower)" The Purinsu using Shunpo runs away the grounds starts to shake and turn white after a few minutes the ground erupts with a tower of white spirit energy from the ground level up and contiunes advancing toward the sky for one mile and over the ground covering a width of 400 meters destroying everthing inside. Purinsu looks for Margin." That Zougenotou: (Ivory Tower) could have maybe killed him if I use it in my Bankai but I only used it in Shikai nevertheless I know it did high damage to you so come out oh you never told me your name well I am Purinsu Kuchiki."

As the dust faded, Margin came out with deep wounds, blood flowing out from them, further staining his clothes. "Margin Heart....And might I say that was a good one..." Margin appeared before Purinsu, grabbing his shirt and again started charging a cero but this cero was different. "Now....My turn... Cero Negativo" The cero caused a huge explosion to the area, creating a big crater on the place while Margin jumped out, unaffected by his own technique.

After the Technique Purinsu appears by the crater wounded by Margin Cero. "I will say that is a some Cero." Margin points his sword at Margin." I will only ask you this once and I except an answer of yes or no have you ever seen or heard of a Shinigami by the name of Haru Nakamaru?" Purinsu stands still waiting for Margins answer.

"And I hate repeated questions...." Margin's eyes turned hollowfied, his reiatsu changed into something an arrancar would have, but it was still heavy and dense. "Beat me to it....Maybe I'll answer..."

Purinsu then becomes very furious. "If you have information you should tell me but if you won't then fool I just carve it out of your body!!!!" The ground begins to shake due to Purinsu's spiritual pressure." Bankai Ameno Hakuoukoku (Celestial WhiteKingdom)." Margin is brought to his knees due to the the release of Purinsu Bankai's Spiritual Pressure and Purinsu's Zanpakuto is now completely solid white. "Come if you dare. Purinsu points the sword at Margin.

On the contrast, indeed, Margin fell on his knees but not because of Purinsu's reiatsu but because of laughter. He finds it hilarious that Purinsu had become even stronger. Margins body started to shake so intense that every movement he makes leaves an after-image. With raw speed, he went over to Purinsu, his heel on top of Purinsu's head, about to hit it.

Purinsu disappears using his immense Shunpo skill and appears a few feet away from Margin one he hits the ground. "Why were you laughing whats so damn humorus about my Bankai?!" Purinsu jumps back several yard back. "Just so you know my Bankai increases the four abilities you have seen so far by ten times." Purinsi Stops and points his Zanpakuto at Margin. "Here let me show you Conquer Awaisuto (Pale Strike) a far larger and far stronger blast of white spirit energy is shot at Margin. "Just so you know in Shikai Awaisuto can overpower a Hado# 75 spell while in Bankai it can overpower a Hado# 85 spell." The blast is about to hit Margin.

"Bankai? Full-release? Hado? I don't even know what that is...." Margin chuckled, seeing how pumped up Purinsu is, but he was going easy on him all the time. "More stronger? Larger? Meaningless....." Margin raised both of his hands and fired yet another cero to intercept the blast. "Something you had used once will never work again...." Purinsu had failed to notice how Margin is keeping up with his shikai and bankai without even releasing."

"Damn you whomever you are just telling if you about Haru Nakamaru already I don't have time to waste on you, Conquer Hei no Howaito (Wall of White)." Instead of a wall a small white castle is created around Purinsu protecting him form the Cero and the castle's walls has no scratches on them. "You cannot win my mission is of too great of importance to be killed by you now here is something new Conquer Hakubanokishi: (Whiteknight)" A tall white suit of armor is created outside of the castle's wall and runs towards Margin with its long double-edge white sword.

Now Margin is just playing around, fooling this shinigami into fighting. His gauntlet released energy-based chains, it circled the area and towards the armor. It then compressed, anything inside would be crushed unless Purinsu did something.

Purinsu then divides the suit of armor into its max amount 1000 and now 1000 suits of armor are created up against the wall of spirit wires destroying 900 of them but stopping the wires cold and Purinsu then sends the remaining 100 at Margin. "While one suit of armor can fight on par with an average captain Shinigami the more the suit is divided into more suits the weaker they are but when you have so many its becomes a mute point." Saying this to Margin from the top of the castle.

All the chains returned to the gauntlet, Margin grinned and walked towards the castle. Margin's reiatsu was giggling inside Margin's soul. The reiatsu was so dense anyone would mistake it for a physical object. Margin clutched his fist and punched the wall, and all at once it shattered. "Your underestimating me...."

"No your underestimating my strength I let you break the wall of my castle just to show how weak your spiritual pressure is compared to mine and now I'll while you may have a speck a talent you lack ture power." Purinsu jumped from the castle before it fell apart and opens his right hand's palm and say" This Kido spell is a level 90 Hado and I can cast it without the incanation and can still control its immense power now Hado#91 Senjū Kōten Taihō " the Kido creates several spears of light that are shot at Margin all at once and is too close for him to avoid completely.

Who said Margin would avoid it? Kido is not something that could harm Margin, especially if it came from a Shinigami taking himself too seriously. Margin just let the light pass through him, reaping his flesh but didn't flinch. In an instant, he was right in front of Purinsu. He grabbed his head and was about to slam it on the floor.

Purinsu is slamed to the ground but in an instant he is back on his feet dusting his clothes of. "To take a level 90 Hado spell and have only minimal damage maybe your stronger than I thought I just though you were a beast with no control of your high Spiritual Pressure." Purinsu raises his Zanapkuto. "Maybe you have some real power but you I have yet to show you my strongest attack." The grounds shakes the harder thus far due to Purinsu spiritual pressure. Now while my Bankai does greatly increase the spiritual force of Zougenotou: (Ivory Tower) like the other three abilities from my Shikai it still isn't my strongest ability this one is now Conquer Soudo no za Kokuou: (Sword of the King)." The sword's blade glows with a white light and the remains of his castle and suits of armor vanish." So what you think of my Spiritual Pressure now not brag cause I hate when people brag but I doupt you have fight against many others with my level of Spiritual Pressure."

"Not just your level....I've fought a God much stronger than you..." Purinsu is too much over his reiatsu power that he didn't notice how much Margin's reiatsu is increasing, matching Purinsu's. And still, Margin haven't decided to release just yet. "Your still unworthy Purinsu.....Not the level of the opponents I have fought..."

"Unworthly you say you still think what you know what to call a God you know nothing?" "What makes a God their eteranl life, their divine powers, their higher than Worldly wisdom no they are something you and I cannot describe something truly beyond words." Purinsu then using shunpo appears infront of Margin. " Now why say that I am so weak with this my blade is already at your heart." Purinsu blade is at Margin chest where is heart is and is about to stab his heart. "Please die nameless opponent."

"Yes..You are unworthy...No matter how hard you try.." Margin stabbed Purinsu's blade to his chest and did not let go. From the wound from his chest, chains bursted, Purinsu was fighting a fake clone made of chains. The real Margin was somewhere away, he had created the clone during the middle of the fight. "Chain Reaction: Detonate!" The clone exploded, destroying everything within a large radius.

The explosion wasn't as powerful as usual do to the clone being stab by Soudo no za Kokuou: (Sword of the King) for anything that is made of spiritual energy whether its is spiritual bodies, abilities or anything with even one cut or stab from where the cut or stab is made the spirit particles of what it makes from where it is cut will start fall apart and disappear until nothing is left." I figured this wasn't really him the spiritual pressure was originating from him or his clone." Now do you see my strongest ability it can makes anything made of spirit energy anything fall apart and disappear if it hits you." Shouting out toward a clearing area. Then Purinsu appears behind the real Margin using Shunpo."Found you didn't I?" Purinsu then tries to slash at Margin torso.

Margin didn't care, once his reiatsu was used to this ability, its nothing for Margin. He even caught the blade with his gauntlet, and as his reiatsu was continuously growing and regenerates as soon as it fades , it didn't affect him. "That all you got? Pretty disappointed."

" Really look again at those wound agains" The cut on his torso and his gauntlet were back though they were small but still slower glowing larger and Margin could see the spirit particles leaving his body." Regeneration cannot work again this ability as the spirit particles are leaving your body too fast to stop it and that goes for the spirit energy that is sent to self-recover wounds with regenaration techniques and only a healer can heal.." Purinsu left eye begins to bleed and starts to scream. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no Haru NO!!!" screaming Purinsu as we cover his eye with his left hand but start to slash at the air with Zanpakuto.

"What's wrong with this guy?" Margin's inner hollow spoke. "I guess I have influenced him....." His reiatsu also did but he was wrong noone knew what is happening. "I don't why but I guess his going blind...I don't even have the wound his saying.....And my gauntlet is still the same.." It was not fast-regeneration ability, it was simply his reiatsu growing every second.

Then in a second a tall man with blond hair in Shinigami clothes appears behind and has Purinsu in a standing locked position." Fool Purinsu you never hit him with Soudo no za Kokuou: (Sword of the King) so thats why he doesn't know how strong it really is and your mind's trama is till that great well since you won't join me then I guess you will die." The man tells Margin his name."Hello I am Haru Nakamaru and Purinsu is nolonger able to help me so you can kill him hey I even have a idea you can stab is heart as that is his signature finishing move ironic Purinsu." Purinsu screams. "NOOO Haru!

Margin stared at Haru, sensing that his some no-good character, he decided to stop his fight wth Purinsu. "Annoying....That should be your name..." Imitating a spear, his hand went through the air and attempted to to pierce Haru.

The man drops Purinsu on the ground but is about to draw is zanpakuto but the spear stabs Haru but the body then turns to dust." Ah Haru damn you I am sorry you even had to see his face but that wasn't Haru his Zanpakuto can once he kills someone he can control and change their body to look and sound like him with all of his powers but he must always be with in one mile to keep the abilitiy working. Purinsu seals his Zanpakuto. " I am glad I didn't hit with Soudo no za Kokuou: (Sword of the King) cause even if it didn't kill you it would have left an unhealable scar cause no one is immune to its effects completely if they are cut or stab by it not even me." Purinsu body is shaking "Haru must be near by so I must find him and kill him" Purinsu starts to slowly walk away. " This fight was pointless regardless of the outcome."

Margin found himself disinterested to continue the fight. He helped Purinsu to stand up, not wanting to act like his the villain. "You ok?"

"Why are helping me I thought you hated me for calling you a beast and saying that you might know somthing about Haru, hell I hate myself if I have use my Sword of the King ability on none enermies if even you were never hit by it." Purinsu then passes out.

Margin remained silent but kept his smile. He carried him to his house where his family and Ciel was waiting. There he asked Ciel to heal the man in which he did. "Purinsu Kuchiki...Don't tell me you've fought him...but knowing you...Oh well." Ciel said. "It was fun..." Margin replied.

Purinsu wakes up and the blood from his eye is gone and his wounds are treated and bound." Where am I?" Purinsu then gets up and walk toward the room's door and sees Margin and Ceil outside the door.

A girl with lavander eyes greeted Purinsu with a smile, she then placed a band-aid on his forehead. "Good afternoon!" Margin noticed Purinsu awakening so he entered the room. "So....How ya feelling?"

"Sore all over." Now don't take this the wrong way but right now I feel like I want to stab your troat but that not my own desire." "Haru's Spiritual Pressure has two nastly little side effects by being near for long periods of time makes one turn into a murderous monster." "Though due to my own immense Spiritual Pressure his has only a small effect on me and only when he is near me, but the after effects takes a while to pass." Purinsu sets up so Ceil and retreat his wounds." As well as another side-effect is that while it makes your more blood thirsty it weakess your own spiritual pressure greatly until he leaves the area." So that is you Haru is but who are you you never told your name yet." Looking at Margin

"Did you knock your head or something? I told you my name when we were fighting. Its Margin Heart." He knocked Purinsu's head twice.

Knock Knock

"Now do you remember?" Yuki stared at Purinsu and her aura started to become cold. "You want to stab his throat? My dear...If you do that, I'll make sure you'll lose yours..." She said, threatening Purinsu. "Easy, darling.." Margin said, trying to calm her beloved.

" Told you Haru's spiritual pressure has mental and phyiscal side effects like I said they are not my own desires and in a few moments the affects will be gone and I can finish healer my wounds do to me knowing healing Kido and I'll leave." Now as for our fight I don't even remember but parts of it and as soon as I saw you Haru's spirit energy had started to affect me and you were just the closes moving target." Purinsu get up and glabs his Zanpakuto by the wall." Now as why my left eye got blood Haru plans to use the Forbidden Kido technique Oogama no za Shikyo Megami (Scythe of the Death Goddess)." If one million human souls with spirtual awareness are sacrifriced he can end all life on the Earth and he is 1/3 done gathering and another person tried to do it but it falled killing only just the caster and since I saw it with my left eye the trama it makes in my mind makes it real when Haru is near me."

All Yuki and Margin could do was open there mouths in amazement, even though they didn't understand most of it. Ciel started laughing and found it hilarious, he wanted to do the same for years but couldn't do it. "Oh....I want to meet that man, we'd get along pretty well..."

Purinsu looks at his Zanpakuto." No, you don't thats just one small part of Haru's plan what is really wants is to kill Chaos the primordial none existence to God." Purinsu sheaths his Zanpakuto. " Haru wishes to find the four objects of first existence the objects of Death, Life, Destruction, and Creation." " At the end of time Chaos is to destroy the universe and God is suppose to makes its rebirth forever but if Haru can stop him with those four objects the End of time will never come." Purinsu starts to walk towards the door." Remember these words a state of prefect endless peace is more evil than you can comprehend." Margin, Yuki, and Ciel stops him from leave by force.

"Idiot...What? You intend to fight him? Look at haven't even recovered just yet.." Margin said as he knocked Purinsu's head. "I don't know but we'll help....for only one reason..." Ciel, Yuki, and Margin glared at Purinsu and muttered, "We're bored.." They all said at the same time, with a smile at their face.

"Purinsu is knocked to the ground. "Ouch, why do interfer this isn't your problem." What you think you three can defeat him how when the whole of the Royal Shinigami Guard with Captains far stronger than me couldn't." Purinsu sets up by the wall." I can stop him I can here with knowledge and power to stop this evil, but your different yall have your own lifes."Besides you cannot image it a world where there is no end Yahweh or God can stay awake forever but Chaos and God made a deal that overtime control of the universe would change over to one another and thus allow times of nothingness to existence and times of life, or reality, to existence." This is the natural order that Haru wants to destroy, so I ask you this how can YOU fight against someone like?" Purinsu is about to past out.

"Heh....You really like underestimating don't you? Who do you think is badly beaten right now?" Margin doesn't like being underestimated, his powers may not be as poweful as a God but he sure is not a pushover.

" No yall are powerful but thats not a word I would use for Haru." " Haru has made the Objects of Life and Destruction no before even that he was the leader of the Royal Guard and had monsterous Spiritual Pressure then now with the Object of Life he cannot die by ageing cause it stops his and the Object of Destruction can destroy any none living that is weaker than his Spiritual power with a touch." All he lacks are the Object of Death which he is 1/3 complete making and Object of Creation from the Kosumosukihaku and then he can......." Purinsu passes out.

"Oh well...I guess you can take him to the room, Ciel." Margin looked over to Ciel whom nodded and smiled. Ciel found this interesting, his spine was shaking. He took Purinsu to the room where he was laid before. "I'd like to meet this Haru..." Ciel thought to himself.

After hours of healing and rest Purinsu wakes up." Thats annoying just passing out with people are talking." Ciel is in the room setting on a chair." Your Ciel if I remember well I heard what you said and saw the look in your eyes." " You do not want meet Haru, Haru is someone that is seeking a plan that will make all of reality a living nightmare believe me." Purinsu gets up from the bed. " Now I wish talk talk to Margin and Yuki also please do call them here."

"Well...before that...tell me..This Haru, do you really think his that strong?" Ciel was curious about the man Purinsu was talking about. "I do wish to meet him, if his someone that strong...Make reality a living nightmare? I could tell his up to no good, which make me want to meet him face-to-face even more..."

Purinsu signs."You say strength like his is something that once measured you can make plans to stop him, no Haru is far beyond that its not a question of strength, skill, abilities or power he is one opponent that one should never face ever." Purinsu stands up. " Haru even before his betrayal he had well over twice the Spiritual Power of a average-captain Shinigami."

"As well, Haru's Spiritual Pressure can influence a person to want to kill more and can decrease the strength of its victim own Spiritual Pressure, until he leaves the area; that why I could only fight Margin with 60% of my strength." Finally, his Zanpakuto makes any he kills with it makes their dead bodies his to control and can change their appearance and voices to look just like him with the same level of powers as Haru himself." Purinsu starts to shake slightly. " The universe needs God as much as Chaos because if there is no end to life even if their is a rebirth after it ends." " Because living in that kind of state well living becomes the same as being dead all ready." "So how can one fight against a person with that kind of mind?" Margin and Yuki open the door to the room hearing everything that Purinsu said.

"Say whatever you want, Purinsu, this Haru is going down..." Margin is pretty confident, he had heard a lot and enough of this his strong this, his strong that. If his bad, they'd take him to hell.

The door opens again. " Purinsu-sama I have been looking for you for days." A young teenage looking girl grabs Purinsu's hand and try to get him to come with her.

"It is not wise to not knock before entering the room, milady." Ciel said, as he looked at the girl. "So whose this? Your girlfriend or something?" Asked Margin, curious who this girl is, and how she had entered the room without him sensing it.

Purinsu stops Shino. " No Shino is not my girlfriend she is a Kosumosukihaku that I am protecting from Haru." " The reason you didn't sense her was due to her skill in Juryokupawaa (Mystical Power), which is the Kosumosukihaku's equivalent ability to the Shinigami's Kido, and she can make a barrier to hide her spiritual pressure." Purinsu looks at the group." Thats why I was trying to leave cause even I have to try to sense her when she uses those mysterious abilities."

"Oh...Yadee yadee yadee....Come on Purinsu, that look on your face means something else.." Margin tried teasing Purinsu, with a sly smirk on his face.

Purinsu and Shino are blushing. "Me with Purinsu-Sama a nice thought, but not possible." Same here after all I am a (different) kind of guy lets say."

Margin sighed with the lack of confidence of the two. "Everything is possible ok? Lemme prove it to you when I beat the crap out of that Haru..." He said, using Haru as a reference.

Purinsu blushes more. " Umm no you I am.." Shino stops him from talking. "No that is not important what is that I keep my promise of giving you my eternal life." Purinsu stops her. " No first I need to say this I am not like you Margin I don't really like women all that much like in that way I prefer guys." Shino contiunes to talk. " Why you had tell the that so soon it was fun messing with them making them believe we are an item oh well too late. Shino puts her right hand on Purinsu chest were his heart is. " Now that give you eternal life please don't waste it and yall don't stop me." Before anything happens Ciel stops her.

"Milady, don't do it...not yet.." Ciel certainly knows what's going on and thinks that what she is doing will bring no good at the moment. "Purinsu? You didn't say you were gay! All this time we were fighting and you getting close and all those stuff." Margin was shocked at Purinsu's statement, making Yuki laugh, he then suddenly felt a huge reiatsu coming close outside the house. He pointed his hand on the window and fired a Cero. "So...Purinsu...Is this Haru?"

" No thats just one of his Spiritual Corpes that he sent its his Zanpakuto's ability to store the bodies of his Shikai's victims inside of it and can make them make look and sound just like him with the same level of Spiritual Pressure." A Haru spirit corpse enters the room." I see that you are alive good now I wanted to see you again." Shino is brought down to her kness from the Haru spirit corpse Spiritual Pressure." Shino I will need you too you are the only one here you can open the door to the Heaven of Creation so that I can learn how to make the Object of Creation." Shino passes out.

He turns toward Purinsu next." Purinsu your mastery of Kido is equal to mine own and I can use that, oh and I see that you even told them you like men and women pointless right now but...." Ciel and Margin get infront of Purinsu and Shino.

Ciel started to laugh in a pretty sinister way. He had met Haru atlast, although it was just a corpse. "I'm quite disappointed actually, said his Spiritual Power was overwhelming...Thought his gonna be like him." He stated, Margin too was thinking the same thing. "Ciel, it seems our friend mentioned something about Kido..." Ciel nodded, he wanted to know how much this Haru knows about Kido. "Ladies first.."

The Haru spirit corpse looks at Margin and Ciel. " Fool you think you know despair, at the Ends of Time God will sleep thus allowing Chaos to destroy everything outside of the Heaven of Creation." " I plan to make God the one true ruler of all creation even the none-existence that is Chaos.

Purinsu gets in front of Margin and Ciel." Get back I think its better if you don't get involved in this fight." " Purinsu you still anrgy about your Great Grandfather and your late boyfriend cause they attacked me I was only protecting myself."

"Silence Haru you made my Great Grandfather try to make the Object of Death and as for my ex he attack you for it was an order from the Gotei13." Haru is standing still. " Purinsu-sama you know that you cannot win they was a reason I was Commander of the Royal Guard for the last 400 years. " If you want to harm me attack me with your Soudo no za Kokuou: (Sword of the King) as with enough strikes it can destroy any enbodiment of spirit energy."

Purinsu Shunpo outside the house and release his Bankai. " Ameno Hakuoukoku (Celestial WhiteKingdom) now Conquer Soudo no za Kokuou: (Sword of the King)." Purinsu using Shunpo runs back into the house and hits the Haru spirit corpse, but nothing happens to Haru." Your Soudo no za Kokuou: (Sword of the King) is powerful and with 1000 more strikes it may become a problem." Haru grabs Purinsu neck. " Since you won't lend me your mastery of Kido I will just kill you with one." Haru body is crackling." Hado #96 Ittō Kasō the spell is about to go off."

An explosion was expected but nothing had happened, Haru's body had reformed as Ciel had touched him. "Your not that good with Kido aren't you?" Questioned Ciel, Haru was not matching his expectations, it maybe because the one standing in front of him is a clone but still, he's spells are just for show. "Let me demonstrate how Kido work.. Seeping crest of turbidity, arrogant vessel of lunacy. Boil forth and deny, grow numb and flicker, disrupting sleep. Crawling queen of iron, eternally self-destructing doll of mud. Unite, repulse. Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness. Hado #90, Kurohitsugi (黒棺, Black Coffin)!" Haru found himself enveloped in a black coffin-shaped box with black spears covering it, the spears then pierced through the box and since it was a full-powered one, escape is most unlikely as even the fabric of space and time was ripped by the lacerating spears.

Haru starts to smile inside of the coffin." Ah, its been a long time any used Hado number 90 against me, but still...Bakudo #91 Doumu (Dome)." Called out Haru a large blue dome shape barrier surrounds Haru completely protecting him from the attack." "This a barrier that can protect the caster from all Hado # 94 and below." "Your a demon right?" Looking at Ciel you wondering how he was not harmed by the high-level spell. "Don't worry nothing was wrong with your Kido infact for me to have to use Bakudo #91 Doumu (Dome) you have skill." "Now, while you most likely know far more spells than I do you cannot created the Objects of First Existence for demons cannot not matter how power their Kido is so your worthless to me."

"Only the Shinigamis, Sōzōshins, and the Kosumosukihakus can create these objects." Haru opens his hand toward Ciel. Now your spell did required the incanation ,but its power was not bad, but how about I use the same spell, but I will not use the incanation." "Hado #90 Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin)" The black coffin forms around Ciel but his power of the spell was greater than what Ciel had used as well as a difference in appearance. The sky appears to darken as multiple boxes of black energy appear, each of them topped off with cross-shaped spears completely covering him and the spears are distorting space and time as they stab at Ciel. " Now demon vanish."

A battle of Kido? This Haru doesn't know what his dealing with. "First...I am not a Demon...I am a DEVIL..Second..What makes you think that I can be outplaced by some Shinigami Kido?" It may have appeared that Ciel was stabbed, but no, it simply phased through him. "Kido...You do know its called the demon way." Haru's Kido backfired, seeing himself inside his own Kido. "Now, shinigami...Vanish!"

" You don't know that Kido is translated both the Demon way and the Spirit Way and no one know swhich was the first translation." " Now just so you know this spiritual corspe I am taking through is not a clones as when I use one they were never a part of my body." Haru builds up his spirit energy." " Now while I normally require 13 hours to use this technique my spirit corspes can make a weak version of it this technique he started to chant.

" Such is a request of this. I want it all to be and to be undone. They call me destruction only because I bring ruin. Though fear not from the moment I use my power I myself will be completely destroyed! Oogama no za Shikyo Megami (Scythe of the Death Goddess)." Haru called out a long scythe is made. " This is the Object of Death." Now once I without words drop this scythe's blade down to the ground it will kill you. "Now while the range of the sycthe power at the lowest level is about 20 ft anything living that comes incontact and or sees the release of energy for too long will die." " While, I had to use up this spirit corspes spiritual pressure to use this technique it can kill through any spiritual strength, defense or ability." " Now you want to die?"

Ciel, Margin, and Yuki started laughing. They found it hilarious that this man is actually some nut thinking highly of himself. They don't even care what Haru is trying to say. Wires covered the scythe, preventing Haru from actually doing anything. "We have a mental hospital near here, Haru-san...So if you don't mind." Yuki can't stop laughing, so does Margin and Ciel. "Ok ok ok.. Dear Haru, you need to work on your act ok? Your toooo predictable. Purinsu had explained everything so...Pls, shut the door when you go out ok?"

The fake Haru to his knees. " You all fools." The fake Haru starts to vanish. " With no Spiritual Pressure this spirit corspe is worthless." " Well, regardless you cannot destroy that scythe." " You see Ciel your Kido means the Demon Way and our Kido means the Spirit Way thus you cannot create or destroy that scythe." "You see it can kill anything in all of creation except for one being God." " No spiritual power, strength, barrier or ability can stop, destroy, uncreate, or despell its power."

" Even Chaos can be killed by it if Chaos is summoned before the Ends of Time." " Now, Margin, Yuki, Ciel, Purinsu, and Shino soon I will break into the Kyuuten no Souzou (Heavens of Creation) the realm of Shino species, thus NO demon, or devil can enter by any means."

The faku Haru looks at Ciel. " I have to admit your species demon Kido may have more spells, than my Shinigami Spirit Kido, but the Juryokupawaa: (Mystical Power) of the Kosumosukihaku equivalent ability to the Shinigami's Kido has trilions of spells. " You see Shino's Species pre-date all others only God and Chaos are older they have been even call Pagan Gods by some of the religions of the World of the living."

" Purinsu lend me your mastery of Kido so I will save the world from Chaos and you will...." The fake Haru has completely vanished. Purinsu looks at Ciel. " Give me the scythe."

With no second thought, Ciel grabbed the scythe from Yuki's wires and threw it to Purinsu's hands. "Heh, its useless afterall..."

Purinsu catches it. " Only, to a Devil, to a Shinigami it cannot only kill but can also locate the caster."

"How many times will I have to say it? I am no devil right at the moment but a shinigami....I mean come on...Is this body so imperfect?" Ciel was annoyed with the fact that the best creation of his Kido can easily be seen through. He sighed and walked away.