Shinigami of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13. The 2nd Division is in charge of the Special Forces, and each of the seated officers heads a different branch.

  • Captain: Commander-in-Chief of the Special Forces and Corps Commander of the Executive Militia (Punishment Force)
  • Lieutenant: Corps Commander of the Patrol Corps, whose job is to patrol the various lands and dimensions to combat dangerous Hollows and other enemies of Soul Society.
  • 3rd Seat: Corps Commander of the Detention Unit, which is responsible for the imprisonment and supervision of all criminals within the Seireitei. They also had another duty known as Special Detention which was related to those who joined the Gotei 13 but who were judged to be a danger to their fellow Shinigami. They would investigate, apprehend, and keep them sealed away from the rest of Soul Society within the special underground detention facility aka. the Nest of Maggots. It should be noted that those few kept in the Maggots' Nest have not actually committed any crime but have been identified by the laws of Soul Society as "Dangerous Elements". This division acts somewhat similar to prison and mental rehabilitation center.
  • 4th Seat: Unknown
  • 5th Seat: Corps Commander of the Reversal Counter Force or Correctional Force (Secret Remote Squad)

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