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The Byakuhi Clan is a prestige lower noble Family located in Soul Society. They are known for their rich history and mastery of Kido. A dominant trait amongst the clan members is White Hair with Blue eyes. The current head of the clan is Shinsei Byakuhi.

Pure Family

The Clan Symbol

Clan Symbol[]

The symbol of the Byakuhi Clan is the kanji for Pure and Family. The future head of the clan is always named Shinsei, meaning Pure which is the Kanji of the Clan. They gained this symbol from their title as the Family of Pure Blood and Pure Spirits.

Known Members[]


  • Each Clan member's name has something to do with Light. Byakuhi means White Light, so if Kusaka means Dimming, the name would be translated as Dimming White Light.
  • Instead of being reffered to as a Family, they are called a Clan as the original members changed their name after they broke from their original family.